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Monday, January 7, 2013

The WrestleCrap Mystery Man.....REVEALED

And so it comes to this.

When the decision was made late in the summer to overhaul, RD and I decided we were going to need reinforcements.

After all, other than 'guest inductions', which The Deal himself would fine tune, it was pretty much just he and I running the 'classic site.' And even then, my forays into football writing had pushed Headlies aside.  So more than ever, it became a one-man show.  RD wanted changes, but knew that just the two of us couldn't handle it.

RD and I have spent the last several months plotting what would be on the New WrestleCrap, how it should look, how often it would be updated, blah blah blah. Since RD was doing the technical legwork of designing the new-look site, I decided to help out by recruiting some fresh faces.

And we got 2 old ones.

I asked Sean Carless if he wanted to return, and he said yes. Also, it's notarized by Facebook, so any claim he's made that he doesn't remember agreeing, remember: Canadians are habitual liars, and their currency looks like Rip Taylor's confetti.

Then RD gave us all a Christmas surprise by bringing back the legendary Blade Braxton. Reunited are wrestling's greatest D-team since the GWF's Cartel, and trust me, there are way more than a 'dozen listeners' who are ecstatic the two are back together.

Jed Shaffer also returns for "Rewriting the Book", so WrestleCrap maintains some of its old flavor. This is for you hipsters out there that hate change, despite demanding it often. You know, like the way you patronize WWE ("Push someone new for a change!, not him!")

Plus we have Paul Kraft, Emerson Witner, Michael Dunlap, Travie Yak, and Jordan Mishkin as our "rising stars", kinda like how WWE has NXT. In fact, next week, they will all get their new corporate-approved stage names the way WWE developmental talents do. For instance, Emerson Witner can keep his real name if he jumps to Ring of Honor, but now he'll likely be Hobie Bryant.

But there was one more man we had to get.

See, around the time I courted Sean with his usual bribe (a Vietnamese mail order bride dressed like Walter Sobchak), I also scouted someone who took the idea of "WrestleCrap" and ran with it in a way that has been very, VERY successful in its own right.

He is a hero and idol to many a wrestling fan who enjoy the "worst" of the industry, much in the same way that R.D. has presented for nearly 13 years.

Except he does it in video form.

That's right folks, the ace in the hole for the new comes to us all the way from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, and he is now a big part of our strange fraternity.

The man.....

The myth.....

Botchamania's own, MATTHEW GREGG!

Yes, the man behind "People Talk Too Much", "Messed Up WCW Endings", Cornette Face, and curator of a million awesome Randy Savage soundbytes, is bringing his charming blend of absurdist humor and diehard wrestling fandom to WrestleCrap, and we welcome Matthew/Maffew with open arms.

At this time, Matthew's contributions are still to be determined. Certainly his latest Botchamania works will be promoted on the humor site, but he's also a man with tremendous gift for caustically breaking down WWE PPV's in rant form, as well as bleeding his heart about what's annoying him in the biz today.

Simply put, with Matthew Gregg here, the possibilities are endless.

So.....RD and Blade reunited, Sean returns, and we get the man behind Botchamania as well. Plus you have me, but who am I?

Oh yeah, the guy who brought Matthew Gregg on board. *pause for effect* You're welcome.


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  1. So that's where you've been, out Jim Ross'ing it up for the better of the site.

    You earned your Christmas bonus this year, that's for sure.