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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Impact Review 8/19/2015

For us, a true turning point was when someone decided Hulk Hogan was needed. But to tonight will be interesting enough.

A recap of last week’s TNA vs. GFW show highlights the matches, but not much of the brewing angle.

The Jarretts start the show off. Jeff says that before he talks about tonight, he want to say GFW woke up the wrestling world. Most of it at least. He adds that TNA KOTM Champion PJ Black faces TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III. This brings out EC3, who says he’s not wrestling tonight. Karen interrupts, and reminds EC3 that Jeff still owns part of the promotion, and accuses EC3 of assaulting Bully Ray and Drew Galloway. EC3 makes a CSI reference, and says they have no evidence. Jeff says he will talk to Dixie about stripping him if he doesn’t defend. Yep, “There here”.

Drew is asked who assaulted him. He suspects Eli Drake. Everyone wishes.

Bram, on multi-year contract 3,985, vs. Mr. Anderson. We’re told we need to explain the rules. Yep, it’s one of THOSE matches. The best of Jeff Hardy will have no Sting matches. As Mr. Anderson assaults Bram, it’s basically a microphone on a pole match. Mr. Anderson sends himself and Bram through a table with a Lambeau Leap. Anderson gets the ladder to get the mic, but Bram sends him down. Bram sets up the ladder next. Anderson pulls him down, but Bram fends him off. Again, Anderson stops him and gets beaten up. After a DDT, Bram has the chance, but climbs down and beats him some more. He then gets more chairs than a Terry Funk request. Bram tries to finish him, but Anderson gets out and elbows him. When Anderson goes to climb, he is powerbombed into the chairs. Bram gets the mic, and goes to hit Anderson, but Anderson mic checks him into a chair. Anderson then hits Bram almost as many times as he has multi-year contracts. After Mr. Anderson does his thing, he hits Bram with the mic one more time, then pins him. Good match, but the stipulation is nothing great.

Bobby Roode stops Jarrett to demand some sort of apology for last week, but doesn’t get it. Fans want one too.

EC3 says he does not deserve to be stripped. Every fan out there agrees with him.

James Storm says the Revolution is a family, and that Abyss and Manik have devoted themselves, and he rewards them. Storm then addresses Mahabali Shera better come out. Shera walks out while being promised by Storm he will not be hurt. Storm says he was hard on him to test him, and that Shera gets another shot at joining the group. Our Indian TV deal says no. Co-Tweet of the night goes to @EthanCarterTNA: slander man. Shera says Storm slapped him around like trash, and that he’s not trash, he’s a man. He then starts dancing like Rusev will. Shera tries getting Manik to join in, but nothing. Storm says he’s a joke. Shera says he loves to fight, and attacks Storm before Abyss stops him. Manik reluctantly splashes Shera. Storm then last calls him and tells him “Sooner or later, I’m gonna cut you down”. Co-Tweet of the night goes to @WheelerDeeler: Shera will Defeat the Cult Leader who's actually killed someone with the Power of Dance... FUCK THIS COMPANY... This will be one weird feud.

Jeremy Borash introduces Black, who says EC3 should do the right thing before Eric Young, angered by being thrown out of Nexus, says he’s going to take.

Gail Kim vs. Jade and Marti Bell in a cage. After stalling a bit, Gail spams rolling before taking both Dollhouse members down. The numbers quickly catch up, as they use several double team moves, including sending Gail into the corner into break. Back from break, and Jade saves Marti from tapping by armbar. Jade sends Gail into the cage, but gets only two. As both Dollhouse members try to climb out, Gail recovers and hurricanranas Jade. After a brief rally against Marti, Jade gets her feet under her again, and the team assault resumes. Gail sends them off before splashing them off the cage. Gail then destroys them one at a time before taking Jade down for a two. Gail reverses a double suplex into a DDT. As Gail climbs, she decides to return and attack them some more. Despite hem rallying, Gail uses Eat Defeat to pin Marti. Decent match, but this angle is sadly not over.

A recap of EC3 being told to defend shows Dixie agreeing that EC3 has to defend. He’s told to make history tonight.

We’re doing a World Cup. Better be able to drink out of it.

Gail’s looking for Taryn Terrell while Matt Hardy says he and EC3 are not done.

Drake, dressed like a Demolition member, says he may have attacked Drew. When Drew gets in the ring, Drake assaults him before Drew kicks him in the crotch. The brawl heads outside, where Drew goes to splash off the rail, but Drake rolls out of the way, and uses a chair to assault Drew’s ribs. When things return to the ring, Drake chinlock’s Drew, but Drew gets out and walks into a powerslam. Drake sends Drew outside and clotheslines him. Once again, a brief brawl before returning to the ring. Drew uses a clothesline to regain the advantage. Drew brings in a chair, but Drake kicks the rope and DDT’s Drew on it. Drake wedges the chair in the corner, and Drew reverses an Irish whip, sending Drake into the chair. Drew then goes for a tale under the ring. As Drew is heading into the ring, Drake baseball slides Drew, then brings the table and a crutch into the ring. Drew uses a suplex, and sets up the table. Drake low-blows him, and uses the crutch. Drake sets up another table, and sets Drew up on it. Drew revovers, and boots Drake from the top. Drew emerald fusions Drake through the table to get the win. Basically, a great match in a meh feud.

Stone Cold Velvet Sky taunts Taryn, who is scared of one person. And it’s not even Taker or Lesnar or Haku. Gail sneaks up, and they get Taryn ready to join the Submission Sorority.

Young then starts yelling how the TNA Championship goes through him before Chris Melendez interrupts. Melendez says he won’t accept being defeated. He wants “One. Mire. Match”, but Young refuses. Then Young makes this the feud RD Reynolds writes about for his books last chapter: Young wants the leg to be on the line. FIRE RUSS… BILLY! Melendez accepts. Young goes for a piledriver, but Melendez gets out of it. This feud makes us want to drink more.

Jarrett wants to talk to Dixie about a deal of some sort. Even Sting is yelling at the TV.

Matt vs. Tyrus starts with Matt trying to overcome the power, but after a brutal series of moves, Matt rolls out of the ring. Tyrus follows, and elbows Matt before going to splash him on the ringpost, but Matt rolls out of the way. After a quick brawl with Tyrus, Matt hits two twist of fates for a win. Afterwards, EC3 hits Matt with the TNA Championship belt. EC3 says the match with Black is on.

EC3 attacks Black quickly, but Black is able to use his high-flying offense to get EC3 down outside. As EC3 is sent back inside, Black goes to fly again, but EC3 dropkick’s him to take advantage. After a “BAAAAAAAAAACK BODY DROP!”, EC3 keeps Black grounded with a chinlock. After Black breaks out, EC3 brings him down with an elbow. Black sees an opening to fly, and uses it to hit several moves before being caught on the top turnbuckle with a superplex. EC3 goes to capitalize, but Black uses a kick to the head, followed by a moonsault to get two. When Black goes for more flying offense, he gets powerbombed by EC3, who then goes for the 1%er. Black reverses into a powerbomb to get two. A yay/boo has Black use several kicks to be close to a win, but EC3 kicks out of a springboard 450. When Black goes for a 450, he is forced down, and hit in the 1%er to win. Great match from guys that WWE missed out on.

Jarrett angles to become the new permanent authority figure in TNA. Dixie only falls for this several times before doing so again.

Basically, tonight’s a broadcast where the parts that needed improvement got it, but the main angle is still too easy to predict. Those that read the spoilers know the long road ahead, but if you don’t, we will fly down this strange bunch of roads together. Until then, have a good week.

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