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Monday, May 4, 2015

Needing Attention, Hulk Hogan Claims UFC Made Him an Offer

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Documenting Hulk Hogan's tall tales has become something of a modern pastime, and inspired one of the most sadly-entertaining blog entries in recent years. Bringing to light the volume of Hogan's deluded fibs hasn't stopped Hogan from spewing out more.

During Hogan's promotional tour in Australia last week, The Hulkster claimed that UFC made him an offer to join the fledgling outfit in their infancy, which Hulk brusquely turned down. I'm sure he didn't want to make Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie look like amateur-hour stiffs with his famed chokehold, the Belzer Killer, which is awful considerate of a by-then 40-year-old that was making children's movies.

It does make me wonder if WWE ambassadors and talent are told to bury UFC in any way when broached, since Vince is about as secure as a jealous girlfriend. That, combined with Hogan's penchant for weaving fiction out of the contents of his own colon, made for one of the more laughable statements you'll hear from Hulk this week.

UFC founder Campbell McLaren weighed in on the issue today:

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