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Saturday, March 28, 2015

WrestleMania 31 Predictions

May as well, since everyone else is doing it.

Four Way Tag
Rarely do titles change on the pre-show, with Miz winning the IC Title as the rare exception (he lost it back to Barrett the following night). Feel Cesaro and Kidd retain here, with New Day and Matadores both not over, and the Usos need something to freshen the act up. Besides, Jey's shoulder injury could factor in.

Andre Battle Royal
Mizdow wins to pay off the full turn on Miz. That, or Ryback is among the last three with Show and Kane. Don't mind me, just trying to think like the monarchy.

Bellas vs. Paige/AJ
Paige/AJ win when Nikki and Brie have their own dissension. There's a 78% chance Cole, Lawler, and JBL would act like this is the first time they've *ever* had dissension. Nikki loses the belt to one of the other two on the hangover Raw.

Intercontinental Midcard Soiree
Bryan wins to elevate the belt into the upper card, which means the guys who defeat him in standard non-title matches will look really good in doing so.

Orton vs. Rollins
Will go with Rollins. That would also mark the fourth straight WrestleMania loss for Orton, but that's a statistic even the company I doubt cares about or is aware of.

Cena vs. Rusev
'MERICA. Cena wins.

Wyatt vs. Undertaker
Undertaker wins to begin a new streak. Next year, Sting vows to end the 1-0 Streak of The Undertaker. There will be a video with a Johnny Cash song that ends with a '1-0' graphic that wipes into a '1-1' graphic. But we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

Sting vs. HHH
Part of me thinks Triple H is winning just because, and I don't believe Sting is obligated for any dates following this show. So where would Hunter go from here in defeat. I say he wins, gloats like an asshole, and someone elevates against him. Ambrose maybe? Dolph? Sting winning would be a feel-good moment for the fans that could never seem to find Spike TV, and I'd probably lean toward Sting, but it's like a 52-48% lean.

Lesnar vs. Reigns
Signs still point to Reigns winning, because every WWE star past and present under the sun is coming out and putting him over in media chatter. The question is really, who are they trying to convince that Reigns is a top guy at this moment? I'd put Lesnar over and go from there, maybe even turning Reigns heel as an angry warrior avenging his blown moment, but hey, I'm just a writer. And I didn't sink investment money into seeing the Reigns project through. Reigns probably wins.

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