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Thursday, April 13, 2017


We see last week's events. Hated having to make everyone watch alone.

Reno Scum battle Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. & The Decay. Jim Norton-Guy has some offense as the announcers try to sell a match no one wants, Crazzy Steve dominates Garza Jr. as we hear more stupidity from our announce team. Almost didn't notice Garza Jr. playing Ricky Morton as bigger Reno Scum guy takes things away from being Abyss' battle. The annoyance ends as both Reno Scum wins, and Andrew Everett talks about wanting to wrestle TNA X-Division Champion Trevor Lee for the belt. He even decides to challenge Gregory Shane Helms to take part in a 4-way match.

Bruce is here to say who the fans say is the #1 Contender to the Impact World Heavyweight Championship. James Storm will drink not because he's in Impact, but to celebrate being #1 contender. Ethan Carter III is not happy he doesn't get the match. He seems to be turning with the way he says he built the promotion. Bruce tries telling EC3 he needs to go back to being the way he was. EC3 takes his advice, shakes his hand, and that's it.

The other Angle talks about Jeff Jarrett or something.

Braxton Sutter & Allie are here to battle Sienna & KM. Sutter battles with KM to start as we see Josh sadly returns. Sutter tries beating himn early as Josh talks about his team in tonight's main event while KM takes Sutter to the ground as again we ask the Presedent to bomb the table while Sutter tags in Allie, who starts to bring Sienna to a stumble, and pins her. We then see Kongo Kong, who beats up Sutter while Laurel Van Ness completes showing United the way overbooking is done.

Selling women's merchandise, boy they were nice.

Impact Knockout Champion Rosemary wrestles the returning Santana Garrett. The titleist shows the best can't plan with crazy. At least until a Frankensteiner by Garrett. But Rosemary takes things back her way until Garrett breaks the inverted STF. Garrett uses quick offense, and another Frankensteiner. But where the moonsault by Garrett doesn't get her target, it would be Rosemary's red wedding that ends the match.

Davey Richards has Angelina Love talk about last week. We don't think he has a memory of it.

Everett in a 4-way match with Marshe Rockett, Suicide, and Helms, who leave the ring to save himself. Lee is ejectet as Everett sends Rockett outside, where Suicide flies, but Helms gets a few hits before letting the other wrestlers get their hits in. No one stays at the top as the only times Helms enters the ring is when he has an advantage. His hubris though sees Everett hit him a few before Rockett uses the gourdbuster on Everett. Suicide incapacitetes him, and Everett throws him outside, then wins. After the match, Lee attacks, but Everett stands tall at the end.

Matt Morgan talks about whooping people.

Davey is in action against DJZ. At the start, Davey brawls with the 2-time X-Division Champion. He stops to make-out with his wife, which leads to DJZ bringing him back inside, but Davey uses the clothesline before trying the Coup De Grace, but DJZ avoids it, and even uses the neckbreaker. Though Davey wins with the ankle lock, but Eddie Edwards wants to fight as he and Elisha Edwards are spoiling for fighting.

We have veterans. And yes, we'll use different Presidents.

Team Borash: Morgan, GFW Heavyweight Champion Magnus, Alberto El Patron, and Chris Adonis. vs. Team Mathews: Impact World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake & Tyrus. 2 of the guys here are or were married to a WWE wrestler, and one will. Must truly mangle them inside. Alberto starts by dominating against Drake as he tags Adonis in. Drake makes space and Lashey tags, brings dominance. Adonis has Lashley stumbling, which sees him tag Bram in. Well this has Magnus tag in & beats up Bram. However, Bram recovers & tags Drake into the match. Magnus gets some offense in, but Drake is too much, so he tags in Alberto, who dominates going into break. Back from break, Drake and Adonis are brawling before Tyrus tags in. Tyrus suplexes Adonis and splashes him. Lashley tags in, and tries a pin before he uses his speed and power before tagging Bram back in. His offense is worth him being signed until the year 2084. Drake tags in, Lashley punches Adonis outside. Tyrus uses his power on Adonis until he hits the desperation maneuver, and tags in Morgan, who shows he still has it. This brings the everyone hits a finisher/signature before the boot by Morgan, and the pin by Magnus.

The wrestling is good, and the angles are not getting in the was as much,

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