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Friday, February 24, 2017


For those who've been enjoying the lists of facts I'm writing for WhatCulture on each WrestleMania, I figured I'd archive them here for simple convenience.

Also enclosed are Adam Blampied's video versions of my lists, in which he adds his charming wit and whimsy to my entries. He does wonderful work, and he's put a larger spotlight on my writing, so yay Adam, gracias.

If you haven't done so already, follow Adam on Twitter, and what the hell, follow me too.

I (video version)
II (video version)
III (video version)
IV (video version)
V (video version)
VI (video version)
VII (video version)
VIII (video version)
IX (video version)
X (video version)
XI (video version)
XII (video version)
XIII (video version)
XIV (video version)
XV (video version)
2000 (video version)
X7 (video version)
X8 (video version)
XIX (video version)
XX (video version)
XXI (video version)
XXII (video version)
XXIII (video version)
XXIV (video version)
XXV (video version)
XXVI (video version)
XXVII (video version)
XXVIII (video version)
XXIX (video version)
XXX (video version)
XXXI (video version)
XXXII (video version)

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