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Friday, May 1, 2015

After Years of Working Stiff, Jericho Learns to Work Light

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When Chris Jericho reminisced in his second book about his match with Steve Austin at No Way Out 2002, Jericho noted Austin's proclivity toward taking most of the match for himself. In that Jericho feud, it made the then-Undisputed Champion look weaker than, well, Jericho himself when lobbing softball questions at the most powerful woman in wrestling.

Admittedly, I watched maybe less than ten minutes of Jericho's interview with Stephanie on the Network last night (I was too busy scoffing at the idiots in the Philadelphia football media who brayed "MARIOTA" like it was an S&M safe word), and it just failed to hold my interest. Admittedly, Stephanie probably doesn't have the nerve to answer legitimate, potentially-revealing questions without lashing out or rolling her eyes (she did say last night that she studied her father throughout her life....), so you can see why dominant Austin gave way to meeker Jericho as the interviewer-on-call.

From what I saw, and the review I read at the Observer, it was fluffier than Tempurpedic pillow, which doesn't surprise me. Jericho seems happy with his underhand tosses. His only instance of even remotely challenging the guest came over the timeline of the AJ Lee/#givedivasachance story, which Stephanie gives the expected robotic answer about being proud of the woman that verbally bitch-slapped her on Twitter. Mentioning Chyna, natch, was out of the question.

Frankly, as far as "Network specials" go, I was more interested in King of the Ring than this, largely because I wasn't entire sure how the tournament was going to end.

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