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Thursday, June 18, 2015

NXT Review 6/17/2015

A tough show, as even though it has been taped for a while, one of the men that was its cornerstone

Starting with the tribute we all know. Dusty truly made NXT as much as Triple-H. He just never made a big deal about it.

Enzo, Big Cass, and Carmella vs. Blake, Murphy, and Bliss starts us off. We were getting the spelling of Sawft before the seizures take effect. Enzo and Blake start this by showing they really need new barbers. After a brief feeling out, Enzo takes advantage and shows off. Doesn’t take long before everyone starts brawling. It likely ends quickly given referee Drake Wuertz’s previous career. Back to Enzo vs. Blake. Blake however is gaining momentum before tagging in Murphy. The team uses frequent tags to dismantle Enzo. That is until Enzo uses a miscommunication to tag in Carmella. She and Bliss may not be brilliant wrestlers, but they actually try. After a few quick tags from both teams, Enzo gets the pin to end the match.

Photos from John Cena defeating Kevin Owens before getting whooped.

Samoa Joe tells Devin Taylor he was in a place on the cutting edge, set to take over, and set the world on fire. We do too, sign us Triple-H. He says Owens uses intimidation because he’s weak. We dare not tell Haku he’s weak.

After this is a look at Finn Balor. The video starts showing his facepaint, then him talking about himself. Specifically, as Fergal Devitt. Somewhere, Triple-H is smiling about the middle finger. Balor talks about how WWF Superstars was a show that inspired him. We figured he was inspired by Taker given both men carry Irish blood and the fear of many. Becky Lynch talks about how Balor opening a wrestling school in Ireland is the reason she’s here. Tweet of the night for NXT goes to @WheelerDeeler: ICDUB! ICDUB! This who video is Triple-H telling his father-in-law don’t get used to it, cause you know it’s not gonna last. All the independent and New Japan footage shows why Balor was kept on NXT despite interest in putting him on the main show.

On the next Swerved, someone spills coffee on Harley Race. Viewer discretion advised.

Charlotte looking extra beautiful tonight. We hope Bram never reads this. Charlotte facing a wrestler named Cassie. Charlotte starts on offense, and stays there save for a few seconds. Charlotte uses some sort of chinlock before Cassie gets out with elbows. She tries a quick assault before Charlotte uses a neckbreaker and spear. She then uses the figure-eight to win. For those that don’t know, it’s a figure-four with a bridge. We now want to job Bram out for some reason.

Devin interviews Dana Brooke. Dana is angered that they think she’s a former competitive bodybuilder. She also says that she does not use her family to get a job. She better hope neither Bella hears that. She then remembers to pat Devin on the head. She still forgot to rub herself inappropriately.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe. Neither man knows it, but this match is a true tribute to Dusty. They may not have what is called the look, but they have what is called everything that matters. Joe goes after Owens, who rolls out of the ring. We get a staredown outside before they head back in the ring. Corey Graves says wrestling Joe is no fun as they lock up. Graves is validated after a flurry of chops. Owens takes over with offense of his own. Despite this, Joe uses his corner enziguri to resume his control over the pace. Joe practically kicks in Owens’ head before we go to break. A WWE Shop ad. Now you can dress like an unentitled champion. When we return, no chinlock, just Owens punching, kicking, and giving the senton. Somewhere, Kevin Dunn is thinking how much he hates “The Seth Rogan Guy”. Owens uses a chinlock to keep Joe on the ground. Joe is able to get out with elbows, but Owens keeps his momentum with a back elbow back into” another chinlock Randy?” Joe to be fading like his interest in staying with TNA. But then he gets a surge of adrenaline. Joe uses a few trademark punches, and inverted atomic drop, and a senton of his own. Joe then works on Owens in the corner with chops before he tries to end it. When Owens counters and gets him into the corner, he re-counters with a corner uranage. The fight spills outside. Eventually, there’s no choice but to call a double DQ. Not even former CZW Champion Drake Wuertz can keep them separate. A slew of security guys are trying their best, but it means nothing. An army is the only option as the crowd chants “Let them fight” and “This is awesome”. Finally, they get Owens out. Owens yells “The Champ is here” as Joe stares him down. A good ending. It presents fans with the ultimate final match between them.

While this episode was lacking in number of matches, it makes up for it with a stellar main event. It’s the kind of main event that restores your faith in wrestling. At least until next week’s main event does so. And this is where we leave you. Until then, have a good day, and thank Dusty.

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