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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Impact Review 5/3/2016

We hope to sign Ryback soon, until then, enjoy our show.


Bobby Lashley brawls with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway around a gym in a commando-like brawl, and it’s MMA cage. Lion’s Den 2016.


A recap of Ethan Carter III and Mike Bennett’s match last week leads to Bennett walking out to discuss how he’ll change everything. He talks about how in 30 months, no one had pinned EC3. He says he is God, and wants a Heavyweight Championship match. Eric Young is not happy. Jeff Hardy interrupts. This really upsets Bennett and Maria. Jeff says he’s a joke. They discuss what miracles are and what happened to Matt Hardy. After a heated exchange of words, Bennett wants to arrange a match later, but Jeff attacks, wanting it now. The match is on. AJ Styles: WWE Star. The match starts with Bennett using a suplex, followed by chinlocking Jeff. Jeff escapes, then uses a few moves of doom as Bennett tries to rebound. Lashley attacks both men, then proclaims himself the baddest TNA Champion in History, and wants a shot. Dixie says Lashley won’t be handed a shot. The main event tonight is a triple threat between all three men in the ring, with Drew as special guest referee.


Rosemary talks about defeating Beer Money, and how they’ll transform tonight. Her idea of such is spitting in their mouths. Billy is into some sick s---.


Matt speaks later about being out of action for a few weeks.


TNA World Tag Team Champions The Decay emerge. Only Rosemary doesn’t have towels draped over her face, she unmasks each one, Crazzy Steve starts by rambling about being free, Abyss now shows off facepaint. Talking beauty, he looks like Barry Windham as the Stalker. James Storm, using the Beer Money theme song, says he’s still here, then runs them off. Storm makes a challenge to Abyss, which he accepts. Storm brawls with Abyss, who looks like Tama Tonga ballooned. Rosemary distracts long enouf to help Abyss. Eventually, Steve gets involved as well. Abyss wears down on Storm for a while until Storm gets out. However, when thrown out, skinning-the-cat is what Storm does. He starts punching and kicking. Abyss is able to hit a chokeslam, but only gets two as everyone forgets his brother was really him. After each exchanges the driver’s seat, Abyss uses the mist, then a black hole slam to win.


Maria talks about the power she has. We made that up so she’d leave us alone about getting a reign.


Jeff says he will beat them both tonight, and how his relationship with Matt is broken.


Maria introduces TNA Knockout Champion Jade, who’s new music sounds generic, but better than Corgan’s friends. Maria talks about how Jade needs to see her vision. She goes on about a mistake she believes Jade has made, and how she needs Maria’s help. And asks Jade to lay down. This goes on until the refusal leads to Sienna emerging. Both the Champion and the new signee looking to up the asking price, then go to Full Sail brawl until Sienna brings her in and punches away. She then uses a finishing move.


TNA King of the Mountain Champion Bram talks about how he’s still the same man after winning gold. Well he has signed a multi-year contract recently. Perhaps you heard.


Jeremy Borash says he interviews EC3 next after AJ Styles: They Don’t Want None. EC3 isn’t here, but Bennett talks about himself, and how he’ll become #1 Contender.


Bram defends against Eddie Edwards, Andrew Everett, Jesse Godderz, and Eli Drake. Bram brawls with Edwards as Jesse and Drake exchange pin attempts. Everett attempts to fly, but Bram pins him. Strange to think Bram is the one sending someone into a cage. Edwards gets Drake into a single-leg Boston crab. Everett is quickly out of the cage. Gregory Shane Helms assists Drake against Edwards, who now has to be in the cage. Bram tries hanging the belt, but Jesse dropkicks him. As Drake attacks Jesse, Bram recovers and sends Drake outside. Jesse makes Everett submit in the Adonis lock. As Everett is going in, Edwards attacks him and they go to the back. Drake stops Jesse, and hits him with the briefcase. Bram attacks. Bram then hangs the gold to win. After the match, Drake attacks, and tries to use his shot. Bram runs him off.


Drew says he has sacrificed a lot to get to the top, and says he will fight back.


A recap of Jeff’s swanton bomb leads to Matt talk about that fake-retirement angle.


As Bennett walks out, we see EC3 waiting. EC3 may be congratulating him, makes it clear he’s not like the wrestlers he defeated over 30 months. He says he hopes Bennett wins, so he can beat him. EC3 makes it clear they’re not done. Now that building-up the Summerslam rematch is done, Lashley is next out, then Jeff, followed by Drew. After saying he will be neutral, Drew rings the bell. The two heels attack Jeff before Drew breaks it up in the corner. Lashley then stomps on Jeff while Bennett helps briefly. Lashley then shows Bennett what friendship is to him before they team again. Jeff reverses the offense, and sends them both down. Jeff sends Lashley outside, then Bennett. After this, Jeff flies at them going into break. Back from break, Jeff brings Bennett into the ring and hits a swanton bomb, but Lashley jumps him, suplexes Bennett, and goes to spear him, but Bennett rolls out of the way, leaving Drew to get speared. After the everyone hits a finishing move sequence, Jeff has a pin, but no one to count. Jeff takes Bennett’s face, then bashes it against the steps. After the brutal assault there, Jeff swanton bombs Bennett again. This time, on the steps. The Decay for some-reason attacks Jeff. Lashley is back on his feet, and spears Jeff. Lashley spears him one more time in the ring, then gets the win. After the match, Drew and Lashley brawl.


Tune in next week as we build to the possible final Slammiversary.

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