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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Impact Review 7/29/2015

Well we are about to watch the last broadcast that will be logical for quite a while. We are now going to see how things fare for the next two hours.

A preview of tonight’s Hall of Fame induction, Magnus and Mickie James vs. James Storm and Serena Deeb, and the stipulation for TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy.

Austin Aries walks down. He says that when he’s in the ring, no one takes more pride, works harder, or cares more than him. He also says no one is better than him. He’s angered that former authority figure Bully Ray should’ve put him in. This causes Bully to walk out. Bully says Aries may not like him, but the fans do, and that’s what matters. Bully says Aries’ mouth gets him in trouble. He explains that because Aries lost to Kurt Angle, he doesn’t get a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. And the recent loss to The Wolves prevents the Dirty Heels gets no tag match. After mocking the X-Division, Aries incurs Rockstar Spud. Spud hates hearing mockery from one of the greatest Champions in TNA History. Aries says he told Spud not to exercise Option C, and gives Spud a shot to prove he belongs. Spud says he’s shown people he belongs since he first started here. Aries says if he can’t beat Spud, he doesn’t belong here. As a result of this, Bully makes the stipulation that if Spud wins, Aries is gone. Aries agrees on the condition that he wins the name Rockstar. Aries then sucker punches him. This match is next week.

After showing upcoming TNA Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, we see Angle thanking Chris Melendez for fighting Eric Young. This feud. You will hate this feud.

We have stuff on YouTube not named Botchamania.

Melendez vs. Young. Melendez admits Young keeps beating him. He will not accept defeat. Not sure what he’s going for. Young says he’s doing Melendez by refusing. After Melendez says he will beat Young, the match begins. Young starts swatting him before Melendez uses some amateur moves to keep Young surprised. Young blitzes him and starts stomping him in the corner, on the ground, and along the apron. Melendez starts punching away before an eye rake. Young uses a piledriver to win. Really, these matches are getting boring. We tried to get them to let us end it.

A video of Sting, the man that left here to have great WrestleMania moments.

Jeremy Borash asks Matt if he’s decided on a match. Matt says he has decided, but he will see later.

Recap of Brooke winning the TNA Knockout Championship.

Brooke vs. Marti Belle. Brooke attacks them as best she is able to before the match. Eliminating Jade and Marti before turning to Taryn Terrell. Marti recovers and attacks to start the match. Brooke fights back, and even hits a sloppy neckbreaker for two. Brooke then finds Marti is quite an opponent. As Marti assaults her, Josh Mathews talks about grilling shows while The Pope talks about Brooke being from Texas. When the referee’s distracted, Jade attacks Brooke. This sees the lights go out, but when they are back on, no Gail Kim. Brooke uses the distraction to win.  Not great, but more exciting than the last match.

2013 inductee Angle. He’s still here. Oh, and we are apparently having Bound For Glory

TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno talks in a video about being a dad and a wrestler. Likely a good idea not to have the promo next. Christy Hemme asks him live about why Donald Trump is not there. Yep, if Jesse Ventura in the XFL shows that wrestlers never understand most of the time, these challenges make you look like a chode.

EC3 III says he’s been unbreakable. Wrong promotion there. Anyway, he implores Matt to hit him with his best shot. EC3 liked our proclamation he is the Warrior.

We see Jarrett talking with a melting Billy Corgan.

EC3 walks out ready to hear what match Matt has decided on. EC3 says you can’t trust Bully, who goaded him into accepting. Don’t worry, he’ll be gone soon.  Out comes Jeff Hardy, who lets EC3, and many fans basically know he’ll end the streak Matt makes it a Full Metal Mayhem match, and Bully has made sure no one is allowed at ringside.

Team 3D were inducted last year. Neither one’s here.

Borash interviews Magnus and Mickie. Magnus says this is not a match, that this is a fight. Mickie says she agreed to return for the fans.

Mickie and Magnus vs. Storm and Serena. Magnus and Storm start this off. Magnus starts whooping Storm based on his strange tights, but Storm takes advantage before the commercial. When the action resumes, Storm uses a mess between Mickie and Serena to backstab Storm. Serena uses the distraction of referee Brian Hebner to get a few shots in. Storm keeps on Magnus. Even stepping on his hand. Magnus rolls out of the ring to get a breather, but Storm follows him. Storm goes for a superkick, but Magnus manages to reverse into desperation offense, and tag in Mickie. Mickie is quite a force. Attacking Serena and slapping Storm. Serena manages to get a gutbuster in. She alerts Khoya to run down while the referee is distracted with Mickie. Khoya misses his attack and hits Storm. Magnus sends him out, leaving Mickie to get the win in the match. Mickie then finishes off Storm to end this murder stuff.

Mr. Anderson talks about having to be dark if he returns to face Bram, who has signed a multi-year contract. This sees a video where Bram challenges him next week at No Surrender.

A video of Jarrett hypes up his induction. Mike Tenay introduces Dixie to induct her future boss. She talks about meeting Jeff years before TNA. Strange she brings up It’s a Wonderful Life to describe Jarrett, given she let Hulk Hogan Potter destroy the place. After her quick speech, out walks Jarrett. She says he deserves this. Guess that’s why it took so long. Jarrett thanks fans, and employees. You’re welcome. He starts by thanking the Carters for believing in him. Guess that it’s enough to let their daughter destroy things. He thanks many others at the home office. He references Ring Ka King, which was our attempt to expand to India. He thanks the production people, both those that aren’t paid, and those that wear questionable shirts to wrestle. He then thanks Tenay for keeping things going during moments like a fire at the arena. He thanks Don West for his energy. He also thanks the X-Division, the Knockouts, and tag teams in general. Jarrett thanks Team 3D when they were here. He thanks Heavyweight wrestlers, including AJ Styles, though no Hogan. He thanks Dixie in a way that isn’t sarcastic. He brings up how he and his father Jerry Jarrett recently worked out their differences, and how his children have been there for him, and his wife Karen for supporting him. No jokes about either of them, just letting you know. As Jarrett shakes everyone’s hand, the final “build” to our “event” next week begins.

You start to get the idea that things really are ending. Given this is the last of things that make sense from reading the spoilers, it is getting sad to see how things are going. Will next week be any nicer to watch, we hope so.

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