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Saturday, August 22, 2015

NXT TakeOver Brooklyn Review 8/22/2015

Tonight is TakeOver. So you know that the booking team for the main roster is going to be pissed tomorrow. We shall see the action as it unfolds, and hope the next few days matches.

Triple-H stands in the middle of the ring, and has to hide the orgasm he has. He announces tht in December, NXT visits the U.K. You guys over there better get tickets.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger starts the night off right. Breeze has a fashion entrance fit for him. They tie-up before Liger gets out. Breeze knocks him down, and shows off in the corner. After they lock-up again, Liger drop toe holds him and shows off himself. Liger starts stretching Breeze with a Romero special, then allows Breeze to get up, so Liger Monkey flips him. Liger mocks Breexe by grabbing Breeze’s phone. This results in a supermodel kick for two. Breeze works over Liger in the corner before snapmaring him. Breeze then uses a front facelock, followed by a modified backstabber. He uses a kneedrop, followed by another front facelock. Liger manages to get out, and get a breather. He is able to use a rolling kick in the corner, followed by a backbreaker. When Liger goes to fly, Breeze uses a boot to counter, and go for a quick two count. Breeze then uses a series of punches and kicks, but Liger manages to get out with a palm strike. Liger hits a Ligerbomb to win his first WWE match. A stellar start to the show.

A quick show of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman blends into a shot of Bayley preparing for her match tonight.

A Nia Jax video lets us know she disarms. Becky Lynch does not approve.

NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy vs. The Vaudevillains. Alexa Bliss calls them pathetic for not having back-up, but the gear of the faces signals that Blue Pants brings herself down to help. Chants of “Blue Pants City” accompanies Simon Gotch winning the feeling out against Blake. This brings in Aiden English to stretch the arm. Blake powers up to tag in Murphy. Though Murphy finds Aiden’s rally to be too much. It takes Blake stopping an aerial maneuver. Blake tags in, and puts Aiden in a chinlock. Blake then stomps away in the corner before tagging in Murphy. Murphy uses elbows before using another lock-up to send Aiden to the corner. After Blake tags in, he’s able to keep Aiden from making the tag. Murphy prevents a tag, and helps Blake hit a double neckbreaker to get two. Another attempt at a double team move is blocked, and Gotch tags in. Gotch uses forearms, and a miscommunication to take advantage. When the Vaudevillains triy to get the win, Blake blocks, but Gotch is still able to double powerbomb them. When Alexa tries to get involved, Blue Pants pursues her into the ring, and they brawl to the outside. Murphy tries to use the tights, but Gotch kicks out, and the Vaudevillains hit the whirly dervish to win the match. A great blow-off for an interesting feud.

An ad for Summerslam: We’re Not Trying to Build to WrestleMania.

We see NXT Champion Finn Balor riding with Neville, and hanging with Cesaro. Guessing the eWo will attack Kevin Owens.

Rick Ruben looks like bearded Trevor Philips.

Tye Dillinger vs. Apollo Crews. Dillinger shows off a bit before Crews outpowers him, and mocks him. Tweet of the night goes to @ed_wilsonw: I knew Bobby Lashley would be back some day, dreams do come true. After exchanging chinlocks, Crews avoids a sunset flip, but Dillinger stays on him. Dillinger goes for a superkick, but Crews gives a kick of his own. After a splash in the corner, Crews clothesline’s Dillinger, Military presses him, and uses a standing moonsault to win the match. A birthday win in his first match on WWE TV.

NXT General Manager William Regal announces a tag team series named in honor of Dusty Rhodes, then a large donation to Connor’s Cure is mentioned. Don’t overdo it guys.

After showing us the remaining Tough Enough… People, we see a video for the Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin feud. After a feeling out, Joe goes for Baron’s arm. Before Joe locks in the Coquina clutch, Baron escapes the ring. A quick brawl sends Baron back out. Before Joe flies out of the ring, Baron uses a forarm to bring Joe down. After stomping on Joe in the corner, Corbin starts to use power before getting countered into several holds by Joe. But once power is used by Corbin, the fight goes outside. Joe trips Baron off the apron, and throws him into the railing. Once things return to the ring, Baron uses a heel hook. Joe barely reaches the rope. Once Joe gets up, Corbin uses a black hole slam for only two. After a kick by Corbin, Joe uses a desperation enziguri. Joe relies on punches before Corbin makes it a yay/boo. Joe gets Baron up on the turnbuckle, but Corbin kicks his way up and suplexes Joe. Baron goes for the end of days, but Joe reverses out to try a Coquina clutch. After Baron gets out of that attempt, Joe finally locks it in to win by ref stop.

We see Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Kanna, Naomi, and Tamina Snuka in attendance.

Stephanie McMahon walks out to once again take credit that at most Triple-H gets to: Making women’s wrestling matter again.

A video for NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks vs. Bayley brings us to the next match. Bayley walks down wearing a polka dotted hairband for Dusty. Sasha rides out in a black Cadillac. You know what happened to the last one. Sasha starts by slapping Bayley, this leads to a brawl, and then Bayley elbowing Sasha. Sasha battles out, and rams Bayley into the buckle. Bayley gets a surge of EC3’s God mode, and uses several quick moves to get Sasha in a tree of woe, into an elbow. Sasha needs to get out of the ring. After Bayley kicks her outside, they get back in and battle around the ringpost. When Bayley goes to go off the top, Sasha knocks her knee out from under her. Sasha uses an elbow to the back, and goes for a pin, but only gets two. Sasha then uses a straitjacket to keep Bayley on the ground. Bayley powers out, but is sent into the buckle. Sasha goes to elbow Bayley, but Bayley battles out. Bayley’s fight is brief, as Sasha uses her knees from the top rope. Sasha asks if Bayley thinks she’s better than Sasha. This results in a kick by Bayley, and a flurry of punches. Sasha sends Bayley to the apron, and smashes her arm against the rope. Sasha removes the brace on Bayley’s hand. Sasha smashes the hand against the steps, and stomps on it. Sasha wedges it in the steps, and kicks the steps. Despite this, the referee goes to ask Bayley if she wants to continue. This allows Sasha to plancha onto Bayley. Once the match returns to the ring, Sasha goes to fly off the top. Bayley sends her outside. Once Sasha returns, a yay/boo begins. Bayley sends Sasha off the ropes, and into a double axehandle. Bayley then suplexes Sasha into the corner. Bayley tries for Bayley-to-belly, but Sasha reverses into the Back statement. Bayley reverses into a crossface. Sasha reaches the ropes. Once both are up, Bayley hits Bayley-to-belly to get two. Bayley sets up Sasha for a super Bayley-to-belly, but Sasha blocks the attempt. Bayley goes up again, but Sasha knocks her off. Sasha uses double knees to get two. Sasha sets Bayley up on the buckle, but Bayley knocks her down. Sasha tries again, but Bayley uses a reverse Frankensteiner, then a Bayley-to-belly to win. Bayley is congratulated by Charlotte, and Becky. This leads to a group hug with four backstage friends. Triple-H no doubt chuckles with Scott, Kev, and Waltman.

An ad for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. WWE United States Champion John Cena tomorrow night. Will it top tonight? It better try.

Rollins and Zahra Schreiber. 2015’s most talked about wrestling couple. Don’t tell Leighla Schultz.

A video for the main event shows fans what to expect between Balor and Owens in the ladder match. Owens swears in his entrance, Balor tops his last Demon entrance. ROH has Owens, NJPW has Balor, CZW has referee Drake Wuertz. We see a “Face f--- me Finn” sign. Interesting. Both men stare at the belt before Owens pushes Balor. Balor responds by striking with elbows and a dropkick. After a few quick moves, Owens uses a senton. Owens then stomps on Balor, before setting him up on the rope. Owens then pulls him off, and goes for a powerbomb before Balor reverses and uses a double stomp. Owens goes outside to collect his thoughts. When Balor goes to stop him, Owens rams him into the corner, then cannonballs him. When Owens gets Balor up, we have a yay/boo while fans yell for Sami Zayn. Balor is able to hit a sling blade, but Owens still rolls outside. They brawl over the ladder, but Owens traps him in between the ring and the ladder. Owens acts like he’s going to run at Balor, but then just hits him. After this, they brawl near the commentary table before fighting among fans. Balor is sent into the rail before Owens goes to powerbomb Balor. Balor reverses with a “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODY DROP”! They braw’ some more along the table before Owens removes the top of the table. Owens then looks under the ring for a ladder. Balor kicks the ladder, sending it down onto Balor in the process. Balor gets in the ring to get to the gold, but Owens pulls the ladder. Balor responds by flying over the top at Owens. Balor then goes up the ladder before Owens stops him. Owens sends Balor into the ladder before sending him outside. Once Owens sets up the ladder, Balor hurries back inside, leading to Owens assaulting Balor with the ladder. This is referred to as “Using a weapon as a ladder”. Owens lifts up Balor, and bodyslams him onto the ladder. Owens then sentons Balor before mocking Balor’s entrance. Balor tries to mount offense, but Owens again goes for a powerbomb. This leads to “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODY DROP”! number two in this match. Balor climbs the ladder to grab, but Owens brings him down and sends him into the second ladder. When Owens goes to cannonball, Balor rolls out of the way. Balor hits the coup de grace, and begins to ascend. Owens again blocks. Turning it into a powerbomb. Owens recovers first, and positions the ladder to scale. Balor scurries up, and topples the ladder. Balor attemps a coup de grace outside, but Owens uses a pop-up powerbomb against the apron. Owens gets is to grab the gold, but Balor brings the ladder down. Owens kicks him on the way down, and sets the ladder back up. Owens yells for Balor to “Stay down” before wedging the other ladder in the corner. Both men make their way up before Owens attempts an exploder suplex on the ladder. Balor sends him down on the corner ladder, and grabs for it. Owens tries to stop him, but is knocked down. Balor then hits the coup de grace off the ladder. Balor then ascends, and wins the match. A brutal war to tell Summerslam to follow that big match.

Well that is the last NXT program we are going to review for a while. After all, there is a sinking ship we need to talk about. Once that one is off it’s network, we are likely going to return to NXT. But until then, it’s been quite a ride. 

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