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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Impact Review 10/21/2015

Tonight, James Storm lead the TNA invasion of NXT. Though he will be a heel here for some reason. Guess he helped Ethan Carter III file that injunction. Well there is still a tournament to hold. This time, we need to fill time by showing you the main event now as meaningless as the Brawl For All. But trust us, this is the best wrestling you will see that is on Destination America before 11:00.

Yet another recap of this “controversy”. Then, Group Champions talks about who is going to advance. EC3 says it will be him and his clone. We’ll call him Derrick.

Mr. Anderson vs. TNA Ghost Austin Aries. After feeling each other out, Aries uses several grapples before another promo. Back from it, Aries misses a dropkick. Mr. Anderson Garvin stomps, then uses more power before anxiously going for a pin attempt. After working on Aries’ arm, Mr. Anderson gets him in the corner and shoulder blocks one too many times. Aries sends him down and slingshots Mr. Anderson, to which The Pope says he’s a Starr. As they brawl some more going into break. Back from break, Mr. Anderson clotheslines Aries, and sends him on the apron. Aries is able to flip over him, sends him out, then jumps out after him. After getting Mr. Anderson back in, then he hits the dropkick this time. Mr. Anderson uses a flurry of offense before trying a mic check. Aries reverses to try a brainbuster, but Mr. Anderson gets him on the top. He attempts his old Green Bay Plunge, but Aries pushes him off, and hits a 450 for two. Before Aries does any more, Mr. Anderson briefly fights out with a spinning heel kick with 5 minutes left, then hits his 2005 finisher, but Aries gets out of the pin attempt. Aries then beats Mr. Anderson’s race up, but is caught in a brainbuster. Aries gets 3 points. Mr. Anderson can’t mathematically advance. Only here do we reward the guy leaving. Aries has 4 now.

A recap of the Ultimate X match from Bound For Glory. Don’t ask why Manik is inmasked.

TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno vs. Mandrews. Tigre Uno starts working on the leg on Mandrews before Mandrews reverses the hold. Tigre Uno gets out of it, but ends up flipped around before getting several near pins. They stare at each other before a quick grapple. Tigre chops away on Mandrews, but Mandrews then rides him like a hover board. Mandrews gets Tigre Uno in the corner, dropkicks him, then gets two. Tigre Uno manages to get back in by using a quick submission maneuver, flies off the top, then takes Mandrews out on the outside. After trying for a pin. Tigre Uno goes to fly, but Mandrews avoids the assault. After Tigre Uno tries for a kick, Mandrews manages to reverse and send him outside. Mandrews then jumps out at him. Mandrews tries a shooting star press, but Tigre Uno gets out of the way. After a quick exchange, Tigre Uno manages to go off the top and get 3 points.

Aries talks about the tough win against Mr. Anderson. He thanks Thea Trinidad.

We show the Bound For Glory match in action with Matt Hardy sending EC3 outside, then getting chopped by Drew Galloway. When Drew leg sweeps Matt off the middle turnbuckle, he then goes after EC3. As Matt recovers, he elbows Drew and goes for a pin before EC3 breaks it up. EC3 dropkicks both men, then throws Drew outside. When EC3 stares at special guest referee Jeff Hardy, this allows Drew to recover. Drew and EC3 brawl before EC3 goes for a pin attempt. EC3 locks a hold on Drew, but Drew powers out. Both men crossbody each other. This gives Matt time to assault both men, but EC3 sends them both outside. They exchange punches before Drew flies over the rope and hits Matt. EC3 then attacks Drew on the ground. EC3 then grabs a table. EC3 goes to send Drew through it, but Drew reverses into an emerald fusion on the steps. Drew gets EC3 in for a pin, but Matt breaks it up. Matt then uses a double DDT to take them both out. Matt puts Drew on top of EC3, but Jeff doesn’t observe the pin. Matt gets only two after a moonsault. EC3 sends Matt into the referee, followed by several pin attempts going into break. An ad for WWE2K16. Destination America hates us. Back from break, and EC3 suplexes Matt onto Drew, sending them both through the table. Back in the ring shortly after this, EC3 stomps on Drew, who’s in a tree of woe. EC3 tries to superplex Matt, but Drew tower of powers them. A yay boo with all three men gets them on their feet. EC3 falls first, both Matt and Drew brawl, but EC3 hits a double 1%er. After EC3 tries for a pin on both men, he argues with Jeff wanting to be DQ’ed. Even low-blowing Matt. EC3 then gets a chair, then goes to hit Matt. Jeff takes the weapon, and tells EC3 to “finish this like a man”. After EC3 yells at Jeff and slaps him, Jeff hits EC3 with it. Drew dropkicks EC3, but Matt hits a twist of fate on Drew, then gets the pin. Matt will be a great Champion for a long time.

By now, EC3 says he’s now doing this on his own. He has nothing to lose, and he will defeat Bobby Lashley.

We have a best of Jeff Hardy DVD. No, Victory Road 2011 isn’t on it.

We show the last seconds of Jesse Godderz vs. Crimson. Trust us, it’s better we skipped this match. Jesse gets a submission 3 points. Jesse then talks about why he’ll win. They we see Micah try to bite Eli Drake’s nose. They get counted out. Each getting 1 point.

DJz vs. a now-masked Manik. After a knucklelock, Manik uses his speed advantage to briefly take DJZ down. DJZ keeps reversing everything Manik does. After several quick moves by DJZ, Manik reverses into several maneuvers, then battles DZZ’s arm with a stomp. After hitting both a suplex and back suplex. Josh Mathews insults Gordon Solie. Douchebag. DJZ tries to fly through the ropes, but Manik sends him down, and uses a cross armbreaker. DJZ reverses into a pin attempt. DZZ tries flying again, but gets a boot in the face by Manik. Manik tries a frog splash, but has to use a desperation kick to get 3 points.

A recap of EC3 defeating Lashley weeks… Months prior to this match.

WWE2K16 again. Destination America really hates us.

EC3 vs. Lashley is the main event. Lashley backs EC3 into the corner. EC3 rolls out of the ring. Once back inside, EC3 is again backed in, but he briefly gets out. EC3 again goes to the corner, but he returns to punch Lashley. Lashley responds be punching away, including a 10-punch. Lashley then clotheslines EC3, and sends him outside going into break. Back from break, EC3 brawls with Lashley, sending him into the steps. EC3 tries to fly off the apron, but Lashley slams him down. After Lashley brings EC3 back into the ring, Tyrus slams him into the post. Before EC3 can pin, Lashley kicks out. EC3 punches and locks in a hold. EC3 then sends Lashley outside, where Tyrus attacks some more. EC3 brings Lashley back inside with 5 minutes left. Lashley powers out of EC3’s camel clutch into a yay boo. Lashley uses two German suplexes. Lashley splashes EC3 in the corner. After EC3 tries to go off the ropes, he is powerslammed, then Lashley locks-in a rear naked choke. After Tyrus puts EC3’s foot on the rope, EC3 splashes in the corner and attempts several punches before Lashley sends him on a last ride. Lashley hits a spear, but Tyrus pulls Lashley out of the ring. When Lashley goes to pin, EC3 kicks out. Lashley spears Tyrus, who attempted to use a chair. When referee Earl Hebner goes to remove the chair, EC3 low-blows, then hits a 1%er to get 3 points.

The matches are again good, but it’s getting kind of depressing watching this promotion sink with limited advancement. We may need to return to NXT earlier than expected, but we’ll let you know in a few weeks. Until next time. 

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