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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Impact Review 10/14/2015

James Storm may be the next person in the invasion of NXT. We actually haven’t looked at the spoilers apart from seeing if Eva Marie forgot more of her training. Well, this is week 2 of the World Title Series, will the next stage of the end be any more entertaining? We shall find out.

A recap of the burning of remaining fans. If Matt Hardy is not allowed to show, does this mean he’s not in it? We aren’t saying. We also see a recap of last week’s results before seeing Matt showing up. The other groups are Group Tag Team Specialists: Matt, TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves, Robbie E. Group Future 4 (Mostly Ironic): Micah, Jesse Godderz, Eli Drake, Crimson. Group X-Division: TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno, DJZ, Manik, Mandrews. Group TNA Originals TNA Ghost Storm, Abyss TNA Ghost and TNA Big Red Belt Champion Bobby Roode, and Eric Young.

Robbie E. challenges New England Patriot Gronkowski. Aaron Hernandez is more likely.

Matt vs. Davey starts the show. After an honorable handshake, they lock horns. Matt puts together a few quick grapple moves before Davey dropkicks him. Davey then uses a modified Indian deathlock before more promos. Both men on the ground, but Matt recovers first. They both go to the apron before Matt hits the side effect, then brings Davey back for only two. Matt elbows Davey several times, and takes the match over for a bit. Matt goes for a pin, but Davey’s foot is on the rope.  Matt knees Davey in the face several times, then legdrops Davey. When Matt gets Davey up, he is hit with a backstabber. A yay boo (Well, yay yay) then ends up with Davey sending Matt outside, then jumping after him. Once back inside, Davey hits a dropkick. With several kicks by Davey, things sway his way. After Matt tries to reverse into a twist of fate twice, Davey backslides him for only two. Matt goes for it a third time, but Davey gets him on the top turnbuckle. Davey tries for a superplex, but Matt sends him down. After Davey stops Matt’s attempt off the top, he belly-to-belly suplexes him. Davey tries his own aerial assault, Matt is able to reverse into a twist of fate to get 3 points.

A video about Beer Money makes us want both right now.

Group X-Division argue about who is going to win without saying what it’s for.

Aiden O’Shea vs. TNA Ghost Kenny King. Aiden starts this by punching away and sending Kenny into the corner. Kenny tries fighting out, but Aiden stays on him. Aiden sends Kenny into the corner again, but Kenny rolls out. Aiden elbows King in the face before punching him in the side of the head. Kenny briefly fights out before we get promo. King goes for a flip, but Aiden again punches away. Aiden yells he’s winning before hitting a back suplex. Aiden waits too long, allowing Kenny to use his agility to get several key moves in. Aiden needs to use an eye-rake, but Kenny is able to recover long enough to use the block buster to get 3 points.

Young tells everyone he controls the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and will beat Abyss.
We see a recap of Matt’s win earlier tonight. Davey makes no excuses about his defeat tonight.

Group TNA Originals goes over who they think is least likely to win the aimless match. Roode says Young and vice-versa. Storm says Abyss and vice-versa.

Young vs. Abyss is next. Abyss uses power to remain in charge before going into break. Back from break, and Abyss won’t drop. He sends Young outside before following him. As they brawl around the outside, Young sends Abyss into the steps, but Abyss returns this favor.  Young manages to get back in the captain’s chair to attack Abyss with the rope. Young chokes Abyss on the middle rope before dropkicking Abyss in the back. Young goes off the top, but has to get out of Chokeslam township. Abyss however is able to hit a Samoan drop. Abyss then brings a “BAAAAAACK BODY DROP” before hitting his chokeslam. Young kicks out, sending Abyss to get Janice. He doesn’t want to be Champion. When the referee stops him, Young hits a low-blow, followed by an elbow drop. Abyss gets out of a piledriver with another  “BAAAAAACK BODY DROP” before hitting a black hole slam to get 3 points.

Ethan Carter III talks about how he was successful in getting the Championship off of Matt, but wants the gold. He adds that Austin Aries did not beat him. He ends it by saying he will beat Bobby Lashley.

A replay of Abyss winning leads to Young hating everyone, and Abyss letting everyone know this was planned for the gold.

Eddie Edwards vs. Robbie E. After more honor, we get promo. Still on the feeling out before Eddie is hit with a powerful elbow by Robbie E. Eddie quickly uses a kick and a knee to sway it his way. Eddie then hits a Stinger splash before getting a shoulder of ringpost. Robbie E. starts battling out, and uses a few quick, but powerful moves. Eddie manages to get the fight outside, which leads to a double clothesline. Robbie E. recovers first, and sends the battle back inside. Eddie chops away before getting hit in the boom drop for only two. When Robbie E. goes to fly, Eddie hits a backpack stunner. After a few quick moves, Robbie E. hits a reverse DDT to get 3 points.

Another look at Roode and his quest for an actual championship. We get Roode talking about how Beer Money is the past. Kind of like this show.

After replaying the finish, Robbie E. says while he’s a 2-time Tag Team Champion, but he’s also a former X-Division Champion. Eddie basically says he won’t let that happen again.

Group Future 4 has their random promo where Drake talks over everyone, putting himself on the firing line.

Crazzy Steve vs. Mahabali Shera, still wearing his heel gear. Shera wants no business with Steve’s antics. Shera sends Steve into one of the corners. Steve reverses a power move, and uses a dropkick. Despite Josh Mathews saying this may go 15 minutes, Shera hits the sky high to get 3 points.

A video about Storm’s recent turn of events is NeXT.

Seeing this Tiny Lister ad is strangely awesome.

A video about the man we expect could be Donald Trump’s running mate, Lashley, shows us what he can do.

Storm vs. Roode. One’s been WHC and Tag Team Champion, the other’s a TNA Ghost. After Storm trolling Bobby with a Beer Money taunt, they evaluate. Roode uses a headlock before letting go and shoulder tackling Storm to the outside to head to break. Back from break, Storm kicks Roode in the stomach, but is sent down after several reversals. They next brawl outside until Roode sends Storm into the ring. After distracting the referee, Storm low-blows Roode. As The Pope returns to commentary, Storm keeps on Roode with several big moves. Storm knee-drops into a legdrop. Roode kicks out however, forcing Storm to use a rear-chinlock to get to the halfway point of the match. Roode gets out and hits a few punches before hitting a spinebuster for only two. Roode then uses a block buster off the buckle to get two. After reversing Roode’s offense, Storm uses several moves of doom before going out to get a chair. Roode stops the attempt and goes to use the chair. Referee Brian Stifler grabs the chair, enabling Storm to bash Roode with a cowbell to get two. Roode gets out of the eye of the Storm, and uses a fisherman’s suplex to get 3 points.

Again, the wrestling is good, but the lack of development shows the problem major league professional wrestling is suffering through. Before it gets better, something needs to break. We’ll see you here next week.

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