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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Impact Review 2/16/2016

Seeing the battles after Ethan Carter III attacks TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy, Grado suspects Eli Drake messed with the briefcases, and Drew Galloway said let off some steam Mike Bennett.


A recap of the announcement of tonight’s Monster’s Ball  Match between TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves against The Decay, and EC3’s return leads to backstage, where EC3 is granted his rematch next week by Dixie. As for tonight, business needs to be addressed in the ring for the penultimate Heavyweight Champion. After the intro, EC3 talks about entering the promotion with a chip on the ol’ shoulder. He goes on to say the name on his mind is Matt’s, and that next week is their match. EC3 then makes a challenge to Tyrus to face him. After mocking Tyrus’ job, we get the former guard. Tyrus says EC3 is scared to be alone, and that he will end EC3. EC3 then hits him with a microphone. Tyrus gets the better of him at first, but EC3 takes over on the ramp. Matt then assaults from behind, then brings him back into the ring, where the heels keep up the assault as Matt gets chairs. EC3 escapes Tyrus’ grasp, then chases them off with one of the chairs. Matt admonishes EC3 for needing a chair in a great heel move. He then lays down a challenge for a tag team match if EC3 can find a partner.


TNA Whatever It Is Champion Eric Young challenges anyone to battle him for his gold. This brings out Beer Money. Bobby Roode says they can beat Young and Bram. Despite Young’s proclamation he already beat Roode, James Storm says Young never faced him. Storm starts by striking away.  It’s all Storm until Bram distracts Storm long enough For Young to get a few hits in, leading to an elbow that gets two. Young then uses a neckbreaker for two before using a chinlock. Storm wills himself up and gets out. After a few quick strikes, Storm hits the lungblower before setting up for a kick. Bram is cut off by Roode, who keeps Bram busy while Storm and Young keep brawling outside. The match ends with both men counted out. All four wrestlers brawl to the back.


EC3 is sitting alone when Drew offers to team with him. After EC3 turns him down, Drew reminds him of the Feast or Fired briefcase.


Beer Money and Beard Bail are still brawling.


Bennett talks about how Kurt Angle needed a cheap shot, and that Drew will not win using the briefcase. He adds that because Angle won’t be wrestling him, he challenges Mandrews. He says he’s impessed with Mandrews, but it will take a miracle to win. Mandrews scoffs and attacks right away. Bennett uses his knees to block a moonsault to regain the driver’s seat. He uses a running boot to get two before using a chinlock. Despite Mandrews trying to get back into this, Bennett slaps him around. When Mandrews gains momentum, tries going off the top, but is caught in a cutter, then a right, and an MIP to end the match. He keeps assaulting him after the match. Drew slowly walks out to break it up. After Drew rolls in, Bennett decides to make his escape.


The Decay talk about their match like it’s an actual ball, and then we see they seem to have a leader.



Drew tries to explain why he stopped the assault, but Bennett attacks.


Odarg is killer spelled backwards.


Matt threatens Rockstar Spud not to get involved tonight.


Becaause of a recap of Angle facing Bobby Lashley, we remember Taz worked here.


The Wolves defend against the Decay. Both teams start by brawling outside before weapons are thrown into the ring. Crazzy Steve sends Davey Richards into the rail going into break. Back from break, Abyss goes into the corner. Crazzy Steve is sent into his groin. The Wolves uses a ladder to him both of their opponents. Rosemary spits mist into Davey’s face as Eddie Edwards is sent into a table. Davey fights despite the impared sight, but Abyss is able to get him down with different weapons before Eddie gets back in. Abyss however gets him for a superplex, but Eddie headbutts away before sending Abyss through the weapons. Davey washes his eyes while Eddie uses a kendo stick to bring Crazzy Steve down. Crazzy Steve briefly fights, but the teamwork keeps him down. Abyss tries battling, but The Wolves send him into a barbed-wire board. Crazzy Steve attacks Eddie, then sets him up in the chair. Rosemary stops him before putting thumbtacks like their bees. Eddie is able to get out, and eventually gets Crazzy Steve down.  When Rosemary goes to mist Eddie, Davey kisses her to get it, and mist strong style her. The Wolves then get the win.


EC3 tells Spud he wants to wrestle alone.  The pit of danger awaits.


TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs. The Dollhouse. We have no one else.  Gail takes the match her direction before Rebel, who’s playing the Xavier Woods role, enables Marti Bell to take it her way.  After a few quick moves, Jade tags in and keeps on the assault before Gail takes her down with a desperation hit. A hot tag brings in Madison and Marti. After a quick series of moves, Madison ends the match after a see-saw pin. The Dollhouse attack after the match before Velvet Sky makes the save and attacks. She then makes a big challenge of a Lethal Lockdown match. This #KnockoutUprising is interesting.


Mahabali Shera is teaming with Grado in Aldo Montoya’s mask.


The brawl is still on. You’d think one of them would be dead. After it ends, Roode challenges them next week.


Eli Drake and Jesse Godderz vs. Shera and Odarg. Drake berates Shera and basically lets it be known he knows who Odarg is. Drake and Shera start the match with grapples before Jesse tags in. Shera uses power to bring Jesse down before locking in a straightjacket. Jesse gets out and uses his power advantage before tagging in Drake. Drake uses a throwback, and even shows his strength is a fact of life. Shera tags in Odarg, who basically wrestles the same way he does without a mask. Shera sky-high’s Jesse as Drake goes for Odarg’s mask. When Odarg reverses, he decides to pin Drake without the mask. He then for whatever reason puts it back on.


Drake then makes a challenge next week. We seem to have a lot of matches made this week. Drake asks what is going on. The f--- if we know.


EC3 vs. Matt and Tyrus begins with fans singing to EC3’s theme. EC3 starts against Tyrus. Bringing a flurry of punches, EC3 bashes away until he is suplexed going into break. Back from break, Matt uses a series of moves off the top before Spud shows up ready to fight. EC3 starts rebounding as Spud yells to tag. Matt and EC3 brawl away with each man rapidly fighting back. EC3 eventually tags Spud in. Spud punches away before Matt uses a distraction by Tyrus to regain momentum. Tyrus tags in and heart punches Spud. Tyrus misses a splash, and is hit with an underdog. A hot tag brings EC3 and Matt brawl before EC3 uses several moves of doom. Tyrus stops a 1%er, leading to a brawl outside. After the match gets inside, Tyrus tries for a spike, but Spud low-blows. Matt hits the twist of fate, but EC3 hits the 1%er for a win.


Next week has several big matches, including a rematch of a rematch. While it is going to be a long reign, we expect a great match nonetheless. Until next week.

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