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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Impact Review 8/11/2016

Here we go with a “live” show. Will it be good, or will it be RAW? Let’s find out.


A recap of last week’s main event fights brings us to Ethan Carter III talking about his #1 Contender status. After leading chants for EC3, and “Next World Champ”, he talks about how he needs a moment of perfection. He says being TNA World Heavyweight Champion means being the best, and he’s Bound For Glory. This brings out TNA World Heavyweight and X-Division Champion Bobby Lashley, who says he is the best because he has both Championships, and that EC3 is not the man to beat him. EC3 does put over his accomplishments, then TNA King of the Mountain Champion James Storm to remind them tonight is his match as his microphone dies. Well he makes a challenge to Lashley, and both fight. EC3 gets assaulted by the predator of Mike Bennett and his buddy Moose, until EC3’s tag team partner tonight, Eddie Edwards, makes the save. Edwards says the match happens now. Both teams brawl going into break. Back from break, EC3 and Bennett rapidly exchange the driver’s seat. Frequent tags by EC3 and Edwards have Bennett reeling in the early portion of this match. Once Moose tags in, he quickly exchanges momentum with Edwards before dropkicking him outside. Moose then tags Bennett in, who this times joins Moose with frequent tags before Edwards makes a desperation tag to EC3. EC3 out-powers Moose, and throws Bennett. Mouse is sent outside after a tag is made to Edwards. Both Edwards and EC3 fly at their opponents. Once they get Moose back in, Edwards hits a huricarana, but Bennett makes the save.  After knocking EC3 down, Moose hits the go to hell, but Bennett tags in to get the pin. Moose may have an October opponent.


Handel’s “The Messiah” is playing. Who has signed? No, not Jim Neidhart.


An ad for BFG has Matt Hardy going nuts as usual.


Storm talks about becoming TNA Champion, and how he’s waited to get to this point.


The former Damien Sandow, now known as Aron Rex, emerges with a much shorter beard. He’s put over as the biggest star in years to sign. Rex says TNA did what others were scared to de by letting him speak. He then implies it’s not about WWE. Like Drew Galloway, he begins his run here by saying it’s about the fans. He says he was considered to entertaining to get World Heavy Weight Championship matches. But Cena gave him one. He then throws shade on guys like Roman Reigns being pre-ordained. He says he’s here to seize opportunity. He makes a reference to his Sandow gimmick when thanking fans, who are calling him a genius. He says his new home is here. While the shoot has been overdone, he actually cranked that sumb---- out of the park.


Maria tells Gail Kim about the next match she’ll win because management wants her husband to invest. This sees Marti Bell attack. Guess who’s winning.


Edwards yells at both Bennett and Moose, and gets a match with the latter next week.


Gail and Marti is no Disqualification. Both brawl outside, but Allie distracts Gail long enough for Marti to assault her and get her back inside. Marti kicks away both on the ground and in the corner. Missing a hip bomb is a mistake by Marti, but Allie again distracts. The fight goes outside as Marti blasts Gail into the rail and sending her inside. Both knock each other down with an elbow. Gail then blitzes Marti until Maria tells Allie to attack Gail with Marti’s club. Gail sends Allie into Marti, and uses a small package to, no surprise, win. After Marti attacks, Jade makes the save, sends Allie out, and is booked in a lose to Gail match.


Matt Hardy’s drone drives Matt to meet with Jeff Hardy. They’re in action next.


Storm talks near what may be his father’s burial site. Winning the gold mean’t a lot to basically his whole family.


The Hardys are in action. Matt says something about scaring the prospective opponents, TNA World Tag Team Champions The Decay. After bringing Jeff out, Matt goes nuts about Jeff’s injury last year. Jeff says he needs Matt to wrestle. Jeff says the fans want The Hardys to be back to normal, but Matt does not want it. This brings out The Tribunal, who praise Matt. Jeff berates everyone, demands a referee, and attacks both Tribunal. Jeff attacks Basile Baraka going into break. Matt’s ad again. Back from break, Al Snow attacks Jeff before Baron Dax brings him back inside. Jeff uses a jawbreaker, and tries to tag in Matt, who refuses. Baraka’s in, and works on Jeff’s arm while Matt “hypnotizes” a fan, then beats Dax up. Jeff hits his moves of doom on Baraka, and Jeff wins using a twist of fate. After the match, Jeff attacks Baraka again with two more twist of fates, followed by one on Dax, even two on Snow. As Matt laughs, Jeff sets up a series of tables. Jeff sends Snow outside, delivers one more twist of fate as he asks if this is good enough. Jeff then splashes through the table. Jeff says only he’s allowed to punish himself, and Swanton bombs the table. This Gooker is ours.


Lashley has noticed Dixie and Billy seem to like Storm. When they say they offered him the chance to speak, he says his actions speak.



The Decay yammer about Bram. They may have written him out if he gets arrested again.


Drew talks about how he’s angered at EC3 for being the reason he’s not TNA Champion. We suspect BFG needs placeholder feuds like 2001-2013 did with Cena. Drew thinks EC3 intentionally cost him his chances to become TNA Champion 3 times. Drew then says because he stayed out of last week’s main event, he demands a match for EC3’s shot.


Storm again says he’s looking to be TNA Champion.


Next week sees The Hardys against BroMans against The Tribunal against The Helms Dynasty, Gail against Jade, and Edwards against Moose.


Lashley battles Storm for three belts. Lashley attacks Storm, but Storm hits a superkick that gets only two. The battles goes outside, where Storm brings Lashley down by clotheslining him, and high-fiving the fans. Storm elbows Lashley and brings him inside before sending him back outside. Lashley then elbows away going into break. Back from break, and Lashley totally brings out a beast by using his power against Storm. Lashley goes to pin, but only gets two. Lashley then hammers Storm while against the middle rope. After using a punishing neckbreaker, Lashley then shoulders Storm in the turnbuckles. After a delayed vertical suplex, Lashley waits until Storm is back up, but Storm reverses where the match is headed. Even after getting his by a crossbody, Storm is able to hit the eye of the Storm, but only gets two. Storm grabs Lashley, who pulls the pad off a buckle, which Storm hits on kick out. Despite a spinebuster and spear, Lashley gets two. Lashley tells Storm to stay down. Storm manages to hit two superkicks, but Lashley gets out at two. Both men are back up, when despite a lungblower by Storm, a spear by Lashley now holds the TNA, X-Division, and King of the Mountain Championships. Rex appears on stage, suggesting he may get a shot.


A fun week that sees a new face bringing interest. Until next week.




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