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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Impact Review 8/4/2015

Another week.
A recap of last week brings Drew Galloway angered at Ethan Carter III. He got a raw deal.
EC3 and Mike Bennett argue before wrestling later. Bennett thanks EC3 for his help last week. After both men somewhat humorously talk about defeating each other, there is a title drop by EC3 bout later. After this, Moose walks out, enabling Bennett to attack from behind.
TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake speaks like he’s on speed about his match with James Storm. Beer for belt. Followed by a random Bram package.
Storm is ready. AJ Styles is elsewhere. Storm blasts Drake to start, but Drake reverses, and attacks with stops and elbows. After delivering a leg drop with the rope. After a desperation series of moves, Storm targets the head and neck. Drake gets out of the eye of the Storm, but a spinebuster briefly helps Storm, until he is superplexed. After Drake goes for the belt, it’s kicked out of his hand, and he’s hit with eye of the Storm. After Drake accidentally spits beer in referee Brian Stiffler’s face, Drake uses the belt, but only two. Each man blocks each other’s finishers before Drake flied into a superkick. Storm wins the gold, and retains his beer. TNA World Heavyweight and X-Division Champion Bobby Lashley walks out. Lashley says he wants to merely congratulate Storm right now. Lashley talks about sports teams wearing belts. Well, WWE belts. Storm remembers his brief reign at the top, and that he beat Kurt Angle in a minute. They both want to wrestle for both the TNA and King of the Mountain Championships. As Lashley basically gives Storm the option to wrestle or relinquish. Lashley says he’ll get Storm a $500 replica. Storm would rather go for the $600 real thing.
Allie finds out she facing Gail Kim tonight.
Bram wants to leave to sign a new deal if Rosemary won’t say a secret.
TNA Knockout Champion Sienna is added to the match. Gotta make the young Gail look strong. Sienna attacks Gail as Allie wants to tag in. Allie gets whooped until tagging Sienna in, who Samoan drops Gail. Again, Allie is in briefly before having Sienna destroys her some more. This goes on several times before we think football season should start early. Sienna even forces her own partner into a position to tag. Only when Sienna is sent to the ground does Gail destroy. Gail attempts eat defeat, but is hit with an AK-47, which she does not sell. It takes a silencer to Allie to help Gail win. Ramona Reigns wins.
Matt Hardy says he will tell Jeff Hardy a story. We hope it’s him reading Bram’s deals.
Next week is now for three belts.
Matt tells Jeff that Jeff’s injury betrayed Matt, and last week did so as well. Jeff will face off with a tag team and must not fly. Jeff is wrestling JT Dunn and Chuck Taylor. Jeff brawls a bit with Dunn as Matt tells everyone not to chant for Jeff. Dunn gets a few hits in before tagging in Taylor. As Taylor stomps on Jeff, the fans yell for Jeff. Dunn and Taylor double team, but Jeff kicks out. Matt attacks a fan. Hope it’s another wrestler. Jeff is fighting back as Matt fakes an orgasm. Jeff knocks Dunn down, and hits Taylor with a few moves of doom. Jeff hits Taylor with two twist of fates on Taylor, and a BAAAAAAAAAAACK BODY DROP! On Dunn. After Jeff hits Dunn with a twist of fate on Dunn, he hits a Swanton bomb anyway. Matt attacks Jeff, tags himself in, and pins Dunn.
A recap of The Tribunal attacking Mahabali Shera leads to Al Snow hyping his team up.
An ad for WorldCup 2016.
After a lame excuse why Tyrus isn’t here, Snow and The Tribunal assault Grado and keep him from tagging. Basically, they do what life has done to Craigslist. Only after Baron Dax is knocked down does Grado get any offense in as Josh Mathews tries making a connection to Dusty Rhodes. Seems a bit much. After Shera accidentally distracts the referee, Grado’s pin on Snow doesn’t get a win. Shera attacks all three with a full-on assault. Grado helps. Shera pins Snow with a sky-high.
Next up will be the end of this Bram deal from earlier. He signs a new one later.
We find out Bram’s angered Rosemary, and gets attacked by TNA World Tag Team Champions The Decay. Not a good idea.
Ethen hates the mistake last week, but is ready. Bennett is there as well. EC3 says Bennett’s hired gun won’t help.
Tyrus’ ad again.
EC3 and Bennett main event. EC3’s ribs are targeted early on, though EC3 uses as much power as he can given the assault earlier. Despite EC3’s assault, Bennett stays on the ribs. EC3 ducks a clothesline, and hits one before delivering a military press. When EC3 goes to splash, Bennett gets his knees up going into break. Back from break, Bennett is attacking ribs again as EC3 struggles to get air in. After stomping, a wifely assist leads to several brutal moves. A double-crossbody has both men down. A yay/boo is next as EC3 is in the driver’s seat until getting German suplexed twice, but EC3 reverses and delivers one of his own. EC3 hits a flapjack, and almost gets a win. EC3 uses a side-Russian-legsweep into the middle turnbuckle. EC3 goes to fly, but Bennett hits a super-cutter. Amazingly, EC3 kicks out. When referee Brian Hebner sees a Kendo stick thrown by Maria, she’s ejected. EC3 hits a 1%er for two. But before Moose can interfere, Eddie Edwards fends him off. EC3 is hit in the ribs with the Kendo stick by Bennett, but EC3 kicks out. EC3 has a cobra clutch, Bennett rolls up, EC3 kicks out. After several reversals, EC3 hits the 1%er to get to Bound For Glory.
Well not too bad, but we may have a new act next week.

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