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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Extreme Rules Predictions

Not sure what my opinion is worth, but here's my take on the matches for tomorrow night

K-Swiss vs. New Day, WWE Tag Team Titles

New Day wins the belts, since Vince likes to cultivate anything with heel heat. They'll transition onto Lucha Dragons by summertime.

Ambrose vs. Harper, Street Fight

Ambrose to finally give him his first PPV win since last year's Payback. He's 0-9 at the ten PPVs since. Really.

Nikki vs. Naomi, WWE Divas Title

Has to be better than that sludge pile we saw Monday with Naomi and Brie. I smell a DQ finish, we'll say Brie interferes for a tainted Naomi win, I guess.

Dolph vs. Sheamus, Kiss Me Arse

Dolph wins, but Sheamus refuses to pucker up, Brogue Kicks, and does the Rock/Billy Gunn force-the-head-against-the-ass deal. Not that we're all clamoring for stipulation adherence here anyway.

Barrett vs. Neville

Barrett gets screwed out of a title shot *and* a main show appearance. That probably means 10 more minutes for Reigns/Show, so lucky everyone! Neville wins in the match of wrestlers that forgot their first names.

Reigns vs. Show, Last Man Standing

Keep Reigns strong.

Cena vs. Rusev, US Title, Russian Chain

Cena wins through the skin of his teeth, which would be preferable to the AA-outta-nowhere finish at WrestleMania.

Rollins vs. Orton, WWE Title, Steel Cage, Kane is Dana Barrett

Rollins retains when Kane has a corporate change of heart. The announcers will act SHOCKED. JBL will chastise you for spending $55 on this show, and he'll have a point.

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