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Monday, April 27, 2015

I Have No Good Puns, So Billy Corgan Takes Over TNA Tonight, Tonight

Ian Gavan/Getty Images
Well, TNA's tried their damnedest to appeal to Attitude Era fans with a million and one poorly-designed retreads of classic stories, so it makes too much sense that the company would name a pre-WWF New Generation rock icon into its new lead producer of creative and talent development. Then again, a wrestling pseudo-outsider like Billy Corgan may be what the now-ignored second-tier company needs to kickstart itself.

Corgan's had plenty of involvement in wrestling in the past, including appearances in ECW (he reportedly almost bought the company at the end of 2000 but negotiations hit a skid), and was often found at wrestling shows held in the Chicago area. He's a fan through and through, which is more than you can say for most of the power-wielding suits in WWE.

Say this much, maybe somebody in TNA can get some decent theme music for a change. Kurt Angle's Trademarc-crooned tune has had the permanent lead since 2007, with only Bobby Roode's pretentiously-awesome rock-of-despair coming close.

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