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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Impact Review 12/1/2016

Matt’s Back, He may need an apprentice.
TNA Impact Grand Heavyweight Champion Aron Rex makes an open challenge. He is bummed its Moose. He wanted Grado. Many did. Before the bout, Rex stalls for time before the bell rings. He still stalls, even rolling outside. Once back in the ring, he’s thrown, kips-up, and does the chinlock eye deal. Moose no-sells, hits the gamechanger, and wins. Not all the bouts will be like this. After his win, Moose says Rex was good, but now Moose has the belt, for anyone who wants a bout. Rex won’t speak.
When interviewed, TNA World Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy says Matt, will be there, then shows he has his Brother Nero lenses.
The Payday team is on their way. Bram moves his mouth under his mask to act like he’s robotic. Strangely, he delivers a better promo Shockmaster-style. Jeff emerges in Brother Nero mode. Jeff talks about how their facing two guys from World War I or something. Kingston asks where Matt is, Jeff attacks, but the numbers are too great. The DCC music hits and the lights go out. When back on, Matt’s in the ring and sends them away. Matt says the belts belong to them.
TNA X-Division Champion DJZ, Mandrews, and Braxton Sutter talk about the 3-way match they will be in tonight. They all act too face for no one to turn.
A sale. No, not of this place.
Recap of Moose winning.
A Tweet of the night goes to @IanRichards1: “I picture the Team X Gold match similar to WCW World War 3 where the last three left were all nWo members.”. As these three are here to win, the match begins. They begin to circle before all three go for near falls early on. DJZ is sent outside so Sutter and Mandrews exchange moves. When DJZ enters, he is given the Northern Lights suplex, and is back out of this. Sutter uses a bit of power, but is sent outside by DJZ, where both men are downed with a moonsault. After Mandrews gets a breather, DJZ dominates, until getting in the ring, where his knee stops him from fighting. This sees a pin attempt by Mandrews on Sutter. DJZ fights through his pain to deliver a crossbody to both. DJZ tries a ZDT, but is hit with a flatliner by Sutter. Mandrews effectively eliminates Sutter, but the recovered DJZ gets a pin over Mandrews after a Mandrews splash. After the bout, DJZ’s knee is attacked as Mandrews shows he’s not happy with the end.
Laurel Van Ness berates Allie about last week, and says she may not have a job.
Maria and Laurel are here to talk about the pie stuff. Allie is asked to bring herself to the ring. Allie says she did not mean to force her pie in Maria’s face, but this goes to the Allie/Laurel spat. Then the beration continues before Laurel says she had a date last night. After being called a bitch, Allie slaps Maria. Laurel attacks.
Before her bout, Rosemary tells Jade she will make history, and win the TNA Knockout Championship.
Bram teams with Kingston to wrestle The Hardys. Kingston with his D’Lo Brown/Roman Reigns look as both teams brawl. Matt bring Bram through two corners before a double suplex assault on both opponents. The Hardys use their team experience to isolate Bram and whoop him the way many want to see happen. Bram escapes a chinlock by Jeff, but it sees The Hardys beat him and his partner up going into break. Back from break, Kingston has the edge over Matt before tagging Bram in. Bram has an edge briefly before Matt brings him down and tags Jeff, who is rolling until James Storm kicks when referee Brian Hebner is distracted. Kingston tags in and dominates for a little bit before tagging Bram back in. The two men wear Jeff a bit more before Jeff brings both himself & Bram to the canvas. Matt tags in while Kingston. Matt bites both men’s hands like their Michael Biehn in a James Cameron film. Before Matt hits the twist of fate, he is hit by Bram. Jeff takes both Storm & Bram out then helps Matt deliver two twist of fates to befall Kingston to retain.
We see Gail Kim put over Jade without losing to her before Rosemary attacks them some weeks back. We see Jade’s training for this bout.
We see last week Ethan Carter III silenced Eli Drake last week, and now messes with him.
We see Al Snow and Mahabali Shera being whipped. Is it racist if they’re European? Maybe. It seems to be a strap-match.
EC3 is out here to talk about his shot at TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards. He wants Edwards to come out. When he does, EC3 talks highly about Edwards against Lashley before they talk business. Basically, EC3 talks about having another shot, and Edwards talks about being the best.
Next week is the TNA Championship match.
Jade battles Rosemary in the cage in this main event. They start by brawling outside of the cage, but Jade brings her in and dominates going into break. Back from break, Jade uses a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Rosemary uses a fake-mist to bring things her way. She even grinds her face against the fencing. She is still attacking even when taking a break. She even suplexes Jade into the cage. Rosemary looks to head coast-to-coast, but Jade recovers her bearings, and sends her to the ground. Jade now uses the structure to throw Rosemary around, and powerbomb her for two. Both brawl until Rosemary uses a German suplex that brings both down. After they both get up and brawl on the wall, Jade sends Rosemary down before the crossbody off the cage. Only two. Jade goes to fly, but mist by Rosemary interrupts the climb, then the red wedding secures the gold.
Standard, but interesting. Just feels like it will end soon.

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