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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

King of the Ring Review 4/28/2015

Tonight is the King of the Ring. An event which saw great Kings like Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Brock Lesnar. Though it also gave us Mabel and Billy Gunn, so we’re not sure what to think. Regardless, we decided to give a few quick thoughts on this new event. So let’s get this started.

 We start the show with Jerry Lawler cutting a promo about King of the ring. A bit of a time waste, but thankfully kept far shorter than many of the opening promos of the average RAW. On to the rest of the show.

We get brief promos before each match. Not a lot to say about most of them. Mainly they were there to sell the motivation to win.

Neville vs. Sheamus starts us off. Solid opener. Sheamus using the power game to wear down Neville, while Neville will not give up. The match ends when Dolph Ziggler decided to remind Sheamus who won. Somewhere, Vince likely said for the first time ever that Ziggler is going places. This distraction is enough for Neville to rally back for the win. Ziggler learns the proper way to interfere. Too late for Dean Ambrose.

Next was Bad News Barrett vs. R-Truth. Truth again running on the anti-spider ticket. Those bikes are truly annoying.

Barrett vs. Truth is a quick match that’s mostly a squash. Barrett getting the win with a bull hammer. Spiders can now rejoice upon seeing good news from a man that delivers bad news. This means Neville faces Barrett. Our money’s on the guy they say is “An hour away from London.” Tweet of the night comes from @WheelerDeeler “Nah... Truth just lost.”

A tribute to Verne Gagne is next. It’s definitely good to see Vince’s “I need to remind you who won” mentality is left at the door for this one.

Ziggler’s promo highlights he’s not with asses, it’s not about kissing them, it’s about kicking them. His father is now very proud.

Barrett explained how he plowed through Truth. Soon we can hear “Call Mistah Plow! That’s mah name! That name again! Is Mistah Plow!”

Now the match we knew was coming. Barrett vs. Neville. Not as short as the last match, both men deliver a hard hitting match worthy of the tournament. While many know who will be winning this, we also know these two men were not going to cause any fans to be chanting for a UFC fighter. The finish sees Barrett bull hammering his way to the throne. We get the feeling Britain’s Prince Charles will get a few ideas as a result of this. After trading in his Leonidas robe for a more traditional robe, Barret cuts a simple promo about his dominance. Man did Steve Austin set the bar way too high for this type of promo.

Well the King of the Ring is in the books. While this one was not as action packed as we’d like, it’s at least worthy enough of being done more than once every 5 years. We just hope Barrett joins the ranks of Harley Race, Haku, and Macho Man Randy Savage. That’s all for now. Remember we will be back for the WWE show that won’t cause you to go *Click*

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