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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Wheel of Needless Apologies Lands on Booker T

Mark Mainz/Getty Images
So Booker T made a comment on Raw last night that was 100% innocuous, but some craaaazy people on the Twittersphere made sure he wouldn't forget it.

JBL makes a harmless comparison between Owen Hart and Neville, about how Owen, great as he was, wasn't quite the high flyer that Neville is (being fair, 99.94% of wrestlers aren't), to which Booker replied, with nary a second thought, "(Owen) couldn't defy gravity". This led to the aforementioned 'craaaazy' people thinking that Booker was mocking Owen's death as the result of the Over the Edge entrance gone wrong.

Booker subsequently apologized just to appease everyone, but it was hardly necessary. Twitter outrage - the great scream into the abyss by the disenchanted in the hope that somebody screams back to validate their existence.

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