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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The End For TNA May Be Near(er Than Usual)

Well, it appears Destination America has, much like Spike TV last year, given us our walking papers. This time it has nothing to do with Vince Russo CC'ing someone in an email. Instead, it has more to do with the poor ratings performance of a show that, while it had been improving, unfortunately had damaged it's name way too much by giving too many people too much control. This caused many people to decide it was no longer worth giving a chance. Basically, we truly have become the spiritual successor to WCW.

Well true a company can deliver such terrible moments in wrestling history like Jennifer vs. Sharmell countless retreads of the nWo, and many things Kent Jones, it should also be noted at least some of the good things that it been done before the whole house came tumbling down such as brilliant X-Division matches with names like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and even the recently debuted in WWE Samoa Joe. We also provided fans at least for a time with a welcome alternative to some of the storyline heavy content that most of WWE had become during the unfortunate time of 2002 to 2007. Sadly, those very things that we were held it for over the last few years different figures and management sought to systematically destroy. Whether it was decided that the X-Division just wasn't with the program that favored guys like the Nasty Boys and the aging contingent known as The Band, or the constant need to undercut the pay or pushes of those aforementioned talents, it can be seen that the management failed to see what fans and pundits alike saw in TNA: The promotion that could wake Vince McMahon out of his Rip van Winkle-level sleep, and create a new business war. Whether it was Dixie Carter wanting to say she's running a business(into the ground), or Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff wanting to relive the glory days of throwing footballs over the mountains, either way, the fans had had enough of being insulted, and did what they have started to do on Monday's: Take their business elsewhere.

When one truly thinks about it, as an fortunate as it is for this company to go out of business, for the countless people in front of and behind the cameras it is certainly a painful moment to know that your hard work may not matter soon, maybe, there's something to learn from this. The sad teaching tool of both how not to run a business, and be a reminder of the mistakes that killed WCW, maybe the possible end for TNA may not be a complete loss.

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