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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Creative Locks: Money in the Bank

Well it's mid summer, even though it's really early summer. Either way, it's Money in the Bank season. While this is usually a July PPV, WWE has decided to run 3 PPVs in only 6 weeks. If you paid for the first 1, then you know they really want you to pay for this one. Well after a screwy finish last time, WWE knows they need to deliver. In any instance, we will be giving you our picks for who will win what. We now will pick.

Network Pre-Show
King Barret vs. R-Truth
It's the man stripped of his great gimmick vs. the man stripped of his credibility. Realistically, both men are in the strange spot of having no push to mean anything, while still getting enough wins to not yet be official jobbers. Because of this, this really doesn't matter. But since Barrett is not completely made into a loser just yet, we see him winning this match. Which will likely be his only win of the week.
Winner: King Barrett

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The New Day(C) vs. The Primetime Players
This feud is still a bit early for meaningful changes. Neither team will lose everything by losing, but The New Day will need to have the advantage of being the Champions that need to be pursued. Because this is not finished yet, we see a bit of chicanery that allows The New Day to heel up their win.
Winners: The New Day

WWE Diva Championship Match
Nikki Bella(C) vs. Paige
WWE seems to think Nikki Bella elicits some sort of response. Because even someone allegedly "Loving" their way to the top can't stay at the top this long. Even if it's to sacrifice an organic record out of spite. Despite the fact she's given as warm a welcome as Rachel Dolezal at the Source Awards, she will win to either break the record, or hopefully be mutilated by an NXT wrestler upon her call-up.
Winner: Nikki Bella

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Ryback(C) vs. The Big Show
Ryback is one of the few wrestlers WWE couldn't f--- up with, no matter how hard they tried. The Big Show is the guy they f---ed up with from day one, and continue to f--- up with bu putting him in matches like this. Big Show has been, though constant turns, and overuse despite age and weight issues, completely marginalized. While he should be a gatekeeper, he has made the gate easier to get into than a Kardashian. There is no way Ryback loses this match.
Winner: Ryback

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
A healthy mix of midcard guys that may never reach the top, main event-level guys that have touched the top, and the guy they will put at the top no matter what. This match has a great set of guys to work with. However, there will only be one winner. Kofi is busy with The New Day and getting his affairs in order before wrestling Brock Lesnar, Sheamus and Orton are too busy trying to make their feud fresh, Neville is trying to stay away from Vince before he gives him a Hobbit gimmick, Kane is sadly too background for his own good to get any great final angle, and Ziggler is preparing for Rusev's return. The only one groomed for the main event is Reigns. And since he will have the case, that means he can be rebuilt organically for about a year before becoming Champion. Win-Win here.
Winner: Roman Reigns

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens
A loss by Owens here will derail him. So while that may likely happen, we suspect Triple-H will be angling for him to drop the NXT Championship to Finn Balor or Samoa Joe before that happens. With that being said, Cena can't lose cleanly twice in a row. The only good outcomes are either Owens cheats to win, or is intentionally DQ'ed. While we think it would be fun to see Cena bounced of the mat 9 times, Owens will use the jorts.
Winner: Kip Stern

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
Seth Rollins(C) vs. Dean Ambrose(The man with the belt)
Ambrose is the most organically over wrestler on the roster, which logically means they would likely decide to have him lose. We're not so quick to say that. With a rumored Triple-H/Rollins feud, it would be at least make sense that Rollins would be a target for failing to keep the belt "in the family". Even though it would make him the most unfortunate World Heavyweight Champion since Magnus, there will be a belt around Renee Young's waist tonight.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Well there are our picks for the winners tonight. We hope to be slightly more successful than we were last month. But we will see how successful we are after drinking several pint bottles of Coors. Enjoy the show.

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