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Thursday, July 2, 2015

NXT Review 7/1/2015

Well this Saturday brings two certainties: Kofi Kingston will feel a different form of power, and Finn Balor will hope to wrestle the NXT Championship from a distracted Kevin Owens. But first, he has to get through both this week’s main event, and the final part of the look into his life and journey in wrestling. Let’s see how this unfolds this week.

A video hypes the tag team match between Balor and his partner Samoa Joe, against Owens and Rhyno.
The Vaudevillains finally e-emerge to take on Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. 1920’s vs. 1970’s. Gotch and Wilder start off, but Dawson quickly tags in. Dawson briefly overpowers Gotch, but falls victim to a team up. He is able to fight back with frequent tags between him and Wilder. Both teams have interesting chemistry both in-team, and with each other. Vaudevillains get the win with their elbow and neckbreaker. Overall, a quick, but interesting match.

Devin Taylor interviews Becky Lynch about her hip injury. Becky makes it clear that she will take the time to heal, but will be gunning for the NXT Women’s Championship upon her return. A shame. Too many injuries.

Baron Corbin vs. 1980’s jobber-style wrestler. Tucker Knight. Comparing Corbin to the dinosaur everyone hated in Jurassic World is a bad idea. Not much to note. A few power moves into end of days. Next week, we might just give a list of great bakery items instead of any details.

An advertisement for WWE’s Japan show. Best they don’t show 2015 Kane be the game changer against the man built up as LIVING DEATH!

NXT General Manager William Regal has had enough of Enzo and Big Cass, and The Vaudevillians yelling, so he makes a #1 contenders match for next week.

The final Balor video sees the man himself talking about how his designs inspire people to draw. Between that, and getting a kid to do the too sweet handsign, we say he better not be botched. Balor is shown in his tryouts, and then his debut teaming with Hideo Itami. He brings up that the name Finn is both the Irish hero, and a salute to his father Tweet of the night goes to @WheelerDeeler: Finn's Dad in a Man Utd shirt... I'm against him now. Triple-H is shown talking about playing to the camera. He may have mumbled “eat it Dad.”  We see footage of Balor’s first WWE match in his native Ireland. Seems fitting the man of the present is shown facing the man of yesteryear, Neville. Balor talks about the confidence he draws from the paint. He says it helps him channel a darker side. This makes it seem like the heel version will be absolutely insane. We see footage of Balor defeating Tyler Breeze becoming #1 contender, and Balor’s surprise to be back in Japan facing Owens. We also see New Japan and ROH star Karl Anderson on WWE TV. Becky briefly puts over how driven Balor is. The final takeaway is that WWE fans will be telling Vince he better not screw this up. Tough to do given the unofficial slogan of “If it ain’t broke, break it”.

Video of Eva Marie impressing Regal and Sara Del Rey. Give Brian Kendrick whatever he wants.

Emma, with Dana “I Don’t Know What My Look Is This Week” Brooke, vs. Carmella. Emma is the general here. Carmella is trying to keep up. She does a little bit at first. Going through the feel out pretty well. She pulls off a hurricarana quite well. Emma however, uses a kick to the leg to sway the match for her. Dana yells, but thankfully, it’s not at “CO’MON NIKKI” levels yet. Carmella gets out of a scissor hold, and starts to rally. Her character isn’t quite stand alone, but it is coming along. Emma is able to win with an inverted STF. Emma’s new character is evolving real well. She just needs mic time.

Bull Dempsey is ready to fight a vending machine. Even DRAKE YOUNGER is trying to get him to calm down. When Dempsey claims he’s trying to get pistachios, Regal tastes the chocolate around Dempsey’s mouth like it’s coke. We really hate this fat gimmick.

Another ad for Balor. It is obvious they are looking to make him the star. They better not do what they did to Reigns.

Last week, Jason Jordan finds he has a stalker. Chad Gable, in a Dave Schultz shirt that is Kurt Angle approved, pleads his case yet again.

Tyler Breeze vs. Tye Dillinger. Great to see the assault by Reigns hasn’t hurt him too well. Breeze is still trying to be a heel, but the fans like him a bit too much. We’ll say he’s a tweener. Dillinger punches and stomps while mocking Breeze. Dillinger’s dominance is ended by a reversal. At which point, Breeze uses quick viciousness followed by a beauty shot to win.

A Tapout ad with Charlotte. Did you know her husband Bram signed a multi-year deal?

Sasha Banks sees Emma and Dana, mainly Emma, eying her Championship. After grabbing the belt, Sasha throws down the gauntlet to a tag team match.

Balor and Joe vs. Owens and Rhyno is the main event this evening. Final hype for the event on Saturday begins. Owens brandishes the belt to taunt his opponents. We start with the two former TNA World Heavyweight Champions brawling before Balor tags in. Balor is in the driver’s seat until Owens tags in. After a brief rally by Balor, Owens starts to whip Balor around while taunting fans. Owens sends Balor outside as we go to break. Again, the less you talk about Brock Lesnar being dominated by a near retired wrestler, an overprotected wrestler, and two retired wrestlers, the better. Owens continues the usual chinlock from the break. Owens tags in Rhyno, who proceeds to use the power game to hold Balor in the air for 15 seconds before suplexing him. Owens tags in, and again with chinlocks. Balor battles back. But Owens uses Cena’s moves of doom. Even indirectly, Cena buries you stars. Balor gets out of an AA, and stomps on Owens. Balor and Owens tag their partners in. Back to 2006 Impact. Owens distracts Joe for Rhyno to take advantage. When Owens tags in, Joe pushes Owens aside. Rhyno distracts long enough for Owens to powerbomb Joe, but Balor prevents him from getting the win. After Rhyno accidentally gores Owens, he is tossed out by Balor. Balor then gets the win with coup de grace. Not sure now who will win. While there is a rule of momentum, Owens has been all over the map. It would make a bit of sense for an unfocused Owens to lose the belt, but we will find out Saturday.

This week was more of a go home show, but even here, it outclassed any show of this type the main roster does. It set up the match on Saturday real well, and leaves you wanting more. We’ll be back next week, and it will be then when we find out if Owens pops up for a win, of if the Balor age begins.

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