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Thursday, August 6, 2015

NXT Review 8/5/2015

The road to TakeOver keeps moving along, and both NXT Champion Finn Balor and his challenger, Kevin Owens, both know performing in the Barclays Center is looked at as WWE’s second home, that is not far from it’s home. In other action, Bayley looks to show why she should face NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks by facing a member of Bang Bu… Submission Sorority. And two former Champions from TNA face off in a match we’re sure happened there first. All this and more tonight on NXT


We get a brief tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper. A great wrestler, a better human.


Charlotte vs. Bayley starts the show off. We get an obvious dub. Thankfully, Submission Sorority was said as many times as Hulk Hogan. Before the match, we get a handshake like in Ring of Honor. The owners of the network hate this show for giving fans the wrestling they want, like Ring of Honor. Both wrestlers tie-up, leading to Bayley pushing Charlotte down, and Charlotte kipping up. Another lock-up sees both Bayley and Charlotte dominate. Charlotte locks up Bayley and rolls her up for two. Bayley sends her outside and dropkicks her with a modified baseball slide. Once back in, Bayley spears her in the corner, but Charlotte uses a few moves to get back in the fight going into break. Ads for the non-Roddy merchandise fans want. Back from break, and Bayley avoids a figure-four, and goes off the top. Bayley corners Charlotte like it’s the Solo family reunion, and Hope sees there’s no more Gran Marnier. Bayley then hits the Bayleycanranna to get two. A yay boo leads to both neckbreaker, and spear by Charlotte, who goes for pins twice before going for a figure-four while yelling “Give up”! Bayley rolls her way tom the rope. Charlotte chops like her dad, but Bayley goes for a backslide. When Charlotte goes to counter, Bayley hits the Bayley-to-Belly to get two. After a German suplex, Bayley goes to run Charlotte in the corner, but Charlotte uses a boot. When Charlotte attempts to go off the top, Bayley hits a super Bayley-to-belly to both be the cutest person to say #SuplexCityHugger, and win. Even her opponent is happy for her. Fun match to open the show.


Michael Cole asks Owens about the fight after the contract signing. Owens says he thinks Cole questioned his apology, and that he heard NXT General Manager Willaim Regal say he hopes Balor wins. After making a Real Man’s Man reference, Owens says it’s important to him to win for the indication he’s the best, and more Cash. He brings up Regal is no angel himself, and he suspects Regal will re-create Montreal. Owens says the only way to prevent that is to make it a ladder match. When asked if he can beat “The Demon”, Owens leaves.


After seeing his previous Bull-Fit segment, Bull Dempsey is shown taking it seriously this time. Though we get “To be continued” when Referee Drake Wuertz goes to help him with a heavy weight.


Baron  Corbin vs. Steve Cutler. Usual one-move win for Baron.


Regal smiles as he sees Bayley. Scary to believe he smiles. Bayley highlights her winning streak, and wants a Championship match. Regal tells her next week she faces Becky Lynch in a #1 Contender’s match, and the winner faces Sasha at TakeOver


Tyler Breeze vs. Aaron. Breeze locks-up early, and stomps away. Aaron begins to chop, which causes Breeze to punch several times before hitting the beauty shot and win. After Breeze yells into his phone, Regal walks out to announce that at Takeover, Breeze is facing Jushin Thunder Liger. This brings a hype video to both anger ROH, and show those who are not aware of him what he can do.


Uhaa Nation, now Apollo Crews, hopes to show that he’s worth far more than the Action Jackson/Expendables references we’ll drop. He also will be at TakeOver.


Balor tells Byron Saxton that it’s been an emotional ride being Champion. Balor also says he and Owens were friends before coming to NXT, and that he was surprised that Owens would strike Regal. Balor says he’s not sure Owens backs up what he says. When asked about how Owens injuring Sami Zayn factors is, Balor says that Zayn told him not to underestimate Owens in a match. When asked about making the match a ladder match, Balor says he’s not surprised by the challenge, but that their last match will not be a fluke. Balor says that at TakeOver to expect the unexpected, and that it may include “The Demon”


Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder vs. The Hype Bros is up next. An extremely over former U.S. Champion having to rebuild. Mojo Rawley starts with Dawson. Rawley uses shoulder tackles before tagging in Zack Ryder. Ryder builds momentum until a distraction by Dash Wilder sends him of defense. Dawson keeps Ryder away from Rawley while Wilder takes shots. After Rawley tags in, he is able to get the better of Wilder before tagging in Ryder, who uses a double team move to win. Dawson and Wilder attack after the match and hit the shatter machine to walk away with their heads held high.


Regal meets with the Vaudevillains to tell they will get a rematch against NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy, and that they need to find a way to negate Alexa Bliss


Joe and Rhyno have 36 Championships between them. Most of those were in TNA when things were good.


Bull doesn’t need Drake’s help with the weight, and even flips the tire. Bull is glad Bill DeMott “Left mutually.


Joe vs. Rhyno main events. After a feeling out, Joe starts with a hold on Rhyno’s arm, but Rhyno gets out, and is surprised he is not able to take Joe off his feet. Joe uses several punches before Rhyno begins his assault. Joe brings Rhyno outside with a punch, and flies after him. After a brawl, Rhyno brings Joe back in the ring. A few quick moves help Joe regain momentum. After an exchange of chops and headbuts, Rhyno goes for a pin, but only gets two. The break sees an ad for Summerslam: Taker’s Revenge. Though the ad has an ad for a network we’re watching. An ad for Tough Enough reminds us what we don’t watch. Back from break, Joe battles back, then delivers the STO to regroup. Joe   begins to punch before delivering a big boot and senton to get two. Rhyno battles back, and death valley drives Joe to get two. When Rhyno goes to attack, boots by Joe keep him at bay. Joe goes for a rear naked choke, but Rhyno suplexes to avoid it. Rhyno goes to go off the top, but gets an enziguri, then muscle buster’ed to get Joe an impressive win.


Quite a week at NXT. Less matches, but more implications. Really feels more like a build-up than half of Summerslam’s so far. Well that’s the review, until next week

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