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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Impact: No Surrender Review 8/5/2015

Well we find ourselves with two more months until “Our international TV deals will save us”. We believe that like many believed Paul E. would be back from Hollywood. In any instance, tonight is No Surrender. Will TNA ghost Austin Aries get Rockstar Spud’s name? Will TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III emerge as Champion? Well if you haven’t made sense of our spoilers, we will find out now.


After a brief tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper, and running down the matches you’ll have to watch tonight, we get Bram has signed a multi-year contract vs. Mr. Anderson. Anderson dominates early on. Sending Bram all around ringside. After the second time though, Bram throws Mr. Anderson around the railings keeping our remaining fans out of the ring. Bram gets Mr. Anderson back in the ring for a chinlock. After Mr. Anderson gets out, we get a brief yay boo sequence before Mr. Anderson starts battling out. Though his rally is brief. Bram takes things his way with a superplex, but only gets two.  Bram breaks out a spinning heel kick that actually looks quite good. Bram uses three clotheslines, but struggles to hit four. Bram goes to use Mr. Anderson’s microphone, it yields an attempted mic check into an attempted DDT into a roll-up pin by Mr. Anderson to win. After the match though, Bram assaults him to save face.


Jeremy Borash interviews The Hardys, who talk about everyone doubting them during their careers before Jeff Hardy says breaking his leg disappointed his fans… Most recently.


After plugging our future home on YouTube, TNA ghost James Storm. He says he started The Revolution to give people direction, and that a person it was started for failed him too many times. He demands Khoya. He tells Khoya he made him something.  Khoya then attacks him, and decides he doesn’t want to be named after a creamy Asian dish anymore.


A video for the Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell feud really makes us see how strange this feud has been. At least the match will be good.


Storm is angry, and wants to face the man he named after cheese.


The Dollhouse vs. Gail is next. Taryn keeps yelling as Gail Starts out against Marti Belle. Gail keeps dodging Marti’s assault, and even sends her into Jade. After a brief Taryn distraction, Marti returns and stomps away. Taryn tags in because she wants to get the pin. Wonder how that will go. Jade tags in next and keeps on offense with suplexes. Though when Marti tries to get involved, she’s beaten down. Taryn then runs off while Gail faces the remaining group. After a quick brawl, Gail wins after eat defeat.


A video of Drew Galloway referencing TNA ghosts The Beat Down Clan, one of which may have been fired because the other one may have lied. He also talks about defeating Eli Drake later tonight.


Josh Mathews keeps plugging the s--- the network thinks fits the format better.


Drew vs. Drake starts as a brawl on the stage. After a flurry by Drew, Drake tries for a piledriver, but Drew reverses. He then jumps at Drake off the steps, and sends him off the apron. When the match starts, Drew tries for a future shock, but Drake gets out and tries to leave. Drew brings him back, but is crotched on the rope. Drake chokes Drew on the rope before punching him. Drew is able to break free and use his strength to bring Drake down. Drew gives a German suplex into the turnbuckles. Drew then punches until Drake pushes him away, and rolls him up with tights to win. This feud is real forced.


After a recap of Aries and Spud making their match for later on in the show. TNA General Manager/TNA ghost Bully Ray lets TNA ghost Bobby Roode know the match was Aries’ idea. Roode says he will make sure Aries will not lose, while Bully says he’ll make sure the best man wins.


Aries vs. Spud is the next match. Spud should’ve asked for Aries’ nickname instead. After a tie-up, Aries locks in last chancery, but Spud gets out. Aries goes after Spud’s arm, but Spud gets out, and is armdragged. Aries then stays on the assault, all the while playing to the remaining audience. After Spud gets out of a chinlock, he briefly fights back before Aries starts to fly. After several moves off the ropes by Aries, Spud dropkicks his leg. Spud really shows why Aries should get serious when he goes for the underdog. Aries locks in last chancery again before Spud gets to the rope. Aries uses several kicks before going for a brainbuster. Spud rolls him up for only two. Aries uses several discus forearms, a dropkick, and a brainbuster. All get only two. Aries is shocked as Spud powers up. After Spud delivers a flurry, Aries tries to mount offense, Spud however, fights back with a high-flying assault. However, Aries gets him ready for a superplex. Spud reverses into an underdog to get the win. Aries hugs Spud afterwards. It’s as if he wanted to leave here.


Roode says he doesn’t know where things go from here. We imagine there’s a global force.


Storm vs. Mahabali Shera. Boy that will be tough to type. Storm attacks early on in the corner. Storm whips Shera around the ring before Shera starts to mount offense. Storm uses the cowbell to his Shera, giving Shera the DQ win.


Backstage, we see Bully has been assaulted by a chain. He will NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN!


Dixie is stressed with the Bully thing before we see Jeff Jarrett was tying up loose ends. Foreshadowing is fun.


EC3 tells us house money is not what Matt Hardy has. Good. We don’t have much left.


EC3 vs. Matt in a Full Metal Mayhem match main events the show. Both men start up by tying-up. Matt starts to bring offense to EC3 before EC3 rolls out and gets a chair. EC3 uses the chair while asking Matt if he’s happy about the choice he made. Matt however, reverses into a side effect on the chair. As EC3 is trying to recover, Matt brings in a ladder. We then see Jeff. No, we aren’t having him end the streak.  Now why do you ask? Matt drives EC3’s face into the ladder. Bringing EC3 back up, Matt suplexes him, then starts to ascend. EC3 recovers long enough to strike Matt with a chair before break. Back from break, and we see EC3 send Matt into the steps, and go for the belt. Matt recovers and prevents this. Matt then takes his chance before he is pulled down. EC3 tries, but can’t stop him. EC3 stops him again. But is given the twist of fate. Matt tries for a moonsault on a table, but EC3 is able to send Matt through with a powerbomb. Just as EC3 goes for it, Matt pulls him down, but can’t do much else given his leg. EC3 goes for his gold one more time before being powerbombed. The match goes outside, where Matt uses a chair to keep EC3 down. Matt grabs a ladder, and bridges the rail and ring with the ladder. EC3 low-blows Matt, and tries to get him on the apron, but a side effect reverses momentum. After this, Matt legrops EC3 through a table while Jeff applauds. Matt slowly races up to grab the belt. EC3 uses a chair to stop him from reaching it. Both men seen brawl on top of the ladder before EC3 knocks Matt off of the ladder, grabs his Championship, and wins. A stellar match that is the bright spot of the path things have taken.


Another week goes by where the wrestling is great, but we’re forced to book stupidity. Really makes you think about the way things will go over the next series of shows. Until next time.

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