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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Impact Review 9/2/2015

Between Seth Rollins finding he’s nailing an alleged racist, a maniac getting shot at WWE’s Performance Center, Bram signing a new bond agreement, and Jimmy Snuka being declared a Superfly-t risk, wrestling has made it so we don’t have to perform. We need to try though if Global Force Wrestling needs bookers. Well we focus on Impact. Tonight, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III defends against Matt Hardy, who’s also defending his brother, Jeff Hardy’s freedom. Poor use of words after the last few days.


After showing he Hardys and EC3 walking in at different times, we see a recap of Jeff Jarrett’s heel turn last week. Must flee TV. Jarrett walks out with GFW along with him. Josh Mathews says Jarrett should be kicked out of the TNA Hall of Fame. Right, because THAT’S the worst thing a Hall of Famer has done. Jarrett makes it clear he tried to help Dixie by running the show for her. Karen Jarrett adds that she had to mastermind the attacks to help Jeff. Jeff thanks her for setting up an invasion. This won’t end well. Anyway, Jarrett say no one can compete with them. Chris the Adonis says he’s not impressed, and issues an open challenge. Showing it’s 2006, Bobby Lashley accepts.


Lashley starts by throwing Adonis around for a good bit before they lock-up. Adonis takes over with a low-blow. After a brief attack by Adonis, Lashley tries to surge, but Adonis keeps on him with a chinlock. Once Lashley gets him outside, they brawl until Adonis sends him outside. Once Lashley returns, Adonis suplexes Lashley and tries for a pin. Once Lashley gets a few hits in, both men are down. When both are back up, Lashley uses a suplex, followed by a shoulder tackle by Lashley, and a delayed suplex. When Lashley goes for a spear, Adonis moves out of the way, and locks in the Mordetzky loock. Lashley avoids it, and spears Adonis. As Lashley goes for a pin, GFW assaults Lashley. As TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves try to help, but are assaulted as well. Jarrett implores Karen to bring her surprise with her.


Karen attempts to use Magnus’ Feast or Fired briefcase for Trevor Lee and Bryan Myers. Guess he couldn’t wait to leave. After referee Earl Hebner refuses, they assault him and make referee Brian Stifler do it. Eddie Edwards keeps kicking out, but the team assault keeps him in the ring. Edwards manges to get Lee in a half crab while Davey Richards has a cloverleaf. After a distraction by Sonjay Dutt causes the holds to be broken, Lee uses the briefcase to hit Edwards and get a pin. Co-Tweet of the night goes to @WheelerDeeler: “Lee & Myers needed a 5+ Minute Gang Attack, A Distraction & A Briefcase to beat The Wolves”... Davey Richards was upset he didn’t tag into the match.


Bobby Roode again says he’s not respected, and that he will beat TNA King of the Mountain Champion P.J. Black.


Recaps of the assaults, then talk about other matches, and our farewell tour.


Jeremy Borash interviews EC3, EC3 says he never read Hardy Boys books. First time that joke was used, but he was more of a choose your adventure guy. And has demands for Jeff.


After showing Dixie looking confused as usual, we get Roode vs. Black. Roode tells Black to look around, and see TNA. Roode’s a TNA wrestler, and he helped to build what Black sees. He says some have loved him, some hated, but they all respect him. He doesn’t know what’s going on with GFW, but “THIS IS MY HOUSE”! Hope he doesn’t turn on one glorified independent to pad another glorified independent’s roster. As the match starts, Roode punches away before going for a “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODY DROP”! The brawl goes outside, where Roode continues to assault as Josh tries to explain why this is one-on-one. After Black takes the match inside, Roode stomps away before Black kicks to battle back. Into the match before break. Back from break, and Roode starts rebounding by taking Black down. We then get a yay/boo before Black misses a springboard. Roode uses a spinebuster, and begins to rally. Roode hits several big moves before thinking about a roode bomb. Black gets out, and gets a pin for two. Black uses a tornado DDT to set Roode up for a springboard moonsault to again get two. Roode battles ahead and locks in his crossface. Dutt tries to get involved, but Drew Galloway takes him out. When Black tries to fly, he’s hit in the Roode bomb to win the GFW World Heavyweight Championship. GFW next walks out and demands to see Dixie.


Dixie again says there was supposed to be a team. Jeff says Dixie let different people fail her. She says she’s been here fighting for everything, and that Jarrett removed himself. Dixie says she learned ego from Jarrett. Jarrett says she is unable to do anything about his ownership. Dixie then challenges Jarrett to assemble a team for a match for ownership of TNA. Jarrett says that it’s not about ego, and that his team proves it. Drew stands up as the team captain for TNA before The Wolves come out next, and then Lashley. The Pope calls Lashley the tank that moves like a sports car. He just described Bray Wyatt. Co-Tweet of the night goes to @ShroomMeister: “Looks like Survivor Series 2001 is coming early”.


After showing Jarrett leading a “Woah Bundy”, we get a plug for a calendar that may outlive us.


The one-man Beat Down Clan Kenny King says he no longer wants to sucker punch, or takes part in assaults because he’s a leader. He then says he’s bringing back Open Fight Night. Guess he just gotn here. Bram fresh from jail accepts. After a brief brawl, Bram tries to bring King out. King sends him down, and plancha’s him. When King tries to fly, Bram grabs him by the throat and slams him down. Bram brings him inside and clotheslines him. Outside of kayfabe for a second, hearing live commentary put over how vicious Bram is is creepy after Monday. Back to kayfabe, Bram keeps criminally assaulting King until he wins.


Borash interviews the Hardys. Matt says he’s fueled by the risk for his brother, and the reward of the gold.


Stone Cold Velvet Sky talks about how the division has evolved, and how The Dollhouse is too crazy. She demands Taryn Terrell walk out. Taryn brings it via satellite, and says she’s done more than Velvet, and that Velvet will have to play with her Dollhouse. This leads to Jade, Marti Bell, and Rebel walking out. Velvet starts fighting with them, but there are too many underpaid people before pregnant Angelina Love and Madison Rayne help even things up. After fighting back, the re-united Beautiful People lets everyone know they’re back. Hope Angelina isn’t showing next month.


A video for recent matches and segments between EC3 and Matt highlight the match tonight.


A recap of the challenge between Dixie and Jarrett brings us to Drew asking if Dixie’s sure about this. She says she is. The match will be Lethal LockDown.


EC3 vs. Matt main events. The match begins with both men locking-up.EC3 backs into the corner. EC3 gets Matt into a chinlock before Matt sends him off the ropes. Matt uses elbows and knees to get the first pin attempt. Matt uses a neckbreaker to get two. EC3 battles back, but a “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODY DROP”! and a clothesline send him outside and into the break. Back from break, EC3 is in charge in the match. He goes for an elbow drop, but Matt rolls out of the way. When Matt runs off the ropes, EC3 uses a sleeper hold until Matt jawbreaks him. A yay/boo follows before Matt clotheslines EC3 when EC3 goes to the corner, Matt bulldogs him. After a side effect, Matt gets two. EC3 avoids a twist of fate, leading to a ref bump. Matt hits it, but no referee then leads to a punch by Tyrus, and a hit with the gold. All of that only gets two. Jeff hits Tyrus while Matt rolls EC3 up for two before another attempt for a pin by EC3. Matt headbutts EC3, and hits Tyrus before Jeff hits Tyrus. Matt uses a tornado DDT to get only two. Matt goes for a twist of fate, but EC3 uses a clothesline. EC3 then uses a low-blow, and a sunset flip for a win. EC3 then forces Jeff to be in the ring and raise his arm.


That’s the first of our final episodes on the network. Odds are that the show is not coming back, and the last memories will either be what has been taped, or BFG. In any instance, we hope to keep you informed. Jest be careful about these next several days.

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