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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Impact Review 1/26/2016

Last week saw a brutal idea with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy turning last week on Ethan Carter III. This week: It has to work

Jeff Hardy saying he needs to paint to think shows a recap of last week’s main event leads to Jeff walking out in his thinking paint. He says he had a week to process what happened. He says he wants answers from Matt. Jeff wants answers. This leads to Matt, with new music, to slowly emerge with Reby, Maxel and Tyrus. Reby talks about how she was there for Matt when no one else was, and that Matt doesn’t need any of them. Jeff refers to her and Matt as a “bitch”, which leads to Matt saying Jeff’s in his shadow. Matt says listening to her advice worked. Matt asks Jeff to be happy for him. Jeff says he is not happy for Matt knowing how he won the gold. Matt then says they are going their separate ways. The fans begin to chant EC3, leading to Jeff saying EC3 earned it. Jeff then lays out a challenge for Matt to defend tonight. Matt says he will not be responsible for what happens tonight. Basically saying yes.

The wrestlers talk about Feast or Fired. Speaking of which, it’s next. First Beer Money walk out going into break. Back from break, Drew Galloway, TNA Reverse Ladder Match Champion Eric Young and Bram are next. Grado tries to shake hands with Aiden O’Shea, and gets beat up. Jesse Godderz goes for a briefcase, but Robbie E keeps him from getting it. Josh Mathews’ plug is added. Bobby Roode gives Bram a blockbuster. After this, Roode battles Rockstar Spud. Both men get out of the others finisher before Aiden sends Roode outside. Drew brawls with Eli Drake. Aiden is stopped by Grado, who uses Aiden to Swagger getting briefcase #2 going into break. Back from break, and Drake mkes a climb before deciding to beat up Drew. Drew however, gets out, and beats up Young, and Claymore’s Bram 10 years into the past: 1996. Drake beats on Drew, and gets him in a tree of woe. Drew German suplexes him, and grabs briefcase #1. Chris Melendez tower of powers Robbie E and Young before being sent outside. James Storm hurricaranas Aiden, but eventually only Jesse remains. He goes for one before Robbie E stops him. Meanwhile, Drake latest fact of life is he secures briefcase #4. Young and Bram attack Melendez, then Spud. This leads to Beer Money taking the fight to both men. Eventually Roode delivers a spinebuster to Bram. As Young tries for the last briefcase, he is stopped be Storm. After Beer Money take the team out, Storm secures briefcase #3. Hope he’s not sent back to NXT.

Kurt Angle tells Jeff he has his back tonight. Angle will defend him with his life we imagine.

We see the men and their briefcases before TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno vs. DJZ vs. Mandrews. Tigre Uno is able to put together quick moves to keep both opponents guessing. DJZ however is able to get him down with a dropkick. DJZ then focuses on Mandrews, but Mandrews is able to hold his own. When Tigre Uno returns to the ring, he is able to put both men in a submission hold before being sent outside. DJZ tries to pin Mandrews, but finds he is a tough man to beat. DJZ then focuses on Tigre Uno be splashing him, but Mandrews moonsaults them on the outside. He then shows he’s a Dynamic Dude by using his skateboard for a headscissor on DJZ. Once the fight’s back inside the ring, DJZ is able to get Mandrews in the top turnbuckle. After Mandrews throws DJZ outside, Tigre Uno takes advantage to retain the Intercontinental Championship. This brings out Gregory Shane Helms, who talks about the X-Division, and how he’s challenging Tigre Uno to defend next week.

Awesome Kong talks about revenge. Hide Bubba The Love Sponge.

Jesse asks about Drake’s “Beefcase”. Drake is worried about the briefcase, but Jesse is zen about getting Drake to open the Briefcase.

Angle talks about Matt tarnishing his name, which leads to Matt saying he’s building his brand. Angle talks about being the 1st Champion. Who are management burying? We know.

Kong vs. Velvet Sky. Given her use of camoflauge, we think Velvet likes a bully. Kong starts by using power moves while Velvet tries to mount any offense. Kong sends her outside and into the steps. All the while commentary talks about the LOLTNA of last year’s Feast or Fired. Where someone not in the match got the fired briefcase and the man that got the TNA World Tag Team Championship briefcase didn’t return to use it. Anyway, Kong uses a splash and implant buster to win. Madison Rayne stops Kong’s assault, but the Dollhouse are next. Madison is forcibly watching as Velvet is splashed from off the top rope. Good match, even if the angle is ridiculous.

TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves talk about Crazzy Steve and Abyss taking their belts after last week.

Jeremy Borash has the sitdown with the briefcase holders. We find out they will reveal after a break.

Beer Money have women talking like them. Good thing they don’t talk like Bram.

We are back with the who has a shot and who gets to go home. A random miracle occurs. Drew gives the balls in her purse. Drake reveals he gets a shot at the Jarrett’s Match belt. We find out the others later.

Now The Wolves are asking for their belts. A random painted women later identified as Rosemary walks out as the manager of Crazzy Steve and Abyss. There is a brawl leading to a match. Davey Richards is able to handle Crazzy Steve, but Abyss manages to get him down. The new team on the show uses innovating offense, like chokeslamming Crazzy Steve onto Davey. Abyss manages to keep Eddie Edwards out of this match. Despite Crazzy Steve grabbing Davey’s leg, he tags in Eddie. Eddie tries for the backpack stunner, but Crazzy Steve stops him. Eddie is able however to get him down. Rosemary distracts the Champions long enough for Abyss to black hole slam Eddie, and Crazzy Steve mists Davey for a DQ. The assault resumes despite this.

A preview of the next case(s) to be opened.

Borash asks Storm to open it. Roode jokingly says he won’t let the Championship get between them. After Beer Money fake out they reveal to no shock they have the Tag Team Championship briefcase. Drew then opens his to reveal a Heavyweight Championship match. Grado is sad for a man that found out he’s free.

Matt vs. Jeff main events. Before the match, Young interrupts, and Bram strikes. Beer Money FINALLY battle out to even things up. Crazzy Steve and Abyss resume the overbooking. Leading to Angle emerging, only to get attacked by Tyrus. This leads to Young and Bram attacking again. Leading to a piledriver onto a table. Boy do we overbook.

This week’s show was good. Though the main event was a bit too overbooked. Obviously EC3 will return over the summer for Slammiversary, or even the fall for Bound for Glory. Well that is all for broadcasting tonight. See you next week.

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