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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Impact Review 2/2/2016

Last week showed a good show is possible. This week, we try to beat that.

We see earlier that Ethan Carter III writes a place for an interview to be conducted.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy says Jeff Hardy sinned when he challenged Matt for the belt. Reby says it didn’t have to be this way, but everyone said Matt lived in Jeff’s shadow. Matt says what happened was business. TNA WB Champion Eric Young and Bram are next out. Young talks about how those that took his shot away suffered. He adds that Matt is not in danger, but the gold goes through him. Kurt Angle is next. He says Matt has been disrespecting the Championship. Angle then makes it known he’s facing Matt for the belt. Matt says Angle politicked for his shot, and if Angle pushes him, he’ll end Angle’s farewell tour early. Angle says he can beat them all. Matt says if that’s how he wants it. Beer Money make this overbooked when they talk about beating up Matt, and they’ll be sure to stop Young and Bram. Then Crazzy Steve and Abyss, and TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves emerge. This leads to Beer Money and The Wolves challenging Young, Bram, and the team referred to as the Decay in a hardcore match.

A recap of last week’s feast or fired results, Drew Galloway acting as the John Matrix to Mike Bennett’s Bennett. We now see Drew, who feels like he hit the lottery, leading Tyrus to try to intimidate Drew. Drew then remembers Tyrus was #1 contender to the Heavyweight World Championship of the World.

Bobbly Lashley faces Aiden O’Shea. Aideun attacks Lashley before he’s ready. This leads to Raquel: Remember her? walking out. Aiden keeps brawling with Lashley, including punching away. Lashley is able to duck a clothesline, and sends him outside. When Lashley asks why she’s out there, Aiden attacks with a punch. Aiden brings Lashley into the ring and locks in a chinlock. Lashley powers out and makes his comeback. Lashley then spears Aiden to win. After the match, Raquel gets into the ring and gets a microphone. She says he would see her again, and that she either gives him pain or pleasure. Guess he’ kayfabe not married given she’s kayfabe married to Teddy.

Maria’s getting ready to walk out. We found out she hates Dante’s Inferno.

EC3 breaks his silence later.

Maria talks about how she’ll save the Knockout division.. This leads to TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim saying they’ve known each other for a while. Maria interrupts to say she will lead Gail to things beyond wrestling. Gail then challenges her. This leads to the exchange getting more heated. Maria runs like a Bella is behind her.

Beer Money and The Wolves talk nice before hinting at a match between then down the line, then remembering they are teaming later.

EC3 pacing, and will speak later.

Davey Richards and Crazzy Steve start this match by brawling with a chair and bat. Once it returns to the ring, Davey has an early assault, but Crazzy Steve slugs away before each man grabs the other’s weapon. Davey hits the chair in Crazzy Steve’s hand. Bram emerges with a turnbuckle and a multi-year contract. The heels utilize the team assault. James Storm is next up with a keg. He’s ready to book! Storm beats Bram up to the steps, then uses a chair to ram the keg into Bram’s groin twice, ensuring we have no more of him. Young emerges with a kendo stick going into break. Back from break, Everyone’s brawling as we get a lame plug. Eddie Edwards then chops Bram as Abyss walks out with Rosemary. Abyss aims for Storm, but misses as Young attacks Davey inside the ring. Eventually, Davey battles out and faces Young and Crazzy Steve, but Abyss chokeslam him. Bobby Roode uses a hockey stick to even things out. Roode next spinebusters Young before getting chokeslammed by Abyss. The Wolves start a quick spot that sees random line-ups in brawling. All four faces suplex Young and Bram. As they observe the damage, Abyss black hole slam. Beer Money then brawl with Young and Bram. Davey goes to hit Crazzy Steve with the belt, but is misted, black hole slammed, and pinned.

Angle prepares, but Drew thanks him for a great recent match. As Angle puts him over, Drew asks for another match if Angle wins. Angle says it’s on.

Drew and Tyrus starts with a brawl, and Tyrus spitting at the table. Awesome. As Tyrus uses a nerve hold on Drew, Drew fights out, but is flung into the corner. Drew tries punching, but is T-Bone suplexed. Tyrus goes for a splash, but Drew rolls out of the way. Drew gets the big man cornered with chops and kicks before going up to and delivering a clothesline. Drew then goes for a future shock, but gets an Ox Baker/Undertaker heart punch. As Tyrus goes to 10-punch, he is powerbombed. As Drew goes for his win, the lights go out and Maria distracts. Bennett then hits Drew with the briefcase. Bennett then taunts.

Angle talks about how he’s wrestled great matches before Lashley interrupts him.

TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno ready to defend. Gregory Shame Helms walks out in his green jacket to tell Tigre Uno is not ready for him. Guess their feud is not about a belt. Trevor Lee defected. Lee starts by brawling with Tigre Uno. Tigre Uno tries to fly, but Lee uses a forearm to bring his opponent down. As Lee then uses a chinlock, he then uses the mask to slam Tigre Uno to the ring floor. Again, Tigre Uno keeps going, even using a roll-up, but Lee kicks out. As the match moves outside, Tigre Uno uses a hurricarana. As Tigre Uno tries to win inside, Lee is able to fisherman for a win.

EC3 speaks next.

EC3 says he’s been reflecting. He says he knows he had advantages and was a jerk. He adds it took everything Matt had to win. EC3 says he’s not running away. He will be shadowing Matt on the tour.

Matt vs. Angle is the main event. Reby throws her coat, and Matt attacks. Matt goes for an early win. Tyrus gets a quick shot in early, leading to a Matt chinlock. Angle gets out, and enters Matt into the suplex township going into break. Back from break, Angle has an anklelock on Matt. Matt rols Angle outside. Tyrus attacks before again causing trouble with everyone. After several reversals, Angle locks in another anklelock. Matt gets out and hits a side effect to get two. Angle hits an Angle slam to get two. We get a yay/boo before Matt eyerakes. Angle responds with a flurry of German suplexes. Matt roughs referee Brian Hebner and low-blows to get two. Matt goes for a twist of fate, but is hit with a triple German suplex. Reby stops Angle’s ascent, leading to a super twist of fate in order to retain.

Tonight was the best in weeks. It’s not perfect, but the mistakes are declining. Hope this really keeps into next week.

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