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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Impact Review 2/23/2016

Tonight is LockDown. Will there be a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, or will an iconic reign be moving along.


Beer Money, and the team of TNA What Is It This Week Champion Eric Young and Bram Has Re-signed start by brawling outside the cage before Bobby Roode rolls Young inside. Bram tries to finish off James Storm before it is reversed. Despite this, Bram is able to get the cage closed without Storm. The team inside beats Roode down, but Roode uses a miscommunication to buy time to get Storm inside. Once inside, Beer Money are able to rally, for a while, but Young and Bram battle back. After trying a spike piledriver, Roode reverses, leading to a thrilling sequence that only gets two. Young reverses Drinking While Investing, leading to all four on the ground. Once up, it becomes a brawl once again. Beer Money get the better of Young and Bram, and hit the DWI on Bram to win.


We see both Ethan Carter III and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy walking separately earlier.


Madison Rayne has been assaulted. More on this in the gang warz segment.


EC3 references Elton John to talk about fighting his opponent. EC3 talks about how it took Tyrus and Reby last time, but now they can’t help him. He then asks Rockstar Spud to walk down.  EC3 puts over the match he and Spud had last year, and thanks him for helping him last week. After they shake hands, Spud talks about how Matt doesn’t tell him what to do, and is about to make a promise before being cut off by Matt. Matt says that TNA’s ring-and-cage, as well as the seats and Wembley Arena belong to him. He threatens Spud, and says he will beat EC3. EC3 says he will make sure it is hell on earth for Matt. Good thing he didn’t say it would be in a cell. Legal and all.


Rosemary’s buddy from last week say he knew her before Decay did. WM8 will be awesome.


TNA X-Division Champion Trevor Lee defends against Tigre Uno. Tigre Uno starts with speed, but his attempts to do so are quickly negated early on when Lee kicks out twice. Lee sees a shot by pulling Tigre Uno off the top. Lee uses a clothesline to keep this going. Lee uses a gutwrench suplex. After a bit of a beating, Tigre Uno uses his speed to get Lee down, and climbs to the top of the cage and splashes off the top. Amazingly, only two. Gregory Shane Helms is shocked. Tigre Uno tries some offense, but Lee uses a fisherman’s buster to retain.


TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim is Arnold tonight when she lets it be known that if Maria is so good, she should take Madison’s place.


Rosemary’s friend Jimmy Havoc wants her back. Crazzy Steve however isn’t phased.


The Dollhouse vs. Gail, Velvet Sky, and someone other than Madison in Lethal Lockdown starts with Gail against Jade. Jade tries for a weapon early on, but Gail uses several kicks to get her down. After a quick brawl, both women try for different weapons to no avail. A double clothesline goes into break. Back from break, Both women brawl as Marti Bell runs to the ring. Marti delivers quick hits in the corner as Velvet runs through in a hot tag-like surge. Velvet gives Marti a neckbreaker, and sends Jade into the turnbuckle. Rebel emerges and both grabs a weapon, and chokes Gail at the same time. Bringing things to an end is Maria. After faking like she’s entering, she merely locks the door. Now Gail and Velvet have to do this on their own. They start by flapjacking Jade off the top, and beating Rebel with kendo sticks. But Marti uses a baking sheet. Gail tries to win with eat defeat on Rebel, but Jade ends it with a cradle piledriver on a chair.


Kurt Angle says EC3 will lead TNA after him, and that the wrestlers will look to him. EC3 thanks him, and says he has business to take care of.


A video for Decay.


Angle is next out. He talks about having great moments in the UK, like his match with Bobby Lashley last year. This leads to Lashley acting heel-ish when Angle talks about winning the Championship. Lashley adds he will get his revenge. Lashley said he wanted Angle to go back to his intensity that got him Olympic gold. Lashley says the fans want Angle to be Angle, but Lashley sees he’s not. Angle says he was here to talk to the fans, but Lashley p---ed him off. Angle sasys if Lashley wants to fight, Angle’s ready now. Lashley leaves.


Eli Drake berates GradOdarg before their match.  Drake slugs Odarg That’s Killer Spelled Backwards, but After escaping the attack, Odarg makes several attempts to escape. This results in Drake pounding away and achoking him on the rope. As both commentators berate this mess from Billy’s dreambook, Drake bodyslams Odarg, and suplexes him into the cage. Drake tries to escape, but Odarg electric chairs him to the mat. As Jesse Godderz tries helping Drake win, Mahabali Shera stops him. As we trie not to show more of Drake thanks to his tightsa lowered, Odarg cannonballs Drake. As Odarg tries to escape from the top, he is stopped by Drake. Both men struggle as Drake grabs the mask. Odarg jumps without it.


Havoc berates Abyss, and gets hit for his troubles.


As Billy tries to tell Grado there’s nothing he can do, Drake has him escorted out.


Next week Angle faces Roode, and Drew battles Mike Bennett. Bennett and Maria do a promo in from of a really bright door.


Matt vs. EC3 is the main event. Both men slug each other to start before quickly exchanging chops . EC3 is able to strike early on. Once Matt gets an opportunity however, Tyrus throws chairs inside for Matt to use. Matt wedges one in the corner to use on EC3, but is sent into it. EC3 splashes Matt before both men reverse out of finishers. Matt is able to hit a side effect that gets two. Matt does it againwith a chair. Again, only two. Matt tries to escape, but EC3 pulls him down. Matt then has Tyrus get him a chain. EC3 uses a TK3 and tries to escape. Tyrus goes to stop him, and gets the ol’ one-gun salute. After EC3 gets a few hits in, Tyrus uses a Big Ending, and attempts chaining EC3, but EC3 manages to outsmart him and hits him with the chair. Matt then uses a twist of fate that gets two. As Matt tries escaping, EC3 uses a legsweep to bring him back down. Both men enter a yay/boo leading to a Matt low-blow. Matt then uses the chair to twist of fate again. EC3 kicks out of this. Matt then goes to strike again, but EC3 low-blows. Both men struggle to escape as Reby tries to walk down with a hammer, but Spud grabs it from her, and in a twist that gave Russo a raging semi, slams the door on EC3. After the match, Spud hits him with the chair. Good match, bad finish. Perfect for here.


Tonight had good matches, but the booking around it shows that the problems that drove fans away are still as prominent as ever. Hoping next week doesn’t see Billy do more like this.

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