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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Impact Review 2/1/2016

Fallout over last week.


Bobby Roode faces Kurt Angle to start this show. They start by feeling out each other before the use of an armdrag brings Angle the advantage. Despite initial attempts by Roode to gain ground, Angle still targets the arm. Roode is finally able to get Angle grounded with knees before hitting his suplex. Roode has Angle in a chinlock that is broken away from. Then a double clothesline sends them down. Once up, Angle uses five German suplexes before both men reverse finishers, bringing Angle to lock in an anklelock. Roode rolls out and tries a roll-up and a crossface. Angle grabs the ankle, and reverses into an anklelock. Roode reverses into another crossface. Angle reverses into a pin, and Roode reverses into yet another crossface. Angle reverses into an Angle slam. Only two. Angle pulls the straps down and goes for another anklelock. Roode reverses into an enziguri into a Roodebomb for two. Before Roode hits it again, Angle has another anklelock. After Angle grapevines the leg, he gets the win. Roode has something he wants to say going into break. Back from break, Roode says he loves Angle and thanks him. Afterwards, James Storm emerges to thank Angle as well. He says Angle’s knowledge is worth millions, but his friendship is priceless. Storm says they want to drink with Angle. Beer Money with beer. Angle with milk. Angle then says he has one more match with Bobby Lashley, but he wants to see Beer Money vs. TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves. This brings the Champions out to shake hands with everyone, then Davey Richards says Angle inspired him to push through as a wrestler. Davey then accepts the match. Eddie Edwards says to keep the briefcase for another day, because The Wolves will fight to win. Storm says Beer Money aren’t here to say they’re the best team, they’re here to reinforce it.


TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy is next. Matt says he went into his match last week to win, and he is done with Ethan Carter III, and EC3 won’t get another shot. This brings out Rockstar Spud, who says if you lived there, you’d sell-out too. He references EC3 beating him up and shaving his head. Well continuity is your friend. Spud says everyone is jealous of his success, and what he did to EC3 was revenge. He adds it eats away at EC3 to see who the new Champion is. Spud then says Matt is the greatest TNA Champion. This brings out EC3 with a chair. Clearing out Tyrus, then chasing spud away. Matt follows him. EC3 doesn’t want to wrestle Spud. Instead, he lays the challenge to fight.


TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim also has a challenge. She basically said let’s party to Maria.


The Decay have another video. We like these guys being crazy. Rosemary has a Suicide Squad-look.


Matt yells at Dixie about getting rid of EC3. She looks angry, but only says she doesn’t sanction the fight.


Abyss vs. Jimmy Havoc starts with a brawl that sees Abyss sent outside, and Havoc hit in the head with a trashcan. The Decay set up a table, but Havoc gets away from Abyss. A distraction by Crazzy Steve and Rosemary helps Abyss, who gets a cheese grater, but Havoc avoids the shot. Havoc eventually gets the grater, uses it on Abyss’s groin, then his him with a chair. Abyss is hardcore to a major fault. A distraction by Rosemary next has Havoc into a table. Next, Janice is out. Abyss hits a table with it, but is sent through the table. Abyss kicks out. Havoc tries to use Janice before using several kendo stick shots. Abyss reverses into a black hole slam onto barbed wire to win. Not bad, but Abyss has run the hardcore stuff so far into the ground, it’s across the world.


Mike Bennett talks more toward Drew Galloway.


EC3 references Temple Grandin. Auto-win on our line of the night.


Gail says being in this promotion is about being the best. She says that if Maria is the best, then she needs to fight. This brings her out. Maria instead talks like she’s high, but is proud of teaching Gail a lesson. She adds that getting in the ring would mean she’s like Gail, who really wants to be her. Gail says her she is crazy. Maria brings up being on The Apprentice. Gail chases her, but Jade emerges and attacks. Jade says she’s going after Gail’s belt.


TNA Not-A-TV Champion Eric Young defends against Big Damo. Bram mocks the venue, and says he’s a real man. We are not touching that. Big Damo, who looks like a fat Bray Wyatt that has back hair, asks if Young is ready before dropkicking him. Big Damo and Young proceed to brawl. Big Damo gets the better of Young, but Young briefly assaults after a break in the action. Big Damo hits a powerbomb to get two. Young is then his with a crossbody. When Big Damo goes to end the match with a Samoa Joe-like senton, Young hits with his knees, and gets a piledriver.


Drew tells Bennett he will make an example of him and make him tap out.


Drew vs. Bennett up next. Drew starts by taking the fight to Bennett. Punching and stomping as Maria tries distracting him. Bennett tries to get out of this jam, but is sent outside. Drew follows him where he has a fan dressed like Steve Austin hold Bennett so Drew is able to attack. Drew sends Bennett into the ringpost. As Drew gets in the ring, Bennett trips him, then attacks him on the apron. Bennett then sends Drew through the corners before using knees across Drew’s back, and locks in a straitjacket. He uses a flapjack next. Drew then gets a surge of anger. Leading him to throw Bennett around. Drew hits the spinebuster. We get a yay/boo before Bennett hits a cutter for only two. Drew blocks the MIP, and hits and emerald fusion. Drew hits the claymore before locking in his iron maiden. Maria puts Bennet’s foor on the bottom rope. As Drew argues with the referee, Bennett uses a roll-up with tights.


His name is Spud, and he’s in a rage. A week removed from hitting EC3 with a cage. Now’s the time he cannot fumble. Both men are here to do the WrestleRock Rumble.


Grado says he finally has proof, that he will show next week. Didn’t he already have it? Oh well.


A recap of Angle facing Lashley in a rematch last year. Hopefully this match has a great sequel.


Next week has Angle vs. Lashley, Young against another local wrestler, and Beer Money vs. The Wolves.


Before EC3 vs. Spud, Tyrus and Matt attack EC3. EC3 locks them in a trailer. EC3 throws Spud around the outside of the ring, into the rail several times before sending him back into he ring. Spud gets a shot in and uses his shirt before stomping. EC3 gets up and clotheslines him into the corner. EC3 kicks the ropes whenever Spud tries to get his breath. EC3 gets him outside, where Spud grabs a chair. Spud goes to hit EC3, but EC3 kicks the chair. Once inside. EC3 is hit in the knee when he tries to strike. After using his chair, Spud tries a 10-punch, but is hit with a TK3. EC3 stops Spud’s escape attempt, and grabs a table. Spud uses a baseball slide to avoid the attack, but his attempt to fly meets with a military press onto the ground. EC3 sets up the table as Spud tries escaping. EC3 again rolls him inside. Spud fakes asking for mercy in order to lo-blow. As Spud punches, EC3 powers up, grabs the fist, and powerbombs him through the table. He then uses a cobra clutch to end the night.


A solid night of action. Many great angles, sadly one may be retiring. See you next week.

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