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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Impact Revenge Review 4/5/2016

After what many say is the best WrestleMania in Dallas ever, we have our revenge.


A recap of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway retaining over Jeff Hardy, and the different matches made tonight leads to TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eric Young berating everyone before his cage match with Jeff. Jeff, armed with a table, fights off both Young and Bram briefly, the team however isolate him. Jeff reverses a piledriver, thought Bram attacks him around the ring. Jeff pushes Bram into the cage wall, then goes after Young. Bram recovers, and gets the table into the ring while Young gets chairs in. We have TCC so far. The match finally begins in the cage. Jeff prevents Bram from entering going into break. DVD for AJ Styles: WWE star. Back from break, both men brawl as Bram looks for a way to be locked up. As Young has Jeff down, he wedges a chair into the corner. Both men fight to avoid the weapon before Jeff finally sends Young through it. Jeff only gets two. Jeff sends him through again, and sets up the table in the opposite corner. Jeff tries to splash Young, but Young rolls out of the way. After beating Jeff down, and sending him along every corner, Young gets hit with several moves of doom. Jeff throws one of the numerous chairs on Young, then sets up several to give Young a twist of fate through, but Young reverses for a piledriver that misses them. Jeff kicks out, and both men fight along the wall before Jeff sends Young onto the rope. Jeff then hits two twist of fates before kicking Bram off the cage, and setting up and hitting Young with a swanton bomb off the top of the cage with a commando-like instinct to win.


Dixie trying to settle the issue of who the #1 contender against TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim. She decides both anointed wrestlers in Madison Rayne and Jade.


John Cena’s new show advertised here. We’d say WWE infiltrated, but we think he’s a fan.


Jeff with the kind of ice we prefer he has. He says he’ll watch the main event.


Matt Hardy walking to the ring shows a recap of Ethan Carter III and Jeff not winning the gold, but Drew does. This brings Drew down for what each man will say before their match tonight. Nother recap of Drew retaining last week brings us to their words. Drew says it’s a mistake to call these the last words, because Matt never shuts up. Matt says he should still have the gold. Matt maintains he should still be Champion. He talks about how he is more like one than Drew. He says Drew is a thief who can’t beat him. Matt promises he will regain the Championship. Drew responds by saying he has passion for wrestling, that he doesn’t play a character. He goes meta by saying Matt uses his own son as a prop. When Drew tries mentioning Jeff, Matt interrupts by saying he’s not like his brother. Drew responds that that is true because everyone likes Jeff. Drew says he will prove he is the best wrestler. After these words, Tyrus adds that he may use his shot at the Heavyweight World Championship of the World. Or he may turn.


The Pope is ready to fight Bobby Lashley tonight.


EC3 tells Tyrus he hasn’t forgotten that it was he that cost EC3, and karma is waiting.


Lashley and The Pope start their brawl with a surprise attack as The Pope is walking down. Lashley gets The Pope in the ring, and throws him around. Lashley keeps throwing The Pope before suplexing him several times before stopping to taunt everyone. Lashley spears The Pope against the ropes and throws him outside. The Pope has time to breathe, as he throws several weapons Lashley’s way. The Pope then uses a kendo stick several times in and out of the ring. Including a low-blow and a leg-sweep.  More offense than Dean Ambrose had at WrestleManiaAs The Pope goes to jump off the top, Lashley spears to win. After the match, Lashley spears The Pope again two more times as EC3 emerges to stop the brutality. Lashley walks away. After this, Mike Bennett assaults EC3 with chair shots.


A recap of the last match brings EC3 calling Bennett a knock-off, and is demanding Bennett, and telling Maria to shut up and bring her husband out. Bennett takes offense to being called a knock-off. They argue about why one of them exists before talking about EC3 having become someone different from who he was. EC3 make a challenge for a fight. Despite being refused, EC3 chases away and they fight. Their brawl makes it to the parking lot as Bennett drives away after hitting EC3 with a tire iron.


Tyrus talks to Rockstar Spud, who seems like he got into Scarface’s stash, about strategy. Spud says he doesn’t need help.


Gail faces Madison and Jade in a triple threat. No one’s dad is here, so you know the finish will be better. Boy, Cena’s show bought a lot of air time. Styles again in WWE. The faces start by teaming against Jade. Gail then starts to fight Madison before Jade suplexes Gail. Both challengers brawl briefly before Gail gets back in. Gail keeps both of them on their toes by sending them outside. As Madison and Jade brawl outside, Maria hits Gail with the Championship. When Jade gets back in, she is able to win.


Drew says it doesn’t matter who he faces, he will be winning.


Gregory Shane Helms hoping to hear Eddie Edwards accepts his offer. We think he may be a lone wolf.


A recap of Al Snow attacking Grado and Mahabali Shera, and breaking Grado’s arm leads to Belly saying Snow shouldn’t have done that, and is suspended without pay for a week, and has to apologize. Ok.


Helms, with TNA X-Division Champion Trevor Lee, wants to hear Edwards’ answer.  Edwards thanks him for giving him a week. Helms wants to hear the answer. Edwards says he knows the reason he wants to tag with Edwards because of the instant rematch against TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer (Left For More) Money. Edwards refuses. Helms gets ready to fight before James Storm and TNA Ghost Bobby Roode make the save, and mock the green leather jacket. After Edwards leaves, Storm talks about how they’ll beat whoever’s next. This brings out The Decay, who talk about taking the Championships soon. Storm is ready to fight. This brings both teams to brawl. Roode fights in the ring with Abyss, while Storm brawls with Crazzy Steve.


Matt delivers final words after what’s supposed to be final words. He should see Tyrus behind him.


Roode is so mad, he might quit. They tell every team watching, they will defend next week.


Drew facing Matt, and possibly Tyrus, is the main event. Tyrus acts like he’s using his shot, but doesn’t, allowing an early attack by Matt. Drew gets some offense in, but Matt resumes the attack going into break. Back from break, both men brawl before Matt hits a side effect on the apron. Spud attacks as Josh Mathews forgets what a ring rat is. Matt gets Drew back in, and delivers a few hits before Drew shows offense. Matt is back in this before a yay/boo. Drew begins chopping away before giving a belly-to-belly suplex. When Drew tries to go off the top, Matt reverses with a gutwrench suplex. Matt then fakes an injury so Spud is able to attempt something. After Drew hits Spud, Matt hits Drew with his boot, but gets two. Matt’s attempt to fly sees a future shock. Tyrus pulls the referee out, but is hit by Jeff. Matt hits a twist of fate, but only two. Matt tries again, but Drew locks in the Iron Maiden. Matt is not able to play with madness, and has to tap.


An interesting show this week. An over face wins in the main event. We should try this more often. Until next week..

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