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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Impact Review 3/29/2016

Last week saw a problem beyond normal control. This week, we help you let off some stream. 
A recap of Jeff Hardy becoming #1 Contender against TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway leads to Matt Hardy and company. Matt protests, and demands a rematch. This results in Mike Bennett walking down the aisle. Bennett says Matt should relax. Usually, someone has to say let off some steam Bennett. Bennett makes his case toward getting a shot. Reby starts to get ready to fight. Good thing Kong’s gone. Matt says Bennett has no honor, and is below him. Bennett says he used to respect Matt. Matt say Bennett is as bad as Ethan Carter III. EC3 calls Matt, Tyrus, and Rockstar Spud bitches, and prays in order to mock Bennett. Bennett blows a gasket over the display, and refuses to wrestle EC3. EC3 retorts by mocking Bennett’s hair, and demands a match. Matt acts like he’s accepting, but makes a challenge of EC3 vs. everyone in Matt’s group save for Maxel. EC3 accepts. 
EC3 starts by taking care of Tyrus and Spud, but Reby distracts him, giving Tyrus the window. Tyrus uses a bodyslam, and several more power moves before tagging in Spud. Tyrus and Spud use a team assault as Bennett watches. Matt tags in, and allows Reby to slap EC3. Spud tags in, and resumes his teaming with Tyrus. EC3 tries gaining ground, but Spud tags in. Once Matt is back in, EC3 is able to kick it in gear. When Spud is in, he’s caught in a cobra clutch. Bennett attacks for a DQ. This leads to TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer (Left for more) Money to make the save. They make a 6-man tag between EC3 and themselves against Matt, Bennett, and Tyrus. James Storm attacks briefly, but the heels are able to keep him separated, and make him a drinking Ricky Morton. Through the break in communications, Storm tags in TNA Ghost Bobby Roode, who is cleaning up until Bennett interferes. EC3 chases Bennett away. Despite Beer Money fighting through brutality, they find themselves beaten by the team we may have win the belts. 
A recap of TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim wrestling Jade leads to finding out Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne will determine the #1 Contender. 
BroMans are amped for teaming leads to Eli Drake saying “You can’t quit, you’re fired”. 
Velvet vs. Madison starts with Velvet trying a quick roll-up. Madison uses a few quick moves before Velvet locks in a chinlock. Madison is able to get out, and they now battle in the corner. Velvet uses a her moves of doom, and goes for a facebuster, but Madison uses a jackknife to win. After the match, Velvet hints at turning. 
Drew says Jeff is one of the best, but Drew will be winning. 
The Pope is in the ring to address the assault by Bobby Lashley recently. He says he was trying to do the right thing, which leads to Lashley coming out. Lashley demands an apology, which leads to The Pope talking about starting in wrestling together. And because Lashley attacked him, he’s challenging Lashley. Lashley threatens The Pope to leave the ring, which leads to The Pope attacking. This leads to a major brawl between them. 
A recap of Jeff’s win leads to Jeff admitting Drew’s younger, but Jeff has made a career of being an underdog. 
We see The Decay have another video. Guess they haven’t wrestled yet. 
Matt seems to hint he’s getting involved. 
TNA King of the Mountain Champion TNA Ghost Eric Young says he is the most dangerous man in wrestling, then says Bram of multi-year contract fame screwed things up. He rambles for a bit before BroMans interrupt. Jesse Godderz says they will beat both men. The match begins with BroMans separating their opponents, but Bram is able to use a vicious side to get his team back in this. Bram curs off Robbie E’s breathing and keeps him against his will. But once Jesse tags in, he brutalizes Bram until Young tags in. After a miscommunication by the heels, Jesse uses this to get a win. 
A recap of Grado’s win has him talking about CM Punk and Colt Cabana attending his party, until Al Snow attacks him. 
TNA x-Division Champion Trevor Lee is not dead. Gregory Shane Helms now calls out Eddie Edwards. Helms puts over The Wolves, to which Edwards thanks him, but says that he’s going to have to focus on singles action at the moment. Helms tries to offer Edwards a team with him. Helms gives Edwards a week to think about it. 
A recap of The Pope and Lashley brawling leads to The Pope challenging Lashley to fight next week. 
Drew vs. Jeff main events. Both men start by feeling out before Drew uses a suplex. After references to Matt and EC3 are made, the attention turns to Jeff sending Drew outside the ring, and slingshotting onto him going into break. Back from break, Drew tries fighting back. Jeff uses a whisper in the wind to stem Drew’s assault. Jeff hits the twist of fate, and goes for a swanton bomb. Drew picks the ankle, and delivers a superplex. Drew then hits a claymore, but only gets two. Drew then goes for a super powerslam, but Jeff sends Drew to the mat. Jeff hits a second twist of fate, then a swanton bomb. Amazingly, this only gets two. When Drew goes outside, Jeff lands on him. Jeff gets Drew back into the ring, but can’t get three. Jeff then puts Drew on the steps outside, and goes for a third swanton bomb. This time, Drew gets the knees up. After Drew gets them both into the ring, he hits the future shock to win. After the match, both men shake hands before Matt walks out. Matt promises he will get what he deserves. He adds he weshes Jeff had won, so he would be defeating him for the belt. Matt says next week is called revenge, and he gets a TNA Championship rematch. Drew says Matt is good at pissing him off. Drew says he is willing to defend right now. This leads to Young and Bram attacking the faces. Drew gives two claymores to Young and Bram as Jeff hits a twist of fate on Matt. Jeff says his feud with Young ends next week in a cage. 
 A decent week, hopefully we are going to get Dixie to agree to sell as much as possible. Until next week.

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