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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Impact Reivew 3:16 /2015

A few days late, but better that than never. After all, there’s still a few weeks in which WrestleMania is going to be exciting, or a few years left to make our show better. Anyway, we head back to Orlando. Back into doom. So suit up like Arnold before fighting legions of unnamed guys that will be destroyed soon enough.


Jeff Hardy’s usual return sees TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eric Young yelling at Dixie. Their match starts with both men brawling. This brings out Dixie, who says that since Young wants an opportunity, it becomes a #1 contender match where the winner is inserted into TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy against Ethan Carter III. They resume their brawl as Young takes advantage of an eye rake, but Jeff sends him outside. When Jeff goes to fly, Young gets his knees up. This helps Young get Jeff back in, where he attacks in the corner, and targeting Jeff’s leg. Despite some quick moves by Jeff, Young gets Jeff downed for a bit before giving him a hangman. Jeff is able to kick out at two. After a quick neckbreaker by Young, Jeff kicks out again. When an attempt by Young to headbutt misses, Jeff gets in a yay/boo before surging with offense. Jeff tries a twist of fate, but Young gets him on the top turnbuckle. Jeff fends him off, and delivers a swanton bomb to win. This brings out Matt, Reby, and Maxel (yes, we have a baby in a heel group. No, we didn’t drink paint) emerge going into break. Back from break, Matt and Reby act like they didn’t know Young would attack. They even hand Jeff Maxel. After this, Matt asks for Jeff to refuse his spot in the match. When Jeff asks if Matt cares, the fans say no. This leads to Jeff saying he’s wrestling tonight. Matt insists Jeff refuse to wrestle. Instead, Jeff gives the finger in a way the network botches covering, then he twist of fates Matt.


Eddie Edwards gets assaulted by The Decay as we see Mike Bennett and Maria talking about how TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim is getting what she asked for, and Drew Galloway will get beaten.


TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money yell to the cameraman that The Dacay better check Twitter.


Bennett and Maria against Drew and Gail is next. Gail wants to start, but Drew brawls with Bennett. Gail tags in and beats him up before Maria pulls her outside of the ring. Once back inside, Maria has a few quick stomps, but tags out when Gail moves out of the way of an elbow. Drew is in, and Bennett kicks away, but Drew powers ahead and suplexes him. Because of a slap by Maria, Drew chops Bennett multiple times. When Drew goes to fly, he is pulled down. Drew tries tagging in Gail, but Maria pleads not to. Drew tags in anyway. Bennett tries to stop an assault, but eats an eat defeat and a claymore. Maria rolls-up Gail.


A recap of Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Lashley. The reason Angle will not retire, even if it means he goes to WWE.


Josh Mathews interviews Lashley. Lashley is all about his new attitude. He says he has no friends because he doesn’t need them. He begins intimidating before attacking. He goes for a spear, but is stopped by The Pope, who is speared himself.


Abyss is speaking. Oh man. Wait, Rosemary is fighting alongside her team. Awesome here.


A recap of Lashley’s assault, Jeremy Borash is filling in, and a recap of Jeff joining the Matt vs. EC3 match.


EC3 welcomes Jeff back, but is suspicious. It’s like he watches this show.


The Decay vs. Edwards and Beer Money. Rosemary distracts Edwards to allow Crazy Steve. Edwards is able to stop his attack, and tags in Bobby Roode. Roode uses a front-face suplex, and stays on him where there is a plug for the best of AJ Styles’ time in that promotion he wrestled in from 2002-2014. Abyss tags in, and uses a team-based offense to help Crazzy Steve. After this, Rosemary tags in to do a few hits.  After a few tags between Abyss and Crazzy Steve, Roode is able to tag in James Storm. Storm runs all over Crazzy Steve before he and Edwards use some teaming of their own. Once Edwards tags in, he flies out at Abyss, enabling Roode to spinebuster Crazzy Steve. Beer Money try a double suplex on Rosemary, but Crazzy Steve takes the bullet. Storm flies at Abyss. Rosemary mists Roode, and Crazzy Steve uses a roll-up on Edwards.


Grado must have forgotten his evidence, as Billy, who looks like if Agent 47 got fat, informs him that it will be settled next.




A recap of Feast or Fired where Eli Drake may have swapped his briefcase.


Drake says he’s dressed in his gear because Billy told him to be ready. He adds he wants his briefcase back. When Grado walks out, we see Drake swapped his briefcase when Grado wasn’t looking. Drake gets his briefcase. Maybe this should’ve been shown on TV first. Billy says Grado’s back if he wins a ladder match against Drake. Drake starts by getting the ladder and uses it against Grado. Drake kicks away, despite a brief bit of offense, it isn’t until Grado whips Drake into a ladder when Grado goes for it. Jesse Godderz pushes him off, but is attacked by Mahabali Shera. Drake hits him in the back with the briefcase. Grado uses the ladder to jump on them. Grado and Drake battle on the ladder. After Grado electric chairs Drake, there’s another battle on the ladder. Grado uses a bionic elbow to knock Drake off, and grabs the contract.


Jeff’s wearing different gear than he was earlier.


Young says he sees Willow. Hopefully he’s only predicting half the story.


Next week, Beer Money challenge any previous Tag Team Champions.


Matt vs. Jeff vs. EC3 main events. Jeff’s back in his previous gear. EC3 starts by attacking Matt. Both he and Jeff take turns attacking Matt before EC3 tries for a pin on Jeff. EC3 then focuses on Matt. When Matt has EC3 on the ground, Jeff goes for a pin on him. Eventually, both Hardy’s take each other down with a double clothesline. EC3 and Matt battle before Jeff twist of fates Matt. EC3 tries to fly, but Jeff tries to stop him. EC3 powerslams Jeff off the top, and kicks Matt going into break. Back from break, EC3 is outside. Matt hits the side effect, and goes for a twist of fate. Instead, he’s in a yay/boo before Jeff twist of fates Matt. As he goes to end it, Young and Bram attack Jeff. Leading to a piledriver on the outside. EC3 attacks Matt, but is in a sleeper. EC3 gets out, clotheslines, and splashes. Rockstar Spud and Tyrus attack, but EC3 fends them both off. Matt low-blows. EC3 reverses into a 1%er. A random Bennett attack with a chair gets a kick out. Matt twist of fates. Only two. Now EC3 is thrown out by bennett, who assaults him outside. Matt looks to leave with the Championship. Matt berates fans as someone is giving a crotch chops. When Matt goes to leave, Drew uses his briefcase. Drew hits the claymore, and a future shock to win the Championship. He never heard the shot that took him down.


A good night of wrestling, where the Feast or Fired briefcase for the big strap finally yields a winner. However, it is after an overbooked match that seems to have put nothing into motion. Perhaps we are going to have a better setup next week. Until then, we keep getting paid for something.

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