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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Impact Review 7/28/2016

A new week in a new era of deletion.


A recap of last week’s action sees Matt Hardy battle Ethan Carter III. Matt starts by berating Jeff Hardy and demanding him to ensure Matt’s win. Jeff says Matt doesn’t need his help. Matt once again demands it. EC3 acts like Matt is nuts, and says Matt knew he’d come. EC3 then berates Matt while putting over Jeff, while telling the man who again is a slave not to get involved. An ad for AJ Styles: SmackDown Star. Both men tie-up before EC3 chops Matt. EC3 uses power early on, and downs him with a dropkick. EC3 begins moving slowly, as he seems injured. Matt targets the injured left leg with kicks and elbows. EC3 sends Matt outside and pursues, though his injury, and Reby grabbing the good leg, helps Matt regain. As Matt goes for a twist of fate, EC3 reverses, and surges as he’s now bleeding, possibly from bites by Matt, who hits a side effect that gets two. EC3 tries getting out for a TK3, but Matt reverses, and undoes EC3’s boot, and attempts biting. EC3 hits a TK3. Matt is given a hemmer by Reby, but a double clothesline sees both men scramble for it. EC3 uses the boot, and a 1%er to win. EC3 does not get a raw deal tonight.


Madison Rayne wants to know from Allie and her boss Maria what she gets if she defeats Gail Kim tonight. She’s told it depends on if she wins.


Jeff says if Matt’s going to punish him, to do so.  Matt speaks like a weirdo.


Gail battles Madison with fists and elbows before going for a quick pin attempt. Each one attempts a pin after that, leading to a boot to the head by Madison. Madison delivers a snap suplex, but Gail tries briefly before Madison hits an enziguri. Madison stays on Gail, and sets her up in the ropes for a baseball slide-clothesline. After a brief fight outside, both end up back in the ring. Madison goes for a pin, but Gail uses the bottom rope, enabling Gail to hit a quick eat defeat to end the match.


Mike Bennett praises Moose then asks why Dixie wants him to quit. We hear you man, if you leave, we can’t go back to riding with Borash. He still has vinyl seats.


Bram meets Rosemary, who in her flashback looks the same now as she did at 9. Well she lets Bram know about her lost cat, and her brother is a tree. The NyQuil was really strong when booking this. Bram seems worried by this. She then points to a barn, which may be our office soon.


Moose throws around independent wrestler David Starr. When Starr tries to get offense going, Moose proves too powerful, and gets a win using the game-breaker, a discus lariat. Afterwards, while going off about Moose, there is an interruption to Bennett by TNA World Heavyweight and X-Division Champion Bobby Lashley, who goes straight toward them both. Despite his best efforts, Bennett finds both Moose and Lashley bring their rage. After teasing the match, Bennett says he needs Moose to have his back. As both men leave, Lashley mocks Moose, and says everyone wants his belts, and he wants all of the others. No, not the Knockout Championship. DJZ wants to battle Lashley for his X-Division gold. Lashley says no one is able to do what he can do. Lashley says DJZ has any match he wants, so he picks a ladder match. Lashley says yes. Lashley’s in his gear quickly, and wins the initial feeling out with his power. Lashley uses shoulder thrusts, but DJZ’s speed gets him outside the ring, where he lures Lashley outside, and flies at him. DJZ launches himself off the table going into break. Back from break, Lashley throws DJZ as Josh Mathews forgets WrestleMania 22. Anyway, Lashley bashes DJZ’s fingers with the ladder, and punches away. Lashley bolts up the ladder, but DJZ kicks him off. Instead of going for it, DJZ flies onto Lashley. DJZ now goes for it, but Lashley lifts the ladder off the ground. DJZ low-blows Lashley before setting back up, and going for the gold. Lashley makes it up, and military presses DJZ off the ladder, grabs the X-Division Championship, and retains.


EC3 tells Drew Galloway may face him in the finals. Drew agrees, and says they will be looking to be Champion. They seem to be headed there, depending on if Russ… Mr. ossuR sends his report.


 Bram re-signed nine more times as we see more of Rosemary’s story about lost brutal love. We need the Ghostbusters, the good ones, to end this.


TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake calls Lashley some sort of Ninja Turtle, says he’s badassery, and gets fans interested in Pokemon. He says no one is brave enough to challenge him. This brings out James Storm. After exchanging words, they argue about championships and beer>water, Storm wants “One more match”. After being refused, Storm makes a mother joke that references potatoes like Roman Reigns wrote it, Drake seems to be asking Storm to put his career on the line. Knowing the “Massive” deal he signed earlier this year, he may be staying. After a brief brawl, Drake hits Blunt Force Trauma before calling him a dummy repeatedly.


Tyrus sells his protection as we see Grado asking him for help again. Mahabali Shera seems angry.


TNA World Tag Team Champions The Decay and BroMans start their bout early. Once in the ring Crazzy Steve uses a kendo stick and throws tacks as Abyss sets up a barbed-wire board nearby. Raquel has to watch as The Decay use a baking sheet, but Jesse Godderz sends most of Abyss into the tacks as Robbie E uses a trashcan on Steve. Jesse uses the baking-sheet to choke Steve before they attack Abyss with chairs. They then send him into the board. Next, Steve is sent into the tacks as Jesse then brutally locks in the Adonis lock. Before Abyss can chokeslam him, Jesse gets out, but is sent onto a table. Abyss introduces Janice, but Raquel neutralizes him with a low-blow. Being the one to now have Janice, Robbie tries hitting Steve, but is chokeslammed onto a piece of the board, leading to The Decay retaining. This feud may never die.


Drew battles Bennett in the main event. Before the match, Moose attacks Drew. Throwing him on the apron.  Once the match begins, Bennett goes for a pin, but Drew kicks out of several. Drew’s brief bursts are negated by Bennett using the injuries Drew suffered. Drew battles out of the corner with a boot, but Bennett uses one of his own. Drew again gets out of the corner with a suplex, and forearms before going to fly, but is in a cutter by Bennett that gets two. The match goes outside, where Bennett looks to throw Drew into the steel under the ring, but Drew reverses, and sends him into it. Once inside, Drew gets only two. Leading to a yay/boo that sees Drew punching Bennett before both men reverse several moves that sees referee Brian Hebner. After Drew hits a future shock, Moose attacks, leading to a sky high. Because the referee’s hurt, it only results in two. EC3 sends Moose into the steps, and accidentally hits Drew before being hit with a game-breaker. After hitting an MIP, Bennett goes to the finals next week.


Between the Hardys and Bram-Rosemary, the aping of Lucha Underground seems to be the new business model. If it works remains to be known.

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