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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Impact Review 7/21/2016

A new night. Same weirdness.


As Jeff Hardy is goaded to jump over the site of his leg injury be Matt Hardy, we ask is this is where our finances basically go.


TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley ready to go Commando about this whole Mike Bennett/Moose stuff. He says he destroys people, and wants to face him. Bennett says he brought Moose to beat Lashley up, and brings him out. Lashley tells Moose he just needs to walk over to fight. As Moose emerges to fight, he is attacked by TNA X-Division Champion Eddie Edwards. All four are fighting. Because of this, Dixie interrupts and says the main event will have no interference, or Bennett will lose his job. Even though it’s supposed to be Jeff facing Bennett, Matt interrupts, and shows the result of the jump. Jeff missed. Matt informs Jeff he will be winning the playoff. Guess what Jeff will do in August-Early September. Matt’s Drone now composes music, we can get rid of the guy that saw nothing in Taylor Swift.


The battle sees Bennett pick the injured Jeff apart, and use a cutter to end the match. Matt berates Jeff after the match. Matt is ready for his match against James Storm.  Last year’s psycho against this year’s psycho. Both men lock-up before Matt uses headbutts. Storm uses a surge to get Matt set-up for a superkick, but Matt rolls out. Storm rams into Matt’s groin with the Boozer Cruiser going into break. Back from break, and Matt is attacking Storm inside the ring, and sends him outside. Matt sets up the steps, and attempts a powerbomb before getting a BAAAAAAACK BODY DROP! Storm flies over to attack Matt. After Storm gets Matt into the ring, he hits a lungblower. As Storm prepares for a superkick, Reby uses a hammer to hit him in the leg. Matt uses a twist of fate to end the match.


A recap of the first segment brings us to Edwards talking about how tonight is a second-chance to become TNA Champion.


A package about Ethan Carter III presents his accomplishments and training as he looks to win the playoff.


That 70’s Show ad brings memories.


Bennett tries to explain he needs Moose to not get involved tonight.


EC3 explains how he felt empty about how his reigns ended, and he pland to become Champion again at Bound For Glory. Drew Galloway says unlike EC3, he was asked to wrestle here, he brings up main eventing every PPV since arriving. Don’t laugh. Drew highlights they may wrestle in the finals. Bringing EC3 to agree. They decide they want to fight now, but TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake interrupts. After running through his promo calling both men dummies, he says he will defeat EC3. Both EC3 and Drake grapple and exchange momentum. EC3 wins reversing Blunt Force Trauma.


Maria says to Allie to stop kissing her ass. No, this is not WOWEFA.


A Tyrus package.


Lashley says everyone should see he needs a ring and a referee.


Maria first hears from Allie, then Jade, Then Gail Kim, who gives her the idea of having to wrestle the division if she wants any shot at the TNA Knockout Championship. After Jade refuses, she brawls with Marti Belle. Madison Rayne turns.


Bram is getting in his gear as Rosemary says he’ll win. Seems like she may be turning, or in her case, staying the same.


Mahabali Shera attacked randomly be the Tribunal.


Drew and Bram starts trying to out-grapple each other. Drew tries for an early future shock, but Bram reverses. Drew manages to get Bram cornered, and take things outside. As both men brawl, Drew throws Bram into the steps. When Drew goes to fly, Bram jumps back up, and they brawl until Bram hits the mat, and Drew crotches on the rope. They get up in a yay/boo before Drew goes for a Northern Lights suplex, followed by a belly-to-belly. Drew looks to hit his Claymore, but Bram prevents it. Bram gets Drew into the corner, but is hit with a super future shock, leading to Drew winning.


Next week sees EC3 wrestle Matt, and Drew wrestle Bennett.


Drew tells Bennett to focus on keeping his job.


Lashley facing Edwards, who attacks before the match. Lashley however throws him at the structure. Once inside, Lashley brings his power onto Edwards, including a neckbreaker followed by a suplex attempt. Lashley bashes once again when Edwards uses his speed, including a powerbomb into the cage going into break. Back from break, Lashley has Edwards in a headlock, but it’s reversed. This finds brutality as Lashley bashed Edwards against the wall. After a suplex, Lashley tries for several pins that are not enough to put Edwards away. Edwards keeps fighting, but Lashley keeps powering his way ahead by punching Edwards and locking in a camel clutch-like hold. Edwards fights out of a torture rack, but is hit with a spinebuster. Lashley aims for a spear, but Edwards sends him into the cage. After a dropkick, Edwards tries again, but is his with a clothesline. Several moves see each man exchanging thee driver’s seat. Lashley, starting to bleed from his arm, pursues Edwards on top of the cage, but is hurricarana’ed. Edwards hits the Boston knee party, but only gets two. Lashley throws him out of desperation. After a press slam opens the door, Edwards has to get back inside in order to get a pin or submission, but he’s speared to the ground. Lashley gets him back inside, walks over, and grabs the TNA Championship belt. Edwards hits him with a second Boston knee party, but only two. Edwards goes up the cage, but Lashley sends him down with a superplex. He then hits the spear twice to win. After the match, Lashley tries to continue the assault, but EC3, Matt, Drew, Bennett, and Moose brawl like the 1997 intro to RAW.


First time back on Thursday was good. Hope the ratings stay good until the next sport season starts. Until next week.

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