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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well, You Asked WWE to Give Divas a Chance....

The Hall of Fame is all about PR anyway. That's why a pioneer such as Ray Stevens can get passed over in favor of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It makes perfect sense for a vapid reality TV star to replace Jerry Lawler as the MC when you look at it that way.

This is all you need to know about the Hall of Fame. In 2013, there was set to be six inductees, and the USA Network special was only going to show four of them: Bruno (inducted by Arnold), Trump (by Vince), Trish (by Stephanie), and Backlund (by Maria Menounos, who was famously booed out of the building). Foley and Booker's inductions were going to be outright omitted, because their inductors (Terry Funk and Stevie Ray) weren't celebrities or McMahons. The fans had to blow up social media with outrage to get Foley and Booker onto the TV version, essentially removing the company's head from its own ass for a few seconds.

In the social media/every-celebrity-tweet-is-a-news-story era, the TV special was going to be a vehicle for Vince and Stephanie to be seen with an action mega-star and a well-regarded TV hostess in order to boost WWE's Q rating, and put favorable spin on the company at large. Because fuck Foley and Booker, the Hall of Fame isn't about wrestling. It's about PR, and little else.

Let's see who gets booed more on Saturday: Eva Marie, or the crowd shots of Roman.

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