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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Impact Review 2/2/2016

Finally back. We’re Back. Now let's going so Bill Murray will get to go home were he belongs.
We see the men with briefcases, then the recap of Bobby Lashley regaining the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, then TNA World Tag Team Champions The Hardys arrive. First thing brings Broken Matt Hardy talking about the Seven Deities ordering them to get more gold. Matt talks about trying to get more Tag Team belts, and they must go to other teams. Then, “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy talks about making his challenge at Lashley to be Champion. Out next Is Lashley, who says he doesn’t think The Hardys are stupid, and he’s up for anything they throw at him. Jeff says he doesn’t want an excuse. Lashley then says he has no problem defending now. Finding that both Lashley, & The Hardys are not to be challenged for their belts now tonight. Lashley uses a suplex, and aims for a spear, but Jeff gets out of the way, and takes things his way. Sending the bout outside, and Lashley takes brutality pretty well as he is smashed against the side of the ring & the rail. Jeff then hits a twist of fate, but Lashley promptly recovers, and powerbombs Jeff on the steps. Lashley bashes Jeff’s head against the steps twice going into break. Back from break, finding that both wrestlers are back inside. But we want to say we have in the Brown Bag a DVD with two greats in James Storm and Braden Walker. Jeff battles back against Lashley, then both the twist of fate & Swanton bomb. This sees Lashley kick out of it. Jeff hits it again, but Lashley puts his leg on the rope. The fight again heads outside, where Jeff uses the steps to dropkick Lashley, followed by Jeff bringing himself back inside to fly, but misses Lashley, who goes under the ring. Once back inside, Lashley hits the spear & retains. After the match, Eddie Edwards makes his way out to congratulate Lashley, and invoke his rematch at a later date. Lashley personally does not like being mocked, and goes off verbally before saying Edwards has one match.
Eli Drake and Tyrus are not saying who it is they’re challenging. We should let them know behind the scenes employees are not eligible.
We see last week Rosemary propositioned Brandi Rhodes…, To join The Decay. She tries again, but no.
Aron Rex & Rockstar Spud driving around. This better win the Gooker.
Brooke returns in a bout with Sienna. Brooke dominates early on, and pursues Maria, who seems to be wearing ill-fitting pants. This leads to Sienna using her power to throw Brooke around in and out. A distraction allows Sienna to use her wrist tape to strangle a bit. Sienna tries the AK-47, but Brooke reverses, and uses a few moves before putting in an inverted STF-like move. She then turns it into the neckbreaker. Brooke tries to head up to, but is distracted by Maria. This leads to the silencer to end the match.
The DCC are vague about who they’re challenging. We’ll guess Bram is challenging us for all those police jokes. Again, we’re not eligible.
Rex bringing wrestling back to the 1940’s.
The DCC want to wrestle The Decay in a falls-count-anywhere match. Everyone brawls to start. As Storm throws Abyss into the steps, Both Bram & Eddie Kingston beat up Crazzy Steve, who avoids a table. Storm hits Abyss in the head with a trashcan before Abyss brings both he & Bram down. Steve kepps them that way when he jumps off the stage. Once back in the ring, Abyss uses thumbtacks, and Steve has the barbed wire board. Abyss strips Kingston of his shirts to try to send him through the tacks, but he gets out of it and goes to fly, but TNA Knockout Champion Rosemary mists him, and he is send in. Storm hits Abyss with a bottle, and last-calls, bringing him into the board. Steve tries to hit Bram, but Storm kicks him, then Bram piledrives him through a table, which sees Storm get the pin.
A lot of photos, one’s on Mondays.
Braxton Sutter is being blackmailed into marrying Laurel Van Ness. Mike Bennett promised to throw the bachelor party. We want in. Gonna be great to be there.
TNA Impact All Seeing Owl Grand Champion Drew Galloway talks about saving the division when Moose emerges to talk about Drew using underhanded tactics twice to win it. Moose wants to fight, but Drew says he had his match. Drew says he already has an opponent, and tells Moose to leave. Drew’s going to be wrestling someone named Rob Ryzin. Drew slaps & kicks before tossing him around while Josh plugs Rudy with the calm natural tone of having someone’s revolver pointed at him. Drew uses the future shock to end it 2 minutes into the 1st.
Lee wants to wrestle TNA X-Division Champion DJZ in a ladder match despite DJZ’s injury. DJZ is presented as enough of a veteran to send Lee outside, and use the ladder to strike. DJZ’s offense is not too bad, but his leg is bashed against the side. Lee goes up the ladder, but is sent down by DJZ. When Gregory Shane Helms distracts, Lee strikes and goes up again. DJZ stops him, but his leg is attacked and bashed with the ladder. Lee stomps on the leg and tries to smash it with the ladder. DJZ stops it, but his attempt to end it sees both wrestling on the ladder. When Lee is downed with a ZDT, he goes up, not seeing Lee is given a weapon. Lee bashes the leg with his chair. Using both the chair and ladder, brutality is unleashed by Lee, who then gets the belt.
Robbie E interrupts Rex now, Rex will wrestle him next week.
Drake will still not say who he’s facing.
Drake has an opponent. Tyrus announces it will be Ethan Carter III. EC3 shows his bruise, then the brawl starts between him and Drake, who attacks the bruise into break. Back from break, both brawl outside as EC3’s side is hit further by Drake, who grabs a baseball bat. He strikes the injured area before bringing him back inside. Stomping on EC3, Drake then further strikes until EC3 begins to come back into this. Drake stays on him until EC3 uses a jackknife pin to win. After the bout, Drake attacks with his bat. The lights go out, and the DCC attack EC3, Drake, then Tyrus.
This week feels like WCW’s time waiting for the buyers, but the buyers have happened.

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