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Sunday, April 26, 2015

You New Generation Brats Got Yer Goddamned King of the Ring Back

For reasons unknown to me, you, and possibly WWE braintrust, the King of the Ring tournament is making its way back as a Network exclusive this Tuesday night. Seems kinda weird to have to hold an actual KOTR tourney on such short notice, which leads to me to believe this is another one of Vince McMahon's wacky whims, such as Tout, hiring Duke Droese based on his 1993 PWI 500 ranking, and giving actual characters to women's wrestlers.

It also leads me to believe that they're putting the crown on someone they feel needs a gimmick, especially a wrestler that could look irrevocably stupid in a crown and cape (Sheamus in 2010, I'm looking at you even though I'm trying to not to). There are no real parameters set yet for the tournament, so it remains to be seen what information Raw provides. If it leads to Booker T reappropriating his kingly accent all throughout his announcing duties, the tournament will have been totally worth it.

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