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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Impact Review 11/17/2016

We have found that because of yet another stable war, everyone’s yelling Russo’s back. We already terminated him six times.
We see last week’s brutal DCC revelation and here is TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards, Edwards says he understands being the target, but that the DCC’s actions lack honor. This sees the DCC appear in a package, a new voice, but still masked. They yammer before appearing like Undertaker or Bray Wyatt. Here they still wear masks. Edwards wants to fight, but Eddie Kingston assaults him. Edwards fights back, but the other two run into the ring. TNA World Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy breaks it up.
We see the assault from just now, and Edwards an Jeff talk to Aiden O’Shea, who lets them in the supposed Billy Room.
Jesse Godderz faces TNA Grand Heavyweight Champion Aron Rex in non-title(Thank Lemmy) action.  Jesse Starts by brawling Rex into the corner. As Jesse bashes Rex around, he tries for the Adonis lock, leading to an eye poke. This sees Rex starting on offense with a knee drop and chinlock. Jesse reverses a suplex, but Rex cuts him off. After Jesse is sent outside, Rex sends him into the rail, then back inside with clubbing hits on the apron. He then uses the ring skirt itself to cover Jesse’s head and hit some more. After it’s back inside, Rex wears down Jesse a bit more before Jesse surges out of a chinlock. Jesse punches away, and uses an eye-rake. Once Jesse sends both men outside, he grinds the face against the steps. Jesse gets it back in the ring, and 10-punches away. As Jesse tries brawling, Rex dodges, targets the knee, and tries for a submission before being reversed into an Adonis lock for a submission.
Allie is told by Laurel Van Ness(A lot of California references), as Maria and Sienna use intimidation to try to stop Allie from helping Brandi Rhodes.
WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles. Boy that’s weird.
After A look at TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim getting beat up, she’s vacating. This puts no one over. “Tell me a lie”.

Sienna and Laurel face Brandi and her partner. After Allie’s sent to the back, it’s revealed to be Madison Rayne. Brandi chases Maria, and avoids Laurel. Madison tags in, and handles Laurel, ever holding her own with Sienna until Laurel grabs the handful of hair. Laurel tags in, and chokes Madison for a bit before tagging in Sienna. Laurel provides a hidden assist, as Sienna wears Madison down, she tags in Laurel, who continues to wear away at Madison before trying the curbstomp, but misses. Madison tags in Brandi, who runs around for a bit until Sienna boots in the chest. Brandi is undeterred, and goes for a pin until Laurel and Madison enter. Brandi reverses the AK47 into a flatliner known as Shot of Brandi, leading to Brandi winning.
TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy is slowly on his way back, but he’s not there yet.
Mike Bennett vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Trevor Lee vs. Ethan Carter III. Ethan starts by Attacking Lashley, but it becomes three-on-one until EC3’s outside. Everyone tries to pin everyone until Lashley brutalives them both. Lashley stars with the Bennett suplex, then sends Lee outside going into break. Back from break, Lee directs at assault by Bennett and himself. Bennett kicks EC3 in the head, but Lee tries a pin. Lashley is still outside, leading to Bennett attacking further. Both men in the improvised team are angry, leading to EC3 getting a few hits in. Lee targets Lashley while Bennett is with EC3. The team seems to end as EC3 beats up both men. Lashley tries getting in, but EC3 punches him. EC3 attempts a double 1%er, leading to everyone else hitting a finisher. Both Lee, then Bennett start another sequence like this, but Lashley dominates, leading to his spear, but Lee reverses to collision course. Eventually, a fast-paced brawl leads to Lee jumping on both EC3 and Lashley before Lee tries a pin. EC3 fights back, hits a TK3, and uses a sleeper hold to win.
Matt is shown footage of his behavior, including the great moments that make this the least deserving Gooker angle ever.
We see                 EC3’s win, and hear from Eli Drake, who’s angry at the win and demands EC3 return. EC3 allows Drake his time to speak, to which he mentions the times EC3 has not emerged TNA Champion. Drake now wants the shot on the line. Now the other man wants to have the shot. EC3 is surprised to hear this idea, and says no as well. This now leads to Drake offers the no TNA Championship match for a year. Again, not an interesting offer. EC3 wants as many wrestlers as possible. Even getting Drake’s laughtrack to agree. EC3 says he respects him, and because of that, he will only accept it if Drake agrees to a vow of silence for the last 6 weeks of the year. The match is on.
The Decay tell Jade here that Rosemary wants to speak to her. We’re sure this will end just fine.
Jade looks to speak to Rosemary near our office.
Basille Baracka vs. Mahabali Shera. Baracka starts with a brutal brawl that heads to the corner. Shera then gets out and attempts a brawl himself, but a crossbody  by Baracka puts him back on this. Baracka then lifts up Shera for a stomp, then tries another crossbody, but is caught in a powerslam. Shera again uses his power to keep sending him to the mat. Even Baracka trying to use tights goes nowhere. Shera uses a camel clutch to get a submission win. Great Tribunal push. Baron Dax then aids a Shield-ish assault. Al Snow is next out, feigning trying to get approval, but then sends them off.
The meeting Jade has with Rosemary has videos implying a lesbian angle, though they will wrestle to win the Knockout Championship. Oh, and a cage will be involved.
Next week has Team X-Gold, and EC3 vs. Drake.
DCC vs. Jeff and Edwards. Jeff has new music. Guessing he has his identity back to head to WWE. Both teams brawl before Jeff and Edwards take all three out on the outside. Though The DCC brutally use their numbers to divide Jeff and Edwards. Once back  inside, it’s Ring of Honor vs. Chikara going into break. Back from break, Kingston holds Edwards while Bram hits him. Jeff beats up James Storm outside. Bram sets up a chair in the corner while Kingston attacks Jeff. Before Bram can send Edwards into the chair, Edwards sends him outside, where Jeff and Storm brawl. Kingston tries a suplex into chairs. Edwards however sends him into the chairs. Jeff has Storm back in the ring, where he’s destroying him. Storm has a opening to hit the eye of the Storm, but Jeff kicks out. Edwards enziguri’s Storm, but Bram attacks, and hits the brighter side of suffering on the outside onto a table. Jeff hits the twist of fate on Storm, but trying it again is reversed into the last call to end the match.
Not a bad week, but depending on where the next payer is from, basically, it is tough.

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