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Monday, May 4, 2015

Erick Rowan to Turn Heel After Six Months of Kinda Existing

Photo Credit: WWE
To sum up the last year of Erick Rowan's WWE lifespan: was still a Wyatt henchman until being subtly freed, at which time he revealed he was a MENSA-level genius that won awards for winemaking (while still wearing his Duke Droese tribute coveralls). This was interesting for about two minutes, and then he resumed life inspiring more silence from the thousands than a Head of State's funeral.

Since the fans seem unaware of Rowan's status as a babyface of any sort, WWE had him working heel over the weekend, losing a match to Sami Zayn, and teaming with The Ascension in a six-man tag loss. Not that this will kick off any sort of fun fan movement like RowanMania or anything, but it's good to see that he may not an utter waste of height on account of company apathy.

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