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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Impact Review 9/22/2016

We see the major angles, this will be a great event Junior.
TNA Impact Grand action (Yay) as Drew Galloway starts against Eddie Edwards. Surprisingly even handed early on, Edwards takes the fight outside. Drew gets the match back inside, where Drew keeps trying to end the match, but Edwards ends the first by being unbeatable. In the second, Edwards begins with a brutal clothesline followed by a yay/boo. When it gets up to, Edwards gets Drew in a tree of woe, but Drew uses is strength to stop it. Drew tries for a Claymore, but is hit with a Boston knee party that sends him outside. Edwards uses a dive to end the second. The third begins with a quick brawl, but Drew remains dominant before locking in the Iron Maiden, which Edwards reverses, which Drew reverses to try a tombstone, which Edwards reverses out of. Another yay/boo of brutal chops until a quick series ends in Drew making a near fall with a future shock. This goes to judges after break. Back from break, Drew wins. Now we know who he’ll face in the finals. After this match, Drew says it doesn’t matter. After everything, down comes Ethan Carter III, who tries to calm Drew down, but Drew says he thinks Bobby Lashley will still be TNA World Heavyweight Champion (Assuming we make it that long). EC3 says he would beat Drew anywhere. Lashley brings himself out, but Mike Bennett sneak attacks. Moose emerges to make a save, but the heel team does well for themselves.
Allie is on the phone trying to get a tomato can as both Aron Rex and Eli Drake talk about their match next.
BFG is not far away. Stay with us.
Lashley tells Bennett there is no friendship. Not even a friendzone, damn.
Drake battles Rex in more Grand action. Drake starts by berating everyone, to which Rex briefly channels Sandow to bring up Drake in a bedtime tale than ends the Sandow promo. Drake starts by grappling Aron down, but Rex is able to get out several times. This leads to him using a flurry of offense before Drake escapes. Once back in the ring, Drake briefly dominates before Rex attempts a submission to end the first. Basically, Rex has the first. To begin the second, Rex’s submission attempts lead to Drake brawling and using the rope to choke Rex. After using a quick neckbreaker, Drake goes for a pin, but Rex uses the rope. After a near-fall by Rex, Drake uses a DDT, and attempts Blunt Force Trauma, but Rex has to be slammed. Drake takes too long to pin, and brawls to end the second. The third begins with Drake attacking the head before being hit with the discus elbow called the revelator to secure Rex the win.
Well now TNA World Tag Team Champions The Decay get a message from Senor Benjamin. This is not going to be normal, as it shouldn’t be.
A recap of Rex’s win has another match signed for BFG. And Rex tells Drew to expect a hospital.
We now have Cody Rhodes. No, he’s not going to be Red Reign.
The Decay promise to destroy The Hardys.  This leads to “Broken” Matt Hardy interrupting. Matt says he will delete their reign. This leads to “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy, who acts like he did before 2011. After lights go out, Abyss and Crazzy Steve are tied up, and Reby, now with gray hair attacks, but Rosemary runs. We are not sure if they know what the ending will be.
EC3 and Moose talk about beating the Lashley/Bennett team. Moose may get a shot at gold soon, unless Rhodes wants it.
TNA X-Division Champion DJZ defends against Trevor Lee. DJZ starts by brawling with Lee, but Lee is able to bring the Champion down. Lee sends DJZ into the turnbuckles, but once the fight is outside, DJZ dominates outside, and brings things back inside as he flies higher that a stoner pilot. DJZ uses a Frankensteiner, and a DJT to win. After this, Andrew Everett attacks until Edwards runs them off and asks for a microphone. Through his thick Boston accent, Edwards asks the Fighting-Champion for a shot on the go-home show next week. DJZ accepts it.
Allie again is berated by TNA Knockout Champion Maria. Boy we hope it will be her ending the reign.
A Tyrus based package. He’d still here.
Allie introduces this segment that starts with Sienna in the background and Maria yelling. After more of this yammering, we realize the most over person in Gail vs. Maria is Allie. The unnamed wrestler I sneak attacked, and this segment bores on until another person, a masked person acting like a ninja, appears. After this person out-wrestles Maria, she is revealed to be Gail. Sienna stops the assault, but is given eat defeat. Boy this is probably the lease offensive thing we’ve done.
Finding that BFG has one great match.
EC3/ Moose vs. Lashley/Bennett. As Lashley begins the match alone as Bennett avoids tagging in going into break. Back from break, Bennett hits a cutter on EC3. Lashley then tags in and targets the torso of EC3. After this, a tag in the match by Bennett sees him also bash the ribs until EC3 fights his way out of the corner. EC3 tags in Moose, who goes straight at Bennett. When Lashley tries to make the save, he gets kicked by Moose. Both large men brawl outside as EC3 gets the pin with a sunset flip. The brawls continue after the bout is over. As Lashley brawls with EC3, the X-Division try to break it up before Billy comes out and says next week sees both teams in Lethal Lockdown.
Decent build-up. Maybe next week helps.

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