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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Impact Review 10/13/2016

Funny to be sued by several people. Arnold may know this as the end of days.
We see Eddie Edwards winning the belt last week. We see him saying he does not believe he is TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and thanks everyone. He then says he was beaten twice before by Bobby Lashley, but he knew he would here, and adds he will have to be killed to get it. Sadly, that sounds like paytime. This brings out Lashley, who brawl with Edwards while choking him. Edwards gets offense in, but is speared. Great way to make the new top man look good. As Lashley basically demands to see referees, Moose and Ethan Carter III make the save.
Two stereotypical French guys talk to a fake Irish guy.
A recap of Lashley’s assault leads to Jeremy Borash talking to Billy and said Irish guy who is fast. Billy may be suing this place. Billy decided Lashley will have to defeat the winner of a match with two guys Billy hasn’t decided on yet.
TNA Grand Heavyweight Champion Aron Rex defends against Jesse Godderz, who’s leg is suspiciously taped. Jesse starts off strong, literally using his strength. Rex gets technical, but the surprising improvement of Jesse has him a few times. Basically winning the first. As the secobd begins, Jesse again shows maybe we shouldn’t be the usual assholes we are. He even uses the Adonis lock before Rex gets out. Jesse has made this type of match interesting.  Jesse wins the secong going into break. Slammiversary may be our penultimate PPV. Back from break, the third begins. Jesse again domintes by sending Rex outside. Jesse wants the match back in the ring. Now we see Rex again show his time as a face did nothing by attacking the injured leg and winning.
Lashley talked to Billy. This will be great later
The Hardys talk about their win. Jeff Hardy’s Jeff again. We feel happy.
Now Allie tells Maria her whole group is banned. This angers her. Hope Mike’s not angry to leave.
EC3 and Moose are interrupted by Lashley to tell them they’re both wrestling to wrestle him next week.
TNA World Tag Team Champions The Hardys are in the ring. Matt talks about Jeff’s journey. Matt mentions The Young Bucks and The New Day. Sadly he forgot Beauty and the Manbeast. Jeff sings they’ll fade away. Matt says the #1 Conteners will be revealed tonight. And like that, The Legionaires attack dressed like an adult film parody of The Shield(The stable, not the show. That would be weird).
Cody Rhodes and Mike Bennett talk about their match later tonight. A good feud, but Billy barely wrote anything.
Bennett has no music. Morale is fine. As the match begins, they do their feeling out for a bit. As they have an early stalemate, Bennett goes to the outside, but Cody flies at him. As they brawl, Bennett uses a DDT to gain an advantage. Once inside, there are boots by Bennett. This leads to Bennett using a chinlock. The offense by Cody is short-lived until ducking a clothesline. He then hits an Alabamaslam, and a beautiful disaster kick. After avoiding a moonsault by Cody, Bennett uses a pedigree. As long as he doesn’t bury anyone or use a bucklebomb. Well anyway, Cody uses a superplex, but is distracted by Maria. This leads to the yay/boo before Cody hits the crossroads to win.
Moose says he and EC3 may be friends, but the TNA Championship means a lot.
BFG was great, and may be the last.
TNA X-Division Champion DJZ defends against Marsche Rockett. May not have DJZ’s music either. Early on the match belongs to Rockett, but DJZ’s speed gets him back in it like that, at least until he’s sent outside. Once there, things are back in Rockett’s way, even chopping. When he tries for a superplex, he finds he has to dropkick instead. DJZ manages to get him outside, and jumps out at him. When DJZ tries the ZDT, he is blocked, but gets another shot, which he uses to win. Again no music.
Bennett thinks this place is out to get him. We tried warning him. Oh, he’s banned in his wife’s match too.
Maria throws a lot of weapons in the ring, but runs when Gail arrives. This however leads to Gail sending a cart with Maria in it, into the ringpost. Despite this, it’s back with Maria after use of a trashcan lid. She then uses the lid like a camper in a deathmatch, until as glitch sends Gail’s foot in her face. When Gail uses eat defeat, she breaks her own pin, and uses the lid for a second one to get a win.
EC3 says he will be winning, but is interrupted by Eli Drake. They’re feuding over a button.
A recap of Cody winning leads to talking about his match with Edwards soon. Edwards says despite his injury, he can’t wait to wrestle Cody.
The lame Payday-knockoff group has a video. Be ready for another group.
EC3 and Moose main event. Moose has a little bit in his direction, but EC3 moves quckly. Both reverse out of the other’s finishing move. They both chop away until EC3 uses a dropkick to Moose’s leg. Moose gets enough unter his feet to dropkick EC3. After briefly brawling outside, both men are back inside. EC3 uses a suplex, forcing Moose to gead back outside, where he sways things back his way for a moment before EC3 gets inside. Once there, neither man stays in the drivers seat for long. Including Moose using a pop-up powerbomb like he was Canadian. EC3 hits a splash, and tries for a 1%, but is hit with Go To Hell, then a gamebreaker to allow Moose advance to next week. After this win, Lashley emerges to stare him down to end the show.
Great show tonight, though management is getting a whole section in the DVD.

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