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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Network's Free, So You May as Well Watch Elimination Chamber

So May 31, the WWE will dust off the hard-to-courier Elimination Chamber for a Network-exclusive event in Corpus Christi, TX. I think we're past the point where a gimmick match is going to sell Network subscriptions, although it's been reported that classic content isn't highly viewed either. It really is up to the interesting nature of the current product to drive the numbers up, so maybe the Chamber is the right way to go. had this to say

The anticipated, must-see WWE Elimination Chamber event will emanate from Corpus Christi, Texas, where the WWE Tag Team Championships and the newly vacant Intercontinental Championship will be defended inside the infamous structure. Plus, U.S. Champion John Cena will compete and the WWE World Heavyweight Title will be defended, all live on WWE Network.

Good thing they didn't slip up and say that Cena would be defending the title, lest they be assumptuous that Rusev is easily going to give up this Sunday. Then again, with only two weeks between Payback and the Chamber, what do you suppose the odds are they extend Cena and Rusev into a fifth PPV?

Also, having every title match take place inside the Chamber seems like a waste of an already-diminished gimmick bout (by lack of blood and its forced annual status). I mean, how would a tag team title match work? Kidd and Kofi start out, five minutes elapse, and then you can tag Big E in? Just do War Games and get it over with, already.

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