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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Impact Review 9/23/2015

Once again we are going to broadcast until the end of the year, which means we either will see how far we are allowed to go before the network blows their top, or we just do as we normally do. Either way, Bound for Glory will be soon. Enjoy the show.

A recap of last week’s main event brings us to Dixie with the roster around the ring, She thanks the team that saved the promotion. Drew Galloway says wrestling is their passion, and that TNA is their platform. Drew adds that he is not a leader, everyone is equal. Dixie then announces the winning team faces off in a #1 contender match. @WheelerDeeler with the line of the week: “PLEASE TELL ME BRAM WINS… PLEASE” Dixie demands Eric Young come out. Young, hearing “You Sold Out”, is told he will be punished. He’s surprised to hear that after everything he’s done. He says he has an iron-clad contract. 2013 Big Show proves that’s not a good thing, as Dixie says he will first answer to the man who Young has taken the leg of, Chris Melendez. She makes the lumberjack match between them after the break.

Young starts by attacking Melendez from behind. He stays on him with punches and stomps. He then uses a back suplex. Despite brief offense early on, Melendez is sent into the corner. Melendez makes it out only to get sent back in. Once he gets out, he clotheslines Young and suplexes. Young uses the prosthetic leg off the head to gain the advantage. Young tries to superplex, but Melendez pushes him down, and dropkicks him to win. After Melendez is carried around, he puts the leg back on. At least that angle is over.

A video hypes the upcoming match between TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim vs. Jade. There is a reason we have them facing off. No, not that.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III reminds Jeff Hardy that if he wants to stay employed, he will hit Rockstar Spud if he’s ordered to.

A recap of Dixie’s statement about the #1 contender’s match leads to Bobby Lashley talking about being ready to fight last week. He says he’s going after the gold.

Gail vs. Jade is next up. At BFG, she faces Awesome Kong. Jade attacks Gail to start. Jade uses her leg to choke Gail in the corner. Gail briefly takes over, but a German Suplex puts Jade back in this. Jade uses an elbow to put Gail down, then chops her in the corner. Gail uses several quick moves to get back in this. Gail is able to use her figure-four on the ringpost. After action returns to the ring, Gail attempts eat defeat, but Jade reverses into a powerbomb. Gail however, is able to hit the move to retain. During the pin, Josh Mathews references the failed angle that is the #DivaRevolution after a match that was nothing special. This leads to the Dollhouse attacking before being run off by the Beautiful People. This then leads to Kong staring Gail down.

Spud says that Jeff wants to get paid, but Spud wants to be Champion more. Someone still wants to be TNA Champion.

TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno vs. Ring of Honor’s Kenny King. Tigre Uno tries to lock-up, but King is too powerful. Tigre Uno uses his agility to get serious offense in, but King uses the strength to beat down Tigre Uno. Tigre Uno is able to swing things his way with a crossbody. He then uses a head-scissor to keep the driver’s seat. King however, is able to use an exploder suplex to get back in this match. Tigre Uno uses a DDT to create the moment he needs by springboard frog splashing King to win.

A video of Jeff as EC3’s assistant and Spud making his own challenge. This brings us to EC3 vs. Spud. EC3 pretends like he’ll shake Spud’s hand, but he roughs up his hair. Spud goes after EC3. Sending him arounds all of the corners punching him. Spud stops, which allows EC3 to clothesline Spud, then mounted punch him. EC3 goes to pick up Spud, but Spud jawbreakers him. Spud runs into EC3 several times before sending him outside. Spud flies out after EC3, then brings him back inside. Spud uses a flying forearm off the top. Spud goes for an underdog, but EC3 reverses into a powerbomb for only two. EC3 believes it to be over, and goes for a 1%er. Spud however, bites EC3 before hitting two enziguris. Spud goes for another underdog, but EC3 reverses to try a TKO. Spud gets out, but is still hit with a 1%er to win. EC3 orders Tyrus to heart punch Spud. EC3 orders Jeff to end his career with a twist of fate. Jeff is likely confused as to why that will end him, but begins getting ready to do it. Jeff yells no. EC3 orders Tyrus to attack Jeff, but Matt Hardy runs in. Tyrus grabs Matt, and EC3 orders Jeff to hit Matt. Matt low-blows Tyrus, and Jeff hits EC3.

After the recap, EC3 says he’ll fire Jeff.

James Storm talks about how he’s lost faith in people, mainly those that failed him in his fight with Mahabali Shera. This leads to Abyss turning face at the most random moment. Storm says Abyss is worthless. Abyss goes over how he’s been here from day 1. Awesome there Prince Justice. Abyss says he made himself, and that he is going to do what he wants. He then leaves the group. Storm orders Abyss to return to the ring, but Abyss leaves. Manik next turns when he refuses to say Khoya’s “governmet name”. Again, Manik says Storm didn’t make either of them before he removes his own mask. After he too leaves, Shera then walks out to tell Storm that he will fight him right now. Storm initially says yes before telling our next overpushed guy sorry about his damn luck.

Drew meets with TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves. Basically, they all say they are great wrestlers, and hope to find out who the better wrestler is. We’re surprised Davey Richards remembered his promo after the last few weeks.

Matt tells Jeff he’s sorry about all of this, Jeff’s not worried. There’s a good chance he wasn’t getting paid anyway.

Bram vs. Davey vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Drew vs. Lashley. Everyone starts brawling. Drew and Bram exchange punches before Drew’s sent outside. After Lashley and Bram brawl, Davey and Eddie try to stop him. We really shouldn’t have made Bram look really strong. The Wolves finally get Bram alone and beat him up for a bit before they finally they beat Bram down enough to eliminate him. Thankfully he did not eliminate anyone. We see the remaining four ready to fight before going into break. Back from break, Drew and Eddies are brawling outside while Lashley dominates Davey. Despite Eddie and Drew kicking Lashley, Lashley still delays his suplex. Lashley waits too long before Eddie saves Davey. The Wolves get the other two men down and put them in dueling submission moves. After breaking the holds, The Wolves decide to chop each other. After a thrilling sequence, Lashley spears Davey, and Drew future shocks Eddie to eliminate them. Down to Drew and Lashley. Drew brings the fight early, but Lashley’s power gets him in position to dominate in the corner. Lashley uses a suplex to get only two. Lashley then uses a chinlock on Drew. Once Drew gets to his feet, Lashley breaks the hold to keep using his arsenal of power. Lashley then sends Drew to Suplex City before Drew gets out of the way of a spear before dropkicking Lashley, and getting the win. Both men shake hands.

EC3 goes over different social media ways to talk about what he’ll do. As long as it’s not Chat Roulette.

Drew puts over his opponents before talking about becoming Champion.

EC3 says he will give Jeff one last chance. After Jeff gets in the ring, he asks why EC3 won’t fire him now given they both inspire. EC3 holds over him the financial issues before telling Jeff he’ll have to kiss the gold like it’s a ring. Jeff says he quits. This angers EC3 enough to tell fans stop yelling for Jeff given he doesn’t work here anymore.

This week had a less offensive episode than usual. We really couldn’t edit Bram out, but at least Davey and Eddie sent him out right. In any instance, we look to next week, on the dirt road to BFG. Have a good week.

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