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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Impact Review 9/30/2015

We have a PPV on Sunday. Anyone else find out today? Well, this is the go-home show before then. Will the show generate interest, or will tonight be just another slide to WWE’s video library? Let’s find out.

A recap of Drew Galloway becoming #1 contender leads to TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III talking about getting rid of Jeff Hardy, and how Dixie supports Drew. He demands she walk down to explain her decision. This brings her down. She says EC3 has been a great Champion as a wrestler, but not as a person. That Drew gets talked about because he saved TNA, and that EC3 didn’t even care. She asks how he sleeps at night, to which he says he sleeps pretty well, and that Drew can’t beat him. This brings Drew down. After Drew stares down EC3 and Tyrus, he tells EC3 to shut up. He says everyone hates EC3 because he’s arrogant, and he turned his back on the promotion. Drew yells about loving the promotion, and that he will tear EC3 apart. EC3 tells Drew about all the men he beat, and that Drew will be facing an undefeated Champion. Drew says he may not be a savior, but he will be Champion.

James Storm then blathers on like a Bray Wyatt impression minus the WrestleMania match that was ignored to put over Taker vs. Lesnar 2.

EC3 tells Dixie he will end Drew’s career, and hopes of being Champion. Not even Taryn Terrell could do that.

A video of Mahabali Shera turning face on Storm leads us to Storm vs. Shera no DQ. Storm attacks Shera on the ramp, but Shera brings Storm into the ring. A low-blow helps Storm get Shera down for a series of punches. Shera is able to battle out, and use a fall away slam on Storm. Storm regains momentum with a lungblower before getting two chairs. Storm then gets Shera ready for a superplex, but Shera punches away. Storm has to pull him down onto the chairs. When Storm goes for a table, Shera battles out, Leading to Storm getting a beer. Smart man. When Shera moves out of the way of the sprayed beer, Referee Earl Hebner gets hit. He cannot count, this leads to Storm using an eye of the Storm, but only gets two. Storm breaks the bottle in order to stab like he was New Jack. Abyss and Manik emerge. After acting like they are with Storm, they attack him. This helps Shera to win with a sky high.

TNA King of the Mountain Champion Bobby Roode says he takes pride in being Champion. He thinks we’ll pay him extra to say that.

Dixie says since EC3 is confident in his chances, if he or Tyrus lose tonight in their tag team match against Drew and Matt Hardy, Matt will be added to the main event at BFG. There will be a surprise no matter what.

Roode is out next to talk about being KOTM Champion, and being asked what it means. He says it means professional wrestling, and everything it stands for. He says he’ll show respect by defending it at BFG in an open challenge. Bobby Lashley then accepts the match early. Lashley says he has respect for Roode. He adds he came to TNA to face the best, adding Roode is one of them, and that he wants to win Championships. Lashley asks for “ONE! MORE! MATCH”! Which Roode accepts.

Taryn Terrell tells The Dollhouse to kill The Beautiful People. If firing Russo didn’t do that, you guys have no shot.

DJZ vs. Ravishing Tommaso Ciampa vs. Trevor Lee. After a brief brawl with all three, DJZ gets Lee down inside the ring, but Ciampa pulls him out and brings him down. Lee flies out at Ciampa, who ran from Full Sail. Both Ciampa and Lee battle until DJZ takes them both on. When Lee throws DJZ out, Lee goes for a German suplex, but only gets two. Another big cluster then leads to Lee pinning DJZ. Ciampa’s 0-2 tonight.

Madison Rayne channels Jerry Seinfeld when she breaks down The Dollhouse. Angelina Love talks about uniting against a common enemy. And Stone Cold Velvet Sky talks about the time she and Gail Kim broke Taryn’s hand and had their way with fallen Taryn. We may have made that last one up.

Boy Destination America even has Bigfoot in ads.

Brooke talks about representing women in wrestling. At least she improved compared to a certain twin.

EC3 calls Matt a weed that keeps popping up. He says Matt will not be in the main event BFG, and that Drew will lose at BFG as well. EC3 says the wrinkle as Dixie calls her surprise won’t matter.

The Dollhouse vs. The Beautiful people starts as a brawl outside. Once inside, Velvet throws Marti Bell around the ring. Velvet tags in Madison, who gets two on Marti. After a quick move, Marti tags in Jade. Madison proceeds to chop away, then kicks. After working over Jade some more, Velvet tags in. Velvet gets distracted by Jade and Rebel, enabling Jade to kick away. They team assault while referee Brian Stifler is distracted. After a double clothesline, Velvet tags in Madison while Jade tags in Marti. Madison quickly attacks, and rolls out of the way to cause Marti to hit Rebel. Velvet and Jade brawl outside while Rebel uses powder to help Marti get the pin.

Eric Young wants to fight someone, anyone. This Sunday, he should face Orange is the New Bram.

TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim talks about how she and Awesome Kong have defined the division, and she will be winning at BFG.

Young comes out saying he only lost last week because he was assaulted by others. Robbie E tries to shut him up, but is assaulted. Chris Melendez is next. Young back suplexes him and goes for a chair. When Melendez gets the chair, Young rolls away. Mr. Anderson then brings himself out to tell Young everyone wants to beat Young up. After they brawl, Young eats all three finishers from all three faces.

After a recap of Drew becoming #1 contender, we get Drew and Matt talking about how Both want to be Champion, but they are ready for Sunday.

A recap of Young getting destroyed results in him yelling at Dixie. She tell both Young and fans he will at BFG face Kurt Angle.

EC3 and Tyrus vs. Matt and Drew main event the show. After Drew and EC3 stare a hole through each other, Tyrus tags in. Tyrus uses his power to counteract Drew’s punches, but after Matt tags in, they both assault him. Matt punches away until Tyrus gets a quick hit in. Tyrus wears Matt down before tagging in EC3. EC3 is not able to be on offense until Tyrus hits from behind. EC3 gets two before tagging in Tyrus. Tyrus uses a nerve hold to keep Matt on the mat as we hear several wrestlers will be in a #1 contender match at BFG. Tyrus slugs away in the corner before EC3 chokes Matt on the rope. EC3 uses the rope some more before break. Back from break, and Tyrus brings Matt back to the ground before EC3 tags in. EC3 is on offense before getting hit with a side effect. Drew tags in and hammers away. Drew then goes off the top before EC3 uses a jawbreaker and tags in Tyrus. Drew doesn’t know and tries to pin. Tyrus goes on the attack. But Matt evens things up. After a twist of fate by Matt, and a dropkick by Drew, Drew gets the pin to help Matt be in the match. Dixie then walks out and says the main event will be fair. She says that Jeff will be the guest referee. All these odds, you’d swear Drew and Matt aren’t the faces.

So ends another week of Impact. We are not even sure if there will be anything taped for next week, but we’ll be there if there is any. See you next week if there is going to be any show.

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