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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly RAW 10/12/2015

We have decided that if RAW is going to be painful to watch, that we go over the good, the bad, and the ugly of the show. It at least gives us something to do while going off to wait for whoever is winning the World Title Series to announce their leaving next week.

The Good

Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose vs. The New Day
What had been a paint-by-numbers segment from both Orton and Ambrose turned into something great once their opponents emerged. The New Day have become guys that at times make you actually root for whoever they face. Even Xavier Woods getting booed in the set-up to his cheap heat, only to basically say he wasn’t finished, made you see these guys are the fans love to hate. As for the match, it was as one would expect. The faces are showing signs of dissent before their big tag team match in a few weeks.

Roman Reigns’ Recovery
While he stumbled a bit early in in his pre-match promo, he did start to find his rhythm half-way through. The only real problem we had was Reigns turning Bray Wyatt’s “anyone but you” stuff in on him. It makes the whole angle feel like the episode of Small Wonder that was written just to hear “you couldn’t leave Godinov alone”. As for the match with Braun Strowman, it made both men look strong without being a self-parody.

The Bad

Mangling Kayfabe
Allow us to say we think it’s a good idea to acknowledge Rusev and Lana are now engaged. What is bad is that we haven’t seen that much yet about when in kayfabe Rusev realized he misses his dead fish, and when Lana realized Ziggler was too much of a dog for her. This is somewhat forgivable, as WWE has a week to completely screw everything up and not explain that true love waits for nothing.

John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler
The match itself wasn’t bad from a technical standpoint, it’s problem lay in how much punishment Cena took. He was victim to both heel tactics like an eye rake, as well Ziggler hitting his finishing move. In both cases, Cena kicked out. Meanwhile, one AA was all it took to win. We get Cena can be a victim of the booking, but you don’t get to be flagbearer for a decade, only to have as much juice as Zack Ryder

The Ugly

All Things Nikki Bella
From one problem to his girlfriend. First WWE shows fans the big match Sasha Banks had at TakeOver, only to spend her time outside of the ring on RAW. Next, during Nikki’s match against Naomi, they put over reign. A reign that was the union of backstage politics and spite. Finally, the fact that the reigning Diva Champion, Charlotte, was fallen by Nikki’s attempt at a bull hammer, then a standard dropkick from Brie, you begin to wonder what the rating would be if this show went up against Nitro. The pathetic treatment of this Champion is part of a pattern we will find in the next entry.

The Seth Rollins vs. Kane Angle
Where do we begin. As great as Kane was in his delivery, it’s the fact multiple segments were devoted to Kane on the phone, with one of them being a bad version of Who’s on First. After it took Triple-H a half hour to realize Kane made a lumberjack match with himself and Rollins, we get the spoiler of what happens if Kane doesn’t win on PPV. Triple-H bans Kane from wrestling, forgetting he only banned the suit-wearing Kane instead of the masked Kane. If this wasn’t bad enough, AGAIN Rollins is painted as a paper champion with no hope of winning, as he was chokeslammed and pinned by the #1 contender. It doesn’t matter if he retains or not, he’s become the worst booked WWE World Heavyweight Champion in recent memory.

Those were the six things we took away from RAW. We may decide to do this again next week. Hope you enjoyed this.

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