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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Impact Review 11/4/2015

We are back with another edition of the only wrestling show banned by the Geneva Convention. We again go with random matches from before Taker was the 1 that beat the 1 to bring you a possible TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

A recap of last week’s matches brings us the two matches of tonight worth seeing: TNA World Tag Team Champions Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards face off, and TNA Legendary Global Television King Champion Bobby Roode faces Eric Young

Madison Rayne starts off against Brooke. We hear from Madison first before the match. she does the whole #DivaRevolution thing by saying most of the same things WWE pounded into the ground. They start the match by locking up. We then see a quick feeling out before Brooke starts selling her hand. The old us would make a joke about this, but we’re not going to go there. Brooke’s offense is brief during most of the early part given her hand. Though she is able to go off the top with an elbow. Though Madison is able to battle back, and use a Ram-Paige to get 3 points.

Young starts yelling about everyone trying to stop him, and he’ll make sure Roode doesn’t make it tonight. Sounds like Nowinski’s ready to be calling him.

We next get a video about Roode vs. Young. We notice Samoa Joe and MVP are still in the video. They are sure to be back.

Rockstar Spud vs. Bram. Bram starts by pushing Spud like they were dating. Spud responds with a few punches of his own. Each hit does only some damage to Bram. Though he finally gets him into the corner. Bram grabbing Spud by the throat is funnier than it has any right to be. Perhaps we give him a chokeslam as his new finishing move. Spud tries using his agility, but Bram keeps assaulting him. Bram keeps stomping away, but Spud starts to battle out. Spud goes for the underdog, but Bram gets out and kicks Spud in the stomach. After Bram hits finishing move, he gets 3 points and bail.

Roode says he’s still angry Young attacked him in January, and hopes o end the year with two Championships.

A preview or Jeff Hardy’s interview presents the feel-good moment of the first Sunday of October.

Manik vs. Mandrews is next. They lock-up before staring at each other like it’s a mirror. We take a break from action to tell you to follow Dixie. She doesn’t know how to block you, so go at it like a dog on bacon. Back to action, and these two are really flipping around. Despite the great match, it’s being sold like they don’t know what they’re doing. We imagine that phrase is best used about management. Both men have a sequence where they reverse everything the other guy does. Again, they’re not sold as doing well. Manik hits a Go 2 Sleep-like move to go up to 6 points.

The Wolves talk briefly about how they are friends, but know how important this is. Scary thought that two guys are able to speak nicely bout each other.

Young starts rambling about waiting for Roode. Seems drunk.

Jeff talks about his injury against TNA Ghost James Storm and his revenge. Seems Jeff has these problems before we travel. He also talks about making several dirt bike jumps before we see his submission to Tosh.0.

The Wolves walk for their big match together. Both men then shake hands before their match. Guessing they’ll remain a pack after this hunt. They feel out the other man for a bit before a mirrored knucklelock. A nice pin into submission hold by both men before they both go to kick to take this into break. Back from break, neither man has gained ground in this match. An accidental mention of their ROH name. Eddie starts to pick up the pace as he dominates Davey. 5:00 minutes remaining sees Davey getting chinlocked. Davey is able to battle into this following a superplex. Both men yay boo, or yay and yay here. Eddie uses a back suplex-like move to get two. 2:00 left, and Eddie has Davey ready for a backpack stunner, but Davey gets out. As they battle with seconds left. Davey clotheslines for a draw. The match to beat tonight.

The Wolves talk about how they respect each other, and the fans.

Jeff is now back to talk about how difficult it was seeing Matt Hardy having to vacate after Jeff played Evel Kenievel, and as bad as it was, it was made better seeing Matt going for the top prize. Jeff then talks about the whole thing with Ethan Carter III. He says he didn’t have to wear an EC3 thong Ok… Well he says it was great seeing Matt win the gold at Bound for Glory. A reign that would be a long one.

Roode looks for Young like he’s his dog. Young then says he already has won. He psyched Roode out. So he stood around drinking. He’s not us.

Mahabali Shera vs. TNA Ghost Kenny King. King talks about how he’s going to handle things tonight. Shera backs King into the corner before using power to push him back. Shera battles along as fans root for King. Dixie still thinks she backed the right horse. We hear about how Shera was in India recently. We need him to get those fans to be thinking we’re on the up. The fight goes outside as King uses agility and power to bring things his way. King uses a kick to the back of the head. Shera is able to recover from being essentially Danza Slapped, and sky highs King to go to 6 points.

Recapping key matches from earlier before hearing Matt faces Eddie, Gail faces Madisin, and the technically eliminated Mr. Anderson faces EC3 next week.

A video of the Roode vs. Young feud brings the main event up. As the match starts, Roode avoids Young’s strike, and sends him outside. Young needs to rake the eye like he was Haku on a bar crawl. Young then chokes and chinlocks Roode. Despite this, Roode kicks out. An angered Young gets Enzuguri’ed and sells it like he’s having a stroke. After briefly dominating, Young now facing a renewed challenge. Young pulls referee Earl Hebner in the way to stop Roode. Young then hits a piledriver to get 3 points.

Well that was a fun week. Two great matches, and a lot of material. We hope to be drunk and ready next week.

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