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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Impact Review 6/28/2016

The bout with three guys who can pass Wellness… Maybe. Will TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley, Drew Galloway, or Ethan Carter III walk away as the man? We find out tonight, 18 years after The Undertaker and Mick Foley almost ended each other.


EC3, Lashley, and Drew walking leads to a recap of the tag team win and angle last week, Jeff Hardy’s win, and Dixie’s feuding the bald Billy over a raw deal.


TNA X-Division Champion Mike Bennet makes it clear he intends on using Option C to become Heavyweight Champion. This brings out Lashley, who then belittles Bennett’s name, and his size. He says he’ll beat him like he will EC3, but forgets Drew. This leads next to Bennett saying he doesn’t care if the three men destroy themselves, he will be the next Champion. EC3 is out to say he takes back the Championship. Lashley says that EC3 may be entertaining, Lashley is tougher. Bennett again says he will use his belt to face the winner. EC3 says Bennett doesn’t deserve it, and calls him a piece of s---. Billy then emerges to play a heel and say he thinks Bennett deserves it. EC3 then proposes a multi-man man match tonight. Bennett however argues against it. Billy makes the “Battle Royale”. Not sure we have the insurance, then a brawl between all four men leads to Drew Galloway running down as well, and accidentally hits EC3 with a Claymore.



Buy some of Jeff’s art. Or don’t.


A recap of just now leads to EC3 and Drew arguing.


Before TNA Knockout Champion Sienna, who looks like a chicken with all those feathers, defends against Gail Kim, Allie says Sienna will retire Gail. The match begins when with both wrestlers exchanging holds. Gail uses a headscissors that Rebel will study. Gail’s speed and crucifix are countered by Sienna with a Samoan Drop. Sienna argues with referee Earl Hebner while Allie attacks. This leads to Sienna using a chinlock. Gail reverses when it goes to the corner. Leading to both down. The overbooking sees Jade try to piledrive Allie, Marti Bell attack, Allie try to interfere only to get hit by Gail, and Sienna use the silencer to win.


A recap of Jeff’s win sees Matt and family. Matt uses an even more ridiculous accent to say this is not over. If this does not win the Gooker, it will be a shame.


Drew and Bennett exchange words about who is going to be Champion. This seems like it will be a great feud soon.


TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake hosts Fact of Life, where after trolling, he talks about eating dinner with his dad, and mashed potatoes. He then introduces James Storm. After mocking Storm, Drake then talks about himself for a bit before Storm saying the fans say Drake sucks. Drake presses his Dummy button a lot. Storm then make a drinking game with the button. Drake notices the fans boo water. This leads to Drake saying he’s the greatest host, and King of the Mountain Champion. Asking about Storm’s belt leads us to remember we have his beer drinking Championship. Drake spams the button a bit. Storm threatens to arrack Drake if he presses the button one more time. Drake ends the show, and starts throwing beer. Bastard. Storm, after the button is pressed, kicks him.


Jeff says he may not have answers for Matt, but he hopes to in the ring.



After a possible Tyrus vignette, we see Bram’s beating last week. This leads to Rosemary trying to get the man with the most multi-year contracts to join her. Trust us. Bad idea.


Matt acts drunk… Er than normal. Matt says he’s the reason the Hardys were successful as he’s wheeled around the outside of the ring. He talks about the areas where Jeff broke him. This leads to Jeff walking out to confront him. Matt is likely faking. The injury, not the drunkenness. Jeff wants this to end. Trust us, we all do. Jeff asks what Matt needs. Matt needs what Christian needed in 2011. Matt then wants the stipulation that the winner gets the rights to the name T, we mead Hardy. Jeff alludes to Daniel Bryan before we see a Donald Trump supporter. No, not Lashley. After this is the attack by Matt. After bashing with chairshots, Matt uses a twist of fate. Matt says the match is next week, in Matt’s home. Get the nightstands ready.


Bennett’s out to see who is winning the #1 Contender battle royal. Jeff’s stuff again. Tyrus again. Eddie Edwards, The Helms Dynasty, Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, and DJZ. Edwards eliminates Spud. After a brawl, Trevor Lee next eliminates someone we aren’t sure who. DJZ is next to fall to the team. Sutter whoops away as Bennett goes off the headset, enabling Lee to eliminate Edwards. Sutter is teamed against, but eliminates the team. Sutter gets assaulted by Lee, Andrew Everett, and Helms right before Bennett gets in to wrestle. He tells referee Brian Hebner that the match is now. After demanding the bell is rung, he waits a while, almost getting pinned with a roll-up. The match ends with a Miracle in progress.


Grado tells Mahabali Shera he has a partner to battle Al Snow and The Tribunal.


Grado goes to introduce their partner, who he calls a fixer. After he is attacked, we see it is Tyrus. After Tyrus sends The Tribunal outside, he pursues Snow. Shera throws Basille Baraka before tagging in Grado. Baron Dax tags in, but Grado handles him for a bit. Dax gets a few moves before tagging in Snow, who suplexes Grado, and tags in Baraka. After a few quick tags, Tyrus is in and suplexing away. After destroying Snow, Tyrus pins Baraka.


A recap of Sutter being attacked leads to hearing Bennett talking about his win, and hinting at him losing. We also get the announcement about the Hardys’ match.


Lashley vs. EC3 vs. Drew is the main event. EC3 and Drew seem ready to destroy each other, but decide for not to attack Lashley. Both men take turns stomping before they argue. EC3 and Drew then get back to attacking until EC3 goes for a pin. After Drew breaks it up, Lashley they kicks EC3 for a bit before offering his hand to Drew, who responds with a headbutt. Drew then proceeds to chop before going for a shoulder tackle. Lashley moves out of the way, sending Drew out for a while, and Lashley gets EC3 into a fall away slam. Drew returns and assists with a German suplex. Lashley then powerslams Drew, but only gets two. EC3 helps Drew send Lashley outside, then Drew jumps out after Lashley. EC3 then goes off the top on Lashley when Lashley is recovering. Drew wants EC3 in the ring. Both men exchange punches, then chops. EC3 and Drew aren’t able to put any major damage, but eventually, EC3 goes for a 1%er, but Drew reverses into a future shock. Lashley makes the save, suplexes EC3, and sets up for a spear. EC3 reverses and goes for a 1%er, but Drew Claymores EC3. Lashley spears Drew, then EC3 to get the win.


Another night of action. Only major problem is the booking seems to lack that special something. Hence why it is we drink. Until next time.

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