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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Impact Review 6/21/2016

Well after the push of Roman Reigns takes a month off, you may be ready to watch Impact.


Putting over the match between Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy in a cage leads to Drew Galloway demanding to talk to Ethan Carter III after last week. EC3 says he had no intention of costing him the match, and apologize. s. Drew says he wants to fight EC3 because he intended to cost him the match. EC3 says Drew was overworked during his reign, and should not have wrestled. Both men argue about defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Drew says EC3 got to where he is because of connections. EC3 decides it’s go time. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley gloats about how they are arguing like children. Lashley says he talked to management about a tag tram match playas. If EC3 and Drew win, they get a shot, but if they lose, TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake gets a shot. Drake emerges to gloat about defeating Drew and EC3, then defeating Lashley. The match starts with EC3 and Lashley fighting with destruction on their minds. Though after Drew and Drake tag in, Drake gets separated and teamed against. Lashley’s distraction helps Drake take over against EC3, and make frequent tags between them. As both Drake and Lashley brutalize EC3, Lashley also knocks Drew off the apron to help keep EC3 away from salvation. After both EC3 and Lashley knock each other down, Lashley recovers quickly, but EC3 recovers desperately. Drew gets the tag in, and cleans up. Drew attempts to hit a claymore, but Lashley uses the ribs to his advantage. After EC3 hits Drake with a 1%er, he’s pushes into a spear, but pins Drake to win.


TNA World Tag Team Champions The Decay ask Rosemary who she talked to. We image it’s someone who’s re-signed.


A replay of Drew’s win leads to Drew smiling, until Lashley says he decides who gets the shot first, but Drew challenges him to a fight whenever. Lashley reminds Drew he can beat him anytime as he leaves.


The Decay are in the ring. Rosemary talks about how she wants to offer Bram something. Is it a multi-year deal is anyone’s guess. Rosemary tells The Decay to trust her. Bram is confused about the whole deal. She says she knows many have tried to fix him. The police reports prove it. He says he doesn’t need help. After she says that isn’t the answer she wanted, The Decay assaults him.


EC3 tells Lashley he’s coming for him. Lashley says he’ll decide tonight who gets the shot next week. He’s giving them a Raw Deal.


Jade battles Marti Bell. Both women start by brawling. Marti runs to the outside, but it’s no escape. Marti gets Jade down when she rolls out of the way of an elbow flurry. Though before she is able to do much, Jade gets Marti on the steps, and almost uses the nightstick Marti has. Once the action returns to the ring, Jade uses several suplexes Marti several times. Marti sees an opportunity be avoiding the piledriver, running Jade into the buckle, then hits a bicycle kick. Using slaps and kicks, Marti then sends Jade outside. After they brawl, Jade sends Marti into the apron, and mashes her face into it. Jade goes to fly, but Marti uses the nightstick to get the pin.


Mike Bennett and Maria tell Dixie to be in the ring next. Remind us not to anger him.


Dixie tells Lashley that next week is a triple threat. Lashley takes this in stride.


The Bennetts are next. Bennett says no one understands love. We do, it’s a s---ty NetFlix show. Anyway, Bennett says Dixie assaulted Maria, who says she doesn’t know why Dixie slapped her. This brings out Dixie and Billy. Dixie refuses to apologize, which angers Maria. Dixie’s apology is refused, and Maria wants Dixie to step down. Billy seems to agree with them. That’s right. Billy Corgan. Is a heel. In a wrestling promotion. We hope NXT is hiring. After Dixie reluctantly takes a week off, Bennett is angry that he lost to EC3 at Slammiversary, but wants a shot at the TNA Championship. Because Destination X is soon, he wants a shot at the TNA X-Division Championship. Billy looks weird as he says the match with TNA X-Division Champion Eddie Edwards will happen now. Edwards starts by using his agility to wear Bennett for a bit. Though the power of Bennett helps briefly. The fans are cheering for Edwards as Bennett backs him into the corner. Bennett kicks away, and uses a straight right hand to stop a brief rally. After attempting to fly at Edwards, Bennett misses big. This results in Edwards hitting a Hurricarana. Maria distracts Edwards long enough to enable Bennett to hit a cutter that gets two. Edwards keeps kicking out despite the assault by Bennett. Edwards uses his quickness to slide under Bennett, and uses his high flying brutality to weaken. Once Edwards gets Bennett back into the ring, he hits a blue thunder bomb. Edwards then goes to fly, but Bennett recovers enough to attempt a superplex. Edwards avoid it, and a Miracle in Progress. However, it was using the ropes that enables Bennett to become the new X-Division Champion.


Robbie E steals Jesse Godderz’s magic iPad, and sees Jesse talking to Raquel. They seem like they’re talking about something sexual, but it may end up innocent.


Braxton Sutter wrestling a local wrestler when Rockstar Spud interrupts and interjects. He makes himself Sutter’s opponent. As fans “Braxton” support gets louder, Spud talks about his accomplishments. This leads to Sutter bringing the fight straight to Spud. Spud regains his composure, and uses a chinlock. Sutter uses strength to break the hold, then uses several powerful moves before Spud rakes the eyes. Though Sutter hits the flatliner to be the winner. After Sutter goes for a handshake, Spud feigns being proud before giving a low-blow, then using his belt to whip Sutter, and spitting on him.


TNA Knockout Champion talks about her accomplishments, and moves like the AK47, as she faces off with Gail Kim next week.


Matt and Jeff wrestle in the cage in the main event. Matt has new music, and it really should be in the Gooker induction. Jeff attacks when Matt tries entering the ring. Despite the early assault, he is driven into the cage by Matt, who tries a pin early going into break. Back from break, Matt uses a weapon as a ladder, and goes for a pin. Matt then uses several fists before getting a table. Before he turns completely around, he is hit with a chair. Jeff then attempts to fly, but Marr rolls out of the way. Matt then attacks Jeff and attempts more, butt Jeff hits a jawbreaker. Jeff then uses a whisper in the wind to knock both men down. After a brief yay/boo, Matt goes for a twist of fate. But Jeff uses two low-blows and two twist of fates. Jeff hits a Swanton bomb, but Matt kicks out. Jeff keeps hitting major moves, but Matt sells less than a recently suspended Samoan wrestler. Jeff traps Matt between two tables, and climbs a ladder he sets up on the cage, and hits a chair-assisted Swanton bomb into Matt to win.


An interesting night. Some good, some stupidity. Until next week.

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